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Bigcullie 03-10-2017 07:10 PM

Hi from Scotland
I am from Scotland, and am new to this forum.
I have been a committed Christian for many years now, and although that will never change, I knew something was missing or kept hidden. After reading about AP it all fell into place, I mean the book of revelations itself, that is a clear example, and there are many more.
I therefore have no choice but to pursue this further. I sincerely hope someone or some people can keep me right. Many thanks for letting me join this forum,

Chrysalis 03-10-2017 08:02 PM

Hi Bigcullie and welcome to SF.

Realm Ki 03-10-2017 08:23 PM

Welcome:) I've talked to a number of Christians here, so you are definitely not alone!!

Did you experience AP yourself?

Native spirit 04-10-2017 03:10 AM

Hi Gordon.

Welcome To Spiritual Forums


Divine Consciousness 04-10-2017 04:56 AM

Welcome most to Spiritual Forums,
Have Blessed Wonderful Season.

shoni7510 04-10-2017 11:04 AM

Hello Bigcullie and welcome to spiritual forums and I hope you will enjoy it here.

Bigcullie 04-10-2017 08:01 PM

Thanks Chrysalis
Hi Chrysalis,
Thanks for the quotes, I hadnít considered them, there are so many.
The whole book of revelations for example, and the walking on the water, and Ö so many that have gone unnoticed.

Bigcullie 04-10-2017 08:08 PM

Hi Mi Rakel
Hi Mi Rakel,

Thanks for your reply, and it is good to know other Christians are members. Christianity can be so single minded without explanation, excluding everything, and it concerns me.

I have tried AP twice, and I did not make. I will try again this weekend, It is the one time I get to myself.

I have however been feeling strange since I tried it. Kind of shaky and panicy, not pleasant, but so far I have had a good week.

Have you experienced it your self,

Bigcullie 04-10-2017 08:09 PM

Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated

Originally Posted by Native spirit
Hi Gordon.

Welcome To Spiritual Forums


Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated

Bigcullie 04-10-2017 08:12 PM

Tahnks for the welcome

Originally Posted by Divine Consciousness
Welcome most to Spiritual Forums,
Have Blessed Wonderful Season.

I will consider the facebook, thank for the invite

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