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Honza 24-06-2016 07:33 AM

However.....it has been shown today that I'm NOT God with the EU referendum doing its own thing despite my best intentions! :smile:

Serenity69 24-06-2016 10:51 AM

We Are A Drop In The Ocean
God Is The Ocean

Shivani Devi 25-06-2016 02:03 AM

I voted 'both God and Not God'.

This is going to be hard to explain...

My personae/ego/mind is separate from God, because I cause the separation so I can be with God and I do it intentionally out of unconditional love.

Even though I know my heart/soul is a 'spark of the Divine' and I am essentially Spirit myself, I like to externalise it before I can internalise it....but that's who I am and I like it that way.

It's like when two lovers are making love and are joined as one...they each exist in a separate state and also in a merged state. This is how it is with myself and God.

I usually keep 'God' at distance, because the 'merging' is everything to me, but it all gets rather anti-climactic after that point.

So, depending where the focus of my awareness is, I can be whatever I want to be...and saying "I AM God' is basically the same as saying "God doesn't exist" for me.

secretscribe 28-06-2016 02:20 PM

I am part of God.

Or, I am (part of) God.

Amilius777 28-06-2016 04:36 PM

No. But I share the same DNA as Mommy and Daddy

creedence 30-06-2016 02:16 PM

No Deffo not God.

Honza 30-06-2016 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by Amilius777
No. But I share the same DNA as Mommy and Daddy

My understanding is that you are a New Age Christian and that your belief is that Christ came to tell us we are God. Am I mistaken?

Khalli 01-07-2016 02:58 AM

I am part of God and serve as a Messenger.

SilentLegend 12-07-2016 07:39 AM

I find it very hard to believe because I am so flawed, I don't see anything in me that is godly.
I struggle even to be human.

Dan_SF 23-07-2016 10:00 AM

There is one point missing, which is the most important point:

"I am of God"

Which means, God has created myself, and as God creates only what is like himself, i am not God but of God - same as himself.

I, in my case, is not this body.

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