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TheJovialCentaur 26-05-2019 05:07 PM


Ill keep this as brief as I can.

I've been working on a honey jar, and lately I've has this creeping suspicion that there are other forces against me, preventing it from working properly.

Long story short, I performed a banishing spell today to banish any negativity or forces opposing me.

I created a Sigil and handmade invocation to go along with it and used a drop of blood and black candle. I cast my circle, and meditated as usual and then went to light my candle, I felt a lot of energy right from the start, but my candle took three attempts to light. However, when it was lit it burned cleanly and quickly and the spell felt right. I continued on with the spell and felt the energy increasing, called upon the deities i was working with, relayed my personal incantation, burned the incantation and Sigil and let the candle burn down. I felt like it had gone really well, best I have felt in a while, even had the post spell casting fatigue.

Anyway now I think about it, because the candle took three attempts to light, does this mean that it will not work at all? At the time I interpenetrated it as past negativity and having to overcome obstacles and then finally overcoming them when it lit third time. The candle burned cleanly and quickly but took three attempts to light.

So what are your opinions? Should I cast it again next time the moon is waning?

How should I interpret the burn?

Any opinions highly welcomed and appreciated.

Lepus 07-06-2019 02:37 PM


How'd your honey jar go? I'd assume you were able to clear away any negative forces around you. However, when trying to light-up a candle and that candle doesn't lit then you need to redo your spell or it's not strong enough to banish said negative forces. And you've mentioned that your candle burnt quickly. So your candle spell might not last very long. Which you're likely to redo your banishing spell. I'd recommend doing the banishing once every month in a waning moon.

Here's a thread on candle flame reading.


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