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Roses Are Red 15-07-2018 08:12 AM

Please help !
Please help me interpret this dream.

I had a dream that I was at a convention and I see my ex and he is just looking at me from afar, no smile.

I move my eyes and see a women standing 5 feet from him, looking at me and I tell myself is that his new gf? she looked weird had medium straight dark hair and bangs and was sporting a blue sweater.

Then in my dream I turn my back and go about having my own fun with my friends :)
* In real life I dont know if my ex has a new gf.

Can someone interpret this dream, who is that women? if they are dating, they looked dull and were standing pretty far away from one another in a crowded place.

Please help !

Tomma 15-07-2018 10:46 PM

I don't know who the woman is but the dream advises you to turn your back on your ex and live your life. Have fun don't think about him anymore.

Roses Are Red 17-07-2018 10:27 PM

Thank you Tomma for your input.

Native spirit 17-07-2018 10:45 PM

The woman is part of yourself you should go your own way without him


Roses Are Red 18-07-2018 01:31 AM

Native Spirit TY, but what do you mean part of myself?

soulforce 18-07-2018 01:50 AM

In short. The distance you currently feel that exits between you hasn't severed your connection. You still miss your ex. You care for his well being and wonder if he misses you to. In fact you hope he is miserable without you. But you worry another will take or is taking your place. Not yet, but soon. He is looking at you unhappy, because he is asking you. Is this really what you want? Your answer was yes. You turned your back on him and went to a safe place where people won't hurt you (friends).

But out of the crowed you both have locked eyes. He is still within your line of sight (important!).

The dream is about forgiveness. You're not ready to forgive him for whatever he's done to you.


Roses Are Red 18-07-2018 01:55 AM

oh my goshhh Soul force!

I am a bit afraid of him, after I left him, he found my home and my place of work and showed up !! :icon_eek: :icon_eek:

So, when I saw the women looking at me in a mean way, I was like oh no! whats gonna happen now !

inavalan 18-07-2018 02:04 AM

You posted in the "lucid dreaming" section, but it seems that you actually weren't lucid in your dream. When you're lucid in a dream, you can ask whatever you want to know, either a dream character, or rhetorically. Lucidity means that you know who you are, and you know that you are dreaming.

soulforce 18-07-2018 02:12 AM

I apologize Rose, I didn't realize you were afraid of him. Based on how you described the situation, it seemed like there was a direct connection between the two of you.

In your dream you turned to your allies (friends). Your safe place. Have you done this in reality? Do you think he means to hurt you?


Roses Are Red 18-07-2018 02:23 AM

Well, last time he showed up ... my co-workers were walking. He ran infront of us, and stopped a few feet from us, staring into the freezer (we were in a grocer store). And we walked pasted him...

You know we had a strong connection from the get go. i would see things in my dream about him. When I dream that he is ignoring me he contacts me or I see him in person. Havent after the last though. He may want to hurt me, because I am not letting him "win".

But now, the mean looking women.. has me worried.

I was thinking..

Maybe him "watching me" is him being a stalker and the women is someone from his life, that knwos of me, but does not like me.
And they are arent close... since they were standing like 5 feet from another.

Or, maybe it is his gf, but they are not close to each other.


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