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Sapphirez 03-11-2018 09:16 PM

please look into comfrey, I posted about this in another thread, let me quote myself if you don't mind, also I recommend turmeric which will help with healing and also the pain. best to take turmeric with a little black pepper because it makes it more potent, some of the other things I mentioned below will help with pain too

one of the absolute best herbs, if you've not heard of it, for healing tissue is comfrey. it is commonly known as comfrey root but comfrey leaf is available too and both are very powerful and wonderful. there is some mainstream scare around the root so if you feel safer using just the leaf go ahead and do that, but I wouldn't pay attention to misguided mainstream opinion and the root is great too. but the leaf is better for internal use while either can be used externally.

another herb that is strong yet on the gentler side and will help is calendula. there are so many herbs as you're probably aware and tons could be helpful in your situation but those are the top two that come to my mind. some say they work better in combinations so if you want to add more please do. but if you can, get some comfrey leaf and/or calendula and make a poultice with it and also some tea to drink internally. if you are open to it you can also eat the dried (or fresh of course even better) herbs on their own because they don't actually need to be steeped. some even cook with comfrey and calendula has a pleasant enough taste it could be used in a broth or sprinkled on a salad.

I'm also a fan of essential oils and those can help you with healing and pain as well. helichrysum is one of my absolute favorites though it's on the expensive side (but a teeny tiny bottle of essential oils can last a long time depending on how you use it) however it is available in dilutions in jojoba or other carrier oils at stores or online making it more affordable. My favorite place to get essential oils is online cuz I found a couple awesome companies, but hopefully you can find them locally also and know it's a trustworthy brand as that's obviously important. one aura cacia is pretty widely available and does carry the helichrysum dilution.
My other favorite essential oils that could be wonderfully beneficial for your situation are frankincense (my pick is boswellia serrata strain for its scent), myrrh, lavender, and chamomile. There are so many others though so follow your intuition. Lastly, castor oil is a marvelous healer and can double as a carrier oil but you'll probably also want another carrier oil like sunflower, sweet almond or grapeseed, or even coconut or olive oil if you like those and probably have them on hand anyway. Castor oil can get sticky if you've ever used it but it is just amazing at regenerating and ushering away injury and things that don't belong. *hugs*

starnight1 10-11-2018 01:03 PM

Thank u.....
a bit better lately, but still not good especially in sleep and being alone. makes his pain bigger ---sorry it is a close friend's trouble, not myself.
do u ever use reiki music,
what kind of books to distract the mind?

malan789 01-01-2019 12:00 AM

I tend to recommend the home-remedy site Earth Clinic because everyone is different with regards to what works and what doesn't. I've broken my smaller toes before (due to my own stupidity) so I know of the pain. Ice packs helped the most, and then normal painkillers as needed.

malan789 01-01-2019 12:00 AM

I will in general suggest the home-cure site Earth Clinic since everybody is diverse concerning what works and what doesn't. I've broken my littler toes previously (because of my own idiocy) so I am aware of the torment. Ice packs helped the most, and after that typical painkillers as required.

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