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ThatMan 22-04-2019 05:51 AM

7 OBEs this month
In the last two weeks I had 5 OBEs and this morning I had two more.Sadly, I am not dicovering new things, it seems that I am learning more and more to be aware and to control the environment around me.

These last two OBEs I had them from sleep paralysis, the first one was pretty long.I woke up at 4:30 in the morning with no reason and then I fell alseep but later on I became awake again though my body was still sleeping.Here I am caught in sleep paralysis, there was a problem, my sleeping position was not good enough for me to "rise above my body" so I had to wait for the effect of sleep paralysis to disapper ( yes, I am able to relax though my mind kept on trying to fully wake up ).When I woke up, I changed my position and I fell alseep in a matter of few seconds.

I imagined myself leaving my body and that's how it started.I was still in my room where I was sleeping so I decided to go out.Outside there was snowing everywhere, yes, snowing, I was thinking how it's possible to snow when the spring is already here.This snowing was very beautiful, the snowflakes were really beautiful and pure, that's what I felt.Then from nowhere I saw my sister's boyfriend, he was in front of the room where I was sleeping, he was talking with my father but I could not see my father, anyway, I decided to visit some places around my house.Everything was just the way it is in real life, no difference.I visited the backyard of some people, I heard them talking about how things are not getting better in spite of their effort.At this moment the whole environment was covered in snow, there was snow everywhere.I decided to go looking on the entire Earth for someone I loved, yes, I travelled the entire Earth with a very fast speed though I could see cities while I was passing by.Sadly, I could not find that person.. I was very disappointed.. At this moment I decided to just go in space.. When I was pretty high enough I turned my face to see the Earth, there was snowing on a big portion of the Earth and the sky was blue, not even a clould.I continued my journey, when I was pretty close to fully leave the Earth, for just few seconds, I could see the Sun and the space, then I woke up..

After I woke up I spent some time thinking about my experience and I fell alseep again.Once again I was caught in sleep paralysis, once again I decided to leave my body, same experience, I imagined myself floating above my body.I decided to go out again, this time it was raining, raining everywhere, but this rain was different from the one we see in our world, the rain drops were bigger than the real ones.For just few moments I admired the view, it was raining over me too.I could see the rain drops on my hand, in fact, my whole body was covered by this rain but I could not feel it.The environment was the same, nothing changed ( I could hear my sister trying to wake me up, in fact, she is not here, she is with her boyfriend, but I told myself that when I will have OBEs, I will visit them because they don't believe that I can leave my body while sleeping ).After spending some time admiring the environment, I saw an airplane on the sky so I decided to see it closer :)) Yes, I am so inspired to do things.. It's very hard to control your speed when you fly, when I was pretty close to it, somehow, I had too much speed so I arrived in space, again :)) This time, I could not see much, I felt this heat coming from the Sun and this is how my OBEs ended.. :)

I have to tell you that I was like 90% aware, I was almost fully aware.I totally knew that I have an OBE, this is why I spent some good time admiring the environment.Now, after I woke up, I was left with this metallic taste, smell and feeling.No, it wasn't from my mouth, it's very hard for me to describe it, it feels like the smell of the smoke created by fireworks, and it also feels like the smell of a burned rubber.

Anyway, I am wondering about how I can do more than I usually do when I am there..

Fairyana 20-05-2019 08:54 PM

Some things I tried to do is practice healing or remote healing, meditating or trying to find out more about the nature of consciousness, how to improve awareness.

Fairyana 20-05-2019 08:57 PM

Ask a higher consciousness if there is anything of assistance you can do in the astral or in phisical reality. To know if it is a higher consciousness, analise if what they are suggesting is actually going to bring about some good for you and for others.

ThatMan 21-05-2019 11:25 AM

I tried to meditate too.I also tried to find the Creator but He was not there.

I already started to receive messages from another sources, I know, I am very careful, I met a monster in one of my OBEs but I was saved by a being called "Amanda", she told me her name, sadly, she is gone, I called for her help may times... Even now, I still can remember her face and her hands towards me trying to save from that monster...

Flexi-Girl 21-05-2019 01:26 PM

What are your OBE's like? Do you feel conscious and aware or more dream like? How do you know if you are having an OBE vs a dream?

ThatMan 21-05-2019 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by Flexi-Girl
What are your OBE's like? Do you feel conscious and aware or more dream like? How do you know if you are having an OBE vs a dream?

Well, like I just said, I feel how I leave my body, sometimes I am aware of the whole process, sometimes I find myself floating above my body.When I am outside my body I feel weightless and I can fly, sometimes I just go with the flow and I fly but sometimes it's my own desire to fly, you know, in the astral realm, your thoughts are like commands and they are manifested instantly.I usually have OBEs from sleep paralysis, but I had them from dreams too.In a dream I found myself floating above my body, and then when I returned back to my body ( sometimes I see the process of returning back ) I woke up and I thought that I woke up in our reality but I was still dreaming, I was aware where I am, but it took me few moments.There are many clues, you can view the astral realm with your own eyes and from a 3d perspective, it's hard to explain.

I feel that I am always close to be fully aware, everytime, I know that I am outside my body, I just know, and even when it starts, when I found myself in sleep paralysis, it's a conscious action to leave my body, I just have the thought of leaving my body and it happens.

When I have a dream it's like being part of a movie that you have no control of, but sometimes I became aware that I dream, this is called lucid dreaming, when this happens, I take control of the "movie" and I decide to change its course or just do what I want :))

I visited another Earth or how the Earth would look like in future, once I found myself in space, I had this inner knowing that I am somewhere close to the center of our galaxy, I could see lights everywhere and I was moving with a very fast speed.I've seen the Sun several times, but only glimpses.I've seen people, I've seen my grandma, I've seen a little black cat, it was of a family that lives in the astral realm close to my house, they have a house, of course, in reality there's no house there, but when I was in their backyard, they became aware of my presence :)) I saw their look on their faces.. Overall, I saw some amazing things, I tried to meditate, I tried to find the Creator, but something inside told me that He was no there... I visited the near city but it was completely different, once it was medieval and the second time it was super modern but completely empty.There I met a monster, it was a humanoid creature and when it became aware of my presence, that creature tried to catch me, in that moment, a being appeared above me, like from another dimension, this being was a girl, I wanted to ask her name and instantly I heard in my mind "Amanda", she had her hand towards me trying to help me get away from the creature..

I can remember almost every single OBE I ever had, the first one happened when I was just a child, I found myself floating above my body, in my own room, I could see and hear everything, I was floating towards the ceiling and when I was close to pass through it, the OBE ended.Of course, I never knew what happened to me, it took me 8 years to learn about all these things...

Flexi-Girl 21-05-2019 02:31 PM

I have never consciously OBE'd that I'm aware of so I might not have much to offer here. Perhaps by setting a strong intention where you're going, before your next OBE would help. It's my understanding by what I have read, that it helps a lot.

Flexi-Girl 21-05-2019 03:03 PM


Thank you. You've had such amazing experiences. It would be nice to hear more about some of yours.

ThatMan 21-05-2019 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by Flexi-Girl
I have never consciously OBE'd that I'm aware of so I might not have much to offer here. Perhaps by setting a strong intention where you're going, before your next OBE would help. It's my understanding by what I have read, that it helps a lot.

This is what I do.I don't read about how to do things in the astral realm, I ask questions here and I use my own intuition.I discover everything on my own, flying was one of the first thing I did, I fly like superman.

Anyway, I am not interested in having fun while I am there, I want to know the true nature of things and to meet the Creator... This world is a very dark place, I am longing to be with the Creator for all the time and beyond..

ThatMan 21-05-2019 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by Flexi-Girl

Thank you. You've had such amazing experiences. It would be nice to hear more about some of yours.

You can have OBEs too.In my case, it's all about the Creator, I've been searching for Him for a very long time, in fact, all my life...

There are more, I've even seen Jesus Christ on the Cross and the light Jesus called the "living water", this light was fluid, alive and moving.I've also seen His Second Coming, I don't know how to interpret it, recently I had this idea that it was His Second Coming only for me, you know, the Holy Spirit came to me.. I've also met many dark entities, shapeshifters, humanoid creatures, monsters, reptilians ( if you ever heard about this race, from what I've read, they control the whole Earth, they are evil ), I met few of them, their true body is covered by scals and they use to shapeshift in order to trick humans.I've also seen demons, I saw three of them with my own eyes, their bodies were like smoke, their eyes were black and void, I saw them after I survived from falling down from a moving train, I was fully awake, I tried to find help at a bar and there I saw them...

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