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BigJohn 09-07-2019 12:59 AM

Do you have a love for gemstones?
A few years ago, I got 'addicted' to gemstones. I just love them.

The more I bought, the more I wanted to buy more.

Most of my gemstones are Rubies, next is Sapphires and it is hard to say what comes next.

'Some people like Quartz such as Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, etc. but my love is gemstones."

Anybody else have such feelings toward gemstones?

What kind of gemstones do you have?

FairyCrystal 09-07-2019 12:01 PM

I call it 'crystals'.
I have a love for crystals and I have many. I don't make the distinction between quartz or gemstones, I'm not buying or thinking in technical terms. I'm buying and thinking from the heart and intuition.
I don't have a preference for quartz nor for gemstones. My preference is feeling-based.
I wouldn't even know which ones would specify as what, hihi.
Something like morganite and aquamarine... is that quartz? I don't know.
I think what I own is 50-50, but not entirely sure. I don't really fancy amethyst, smokey quartz, rose quartz. I do have them but they're not my favorites. Citrine I do appreciate.

A while back i walked around to see what I have most of. Turned out to be calcites and opals. Not sure if that is still the case as since I have bought quite a lot of Lemurian energy crystals which tend to be quartzes.
ANd I bought a lovely chunk of rough Luna Rose crystal, which is rose quartz with basalt. So half is grey, half is pink. It's a new found crystal from Namibia. Rare for me to buy rose quartz, haha. And what would that be? Quartz or gemstone? I don't know, nor does it matter to me.

ceidauilyc 09-07-2019 05:55 PM

I think I am also addicted to gemstones. I have found many by not buying, but stumbling on them on the beach, road, new home, under the ground and so on! :D

BigJohn 09-07-2019 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by ceidauilyc
I think I am also addicted to gemstones. I have found many by not buying, but stumbling on them on the beach, road, new home, under the ground and so on! :D

I got so addicted to them that I plan to get certified soon in colored stones (Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, etc.)

I also go out and find a lot of stuff. Not far from where I live is an old silver mining district. Silver is so unappealing that I suspect there is still a considerable amount of silver left.

Over 1 hours drive is another old mining silver district in which one piece of silver was found that weighed about 2500 pounds!

Then there are the copper based minerals which provide so much color.

Bubbles 13-07-2019 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by BigJohn
The more I bought, the more I wanted to buy more.

this can become a real problem if you happen to start buying just 1 moldavite. before you know it, you have 2 moldavites. before you know it, you keep your money not in the bank but in moldavites :tongue: I see on FB moldavite groups, people go crazy on them, they are addicting to own more more more... Is expensive though.

BigJohn 13-07-2019 10:49 PM

What I do is.............. I sell some so the ones I have on hand are already paid for.

The search for stones/gems has opened the doors for me to see some really beautiful things which I never realized existed. For example, I acquired this year a rough piece still in its matrix that contained about 20 imperial sapphires in which about 6 of them are gemstone quality.

Everybody needs a hobby.

Bubbles 16-07-2019 09:39 AM

I just googled imperial sapphires, it looks so royal!! Anyway, that's interesting that you are selling and getting new :) My problem is that if I sell something from my own stash of crystals, I am afraid not to regret it later. Imagine after 1 month I call the buyer while crying at the phone: "please sir give me back my stone I beg you, I pay you double back" :icon_geek:

Jokes aside, I think I want to own less in number, but more vibrant beautiful specimens instead of 100 little ones. The problem is that this is just theory, in reality I always get 100 little ones... not so little some, but still... how can I resist... there's so many..

Everybody needs a hobby :wink:

BigJohn 17-07-2019 01:40 AM

Not too long ago, I did not know what an imperial sapphire was, now I do.

Right know, the imperial sapphire I wrote about is less then 1 foot from me.

It is amazing how many treasures are in the Earth just waiting to be found.

Sylmar 18-07-2019 10:05 AM

Yes absolutely.

I've been hooked to them since my father brought some home with him whenever he had to fill up the car with gasoline. It appeared the tank station gave them away. They were very small and nothing special nowadays but for me it meant a lot. I particularly liked a little Red Tiger's Eye and I still have it after all these years.

I have been collecting a lot of stones and crystals over the years. Sometimes I just wonder if I have too many, then I buy some more. I also give them away as presents as well often. I've noticed that they make a lot of people happy.

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