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Nitiananda 19-02-2018 07:22 AM

The scriptures say that all worlds are created by one or the other predominant karma, this or that dominant work of consciousness. But this also means that in every world, besides the prevailing karma, there is another. And in the World of Men, naturally, there is more karma of the World of Men, but there are elements of all six worlds of the World of Passion. That is, all the worlds, from Hell to Heaven, to some extent exist in the World of Men or, in other words, the World of Men is a miniature copy of the six worlds of the World of Passion, but with a predominance of human characteristics. But is it? To understand this question, we will reflect, and what is Hell? It is a constant sensation of pain, total suffering, lasting both day and night, when even when you want it is impossible to avoid suffering. The world of the Prets (World of Hungry Spirits) is a state in which it is impossible to eat, no matter how much you want it. The world of the Asuras is a state of consciousness when you can see how others excel us, see, but do not have any respect for them, and at the same time have only one desire - to surpass them by pushing them down. As for the gods, they are in a state of utmost joy when one does not notice anything else.

And now imagine a person who is experiencing the greatest pain, from which he can not get rid, despite all the achievements of modern science, anesthesia and the blockage of nerves. Is it not possible to say that he has the karma of Hell? And while this man has a human body, his pain is still weak compared to the pain experienced in the World of Hell. But imagine what he will experience when this karma of pain manifests without a physical body. Suppose after death. There will be a state of total pain, from which it is impossible to get rid of. So, we can say that the World of Hell exists.

Further, suppose that a person had stomach cancer and had an operation, removing the stomach almost completely. Now this man can not eat at all, but he feels hungry. Do not resemble his torment the state of the pre? Now we live in the World of People. But nevertheless, some elements of the World of Preto, mentioned in the scriptures, can appear in this world. But when a person's physical body actually turns into a pret body, and all substances into the substances of the World of Prets, where all the products become inedible at the very moment when someone is going to eat them, or when due to the strongest action of stomach acid a stomach is inflamed, then such an existence is called the World of Prets.

And if this is so, then can not we assume that such worlds really exist? After all, if in the World of People only some elements of different worlds are projected, would it be strange if there were worlds where the factors of pleasure or suffering predominate? That is why it can be argued that all the worlds from the World of Hell to the Heaven really exist.


Rebirth in the World of Humans is based on sensual attachment, and rebirth in the World of Asuras on the instinct of fighting those above you. In some traditions of esoteric Buddhism, it is believed that the worlds are located, counting from below, in this order: the World of Asuras, the World of Men, Heaven. And in Indian Buddhism it is said that the order of the worlds is the following: The World of Men, The World of Asuras, Heaven. In fact, the view of Indian Buddhism is more correct.

The world of Asuras (World of aliens) is a materially and technically more developed world than the world of people. Asuras possess high intelligence, and each is a specialist in his field. However, they are jealous of the successes of others and seeing that someone is superior to them, begin to envy and interfere in various ways.

Asuras, in comparison with people, have an idea of ​​those who are above them. For example, they understand that the gods in Heaven are in a higher world than they are. That is, they understand that there is someone who is above them. However, they do not try, with the effort, to rise to the level of this higher soul and thereby overcome their karma. On the contrary, they are trying to throw this soul down, by various tricks to bring it to a fall or are wondering how to force the opponent to fall. This is the asura factor.

Consider human attachment. This is an attachment to those with whom we have a deep connection. However, we are not able to assess a person correctly. It turns out that we do not see who is high, who is low. This is the level of the World of Men.

What do you think, whose level is higher: the asuras, who understand who is above them, who is equal to them, and who is below them, or people who because of their affection think that even those who are below them are still good? It seems that the asuras are higher.

The fact is that the world is formed by the work of consciousness. And so the higher the capacity of the soul to understand, the higher the world of rebirth. Thus, it turns out that the asuras are higher. When we destroy affection and destroy it, we find love in the true sense, that is, our desire is to make sure that all souls are truly happy, this is one way to destroy the karma of people.

On the other hand, when thanks to efforts we reach an understanding that someone is above us, someone at one level, and someone below us, then we try to change ourselves, seeing the ideal in a high soul, and to a low soul we experience compassion, this is the way to destroy the World of Asuras.


Then why, for example, does the World of Pretots arise?

In general, it is believed that it is engendered by greed. But what is greed? Let's see how an ordinary person spends his life. Out of 24 hours on average, 8 hours goes to sleep, somewhere one hour per toilet. If during the remaining 15 hours a person eats 4-5 times, it turns out that a third of his life he sleeps, and all the rest of the time every 3-4 hours, preparations are made for something to eat or drink. At such a person the head is constantly occupied with thoughts about food. In other words, even if he does not spend the rest of the time looking for pleasures, there is already a greed for eating in his mind. And it is believed that such an existence has its continuation of the World of Pretots.

Buddha Shakyamuni said that the concentration on three meals a day is the thinking of the animal, on the two-time - of the person, and the one who takes food once a day is a saint. This is due to the fact that with a two-time diet there is no strong fixation on the desire for food, but with a three-hour meal already occurs. To be embodied again in the World of People, many Achievements purposely create the karma of the World of People, including a two-time meal. Consequently, the ability to eat only once a day or even less often indicates a level of consciousness above the World of Men, that is, at least, speaks about the presence of elements of the World of Asuras or Heaven.

Well, if a person thinks about money from morning till night? And if he thinks all day about men or women? Or if he collects things around him that he does not need, or in quantities larger than what he needs? You can also be born as a person, but not be able to digest food from the moment of birth, or get cancer, or die from hunger with a swollen abdomen - these are the inevitable signs that you will receive rebirth in the World of Prets. Beings in this world live separately and think only of their own interests.

We can give the following example. Imagine some delicious food, for example, an apple. And there are ten pretts, that is, ten souls with the work of the consciousness of the prets. Each of them will think: "I want to eat this apple, but I do not want others to eat it. If it happens that they can get this apple, then let it better become a stone! "Preta believes that it is better to throw out than give to eat another. Only these thoughts overwhelm them. What kind of work of consciousness is stronger: the realization that the apple is delicious, or the idea that an apple is better to turn into a stone? It turns out that if one wants to eat an apple, then, as soon as he is close to it, all others will think about making an apple a stone - nine other souls will continuously think about it. Thus, the idea of ​​an apple turning into a stone will prevail, and it will really become a stone and will not be given to anyone. This is how the world of the prets is formed.

In general, all those who individually own everything in life, not wanting to share with anyone, are reborn in the next life in the World of Pretots because of their greed.


Then why does the Animal World arise? This world includes not only those animals that we can see, but many other species that exist in the universe. And it is believed that the soul, once hitting the animal world, can leave it only after spending at least 500 lives in it. This is because the inhabitants of the World of Animals, if reincarnated in higher worlds, do it not consciously, but in a passive way - only after the karma of this world is eliminated and provided that during their stay there they do not create a new one. This problem concerns all three nasty worlds - the World of Hell, the World of Pretots and the World of Animals. Experiencing constant pain or hunger, it is difficult to think about spirituality and improve your karma. As for animals, they will not think about it because their main feature is fundamental ignorance, which includes two main aspects.

The first is a constant desire to have fun. The desire to receive many different pleasures, without thinking about anything and not loading your brain. For example, a dog can take pleasure in walking because of running around and playing with a stick, because she eats, because she is sleeping, because she mates with anyone in the mating season, because she she has a master. Throw a stick, and the dog will gladly rush after it, grab it and bring it back. So it will be repeated many times. Or put a ball in front of the cat - it will grasp it with both paws.
Are there any such factors in the human world? Running for a stick to bring it - this is one thing, and to beat the flown ball and run after it - is not it the same? Or, for example, to kick the ball back and forth, does not it mean to do the same thing as a cat that grabs a skein of thread? This is a manifestation of the animal factor in man. His name is ignorance. Why ignorance? The fact is that for these dubious and primitive pleasures we spend time that could devote to spiritual perfection. Because of this waste of time, we can not cultivate and mature spiritually. Therefore, if a person has approximately the same values ​​as animals, and he has almost no other desires, then most likely he will reincarnate as an animal. His next life in the World of Animals will be just a smooth continuation of this in the World of Men.

The second is the deliberate or unconscious creation of ambiguity, uncertainty in everything. Lies, idle talk, misleading about anything are all manifestations of such a work of the mind. If this is a lie, then it can be either an active denial or a passive silence, but both types of lies will undoubtedly lead to rebirth by the animals.


Then why does the World of Hell arise? Literally, the World of Hell is translated as Hell of Horrible Suffering, and it is divided into three parts in general terms: the Hot Adas, the Cold Adas and the Ades of Pain.

Hot Adas is a world based on anger, it is described as a world of terrible heat and pain from one's own hatred.

Cold Adas is a world created by the karma of heartlessness. The beings who come here are women who do not feel any guilt after the abortions, or people who coolly deceive others without thinking about their future destiny. In this hell they will experience terrible suffering because of cracked skin and abscesses from the severe cold.

In the third hell are those people who do not have strong hatred or heartlessness, but who for one reason or another have accumulated the karma of killing a multitude of living beings: they suffer from severe pain caused by sharp instruments such as knives or needles.

How does this happen? For a consciousness constantly full of anger, the Bardo seems too cold. After a while the soul can no longer tolerate the cold and begins to yearn for any heat or fire, and when the fire does arise in the vision, rushes into it and enters the Hot Hell.

Conversely, a person with a karma of heartlessness, the Bardo will seem too hot. He will rush into any vision promising coolness, and fall into the Cold Hell.

So, the process through which consciousness passes is developed in the following way: first hatred, aggression to the environment, and then escape because of hatred and hit the hell as a result of flight.

FrankieJG 14-07-2018 07:09 AM

What I have heard from a Monk in Sri Lanka who is said to be an Arhant, Asuras are creatures living in the giant ocean. I don't mean to say fish but in a different realm not seen to our naked eyes. But still living in the ocean.

FrankieJG 14-07-2018 07:28 AM

I will also add certain things that I have learnt from Sri Lankan Buddhism , there is an animal realm within Deva realm/s. Those Deva animals are larger than the ones who we see every day and as well as much more beautiful. Those that do good kamma without believing in rebirth or the good outcomes of good deeds, those who do good kamma (giving alms, meditation) but fail to protect 5 precepts or else fail to practice loving kindness will be born in these animal realms.

The best example to explain this is domestic pets.. specially those that are raised in luxury homes. They get all sorts of comforts and are much much blessed when compared to the children living on streets. But still they are lower level beings compared to humans.The reason is that , those pets in their past life/lives have given alms but failed to live according to the 5 precepts, or else they simply didn't believe in rebirth or that their good deeds will bring good outcomes.

Animals with beautiful skin ( colorful butterflies, birds and fish)were the ones who practiced loving kindness but failed to give enough alms or view the world according to Vidharshana.

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