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Amilius777 09-10-2017 08:23 PM

The Ascended Master, Jesus
Jesus was an Ascended Master

If you don't know what that is it's because you've been blanketed into one social-tribal religious thinking, programmed as I we all are.

Ascended Masters are not some creepy new age figures with rainbows shooting out of their bottoms and fingers.

These are the highest beings without robbing the "Most High" of His/Her identity.

Majority of "ascended Masters" have always been of a higher "spiritual caliber" than the rest of us. Many of them have lived many human lifetimes or lifetimes from other worlds where they ascended up a ladder from Spirit-guide to Angel to Master.

If they come back to lead a spiritual life, they are such a master. St. Francis of Asissi was such a person. His life was a testimony to the absolute Truth of Jesus Christ's life and mission.

Or you have someone like the Buddha who was always a very evolved soul and didn't need to physically incarnate, but took on several lifetimes to cultivate the "path to Enlightment/Buddhahood" he established in the life he had as Siddhartha.

There are some among the "ascended Masters:" who are very ancient and existed before and outside the physical realm was created. Now that sounds complicated because all Souls have existed forever. No one is born or created. But when the Soul wishes to separate from the One Divine Being and begin their own journey they have an "age" in relation to what is created. Meaning most of humanity, even the old souls among us are pretty young in terms of all other Entities who have been existing as a distinct consciousness from the Universal Consciousness.

Archangels like Michael and Gabriel are very old compared to us because they most likely never incarnated because "incarnation" wasn't a thing for spirits up until a certain point in the evolution of the physical realm. And they chose to be part of Gods' Armies and Choirs of Light

Now Christ was a very ancient spirit, one who helped the One Divine Being, The All That Is, the FATHER, - create the physical realm. This realm is designed, including the forms and bodies we have after the patterning of this Entity. And the "Christ" Consciousness is infused in all of this physical world, which is the very essence and God and our souls. Christians call that divine power, "the Holy Spirit".

Christ was a deity among others (best word we can use) who helped the Original Creator with many worlds. But Christ over time became more and more invested with humanity, and new young Souls entering matter and the physical embodiment. This is why he had to become one of us, a way out and a way back to the Father since the material world was suppose to be a School and a place to express our individuality but became a realm of Sin, a place where souls felt separated from God and others creating Violence and destructive forces through it's history.
His life as Jesus of Nazareth is what he was famous for and he ascended due to his perfect life.

That is why Jesus Christ is both a deity and an ascended master, Both types of beings dwell in the same plane along with the highest angels.

There are more things in Heaven than there on Earth for us to fathom.

Ab Origine 09-10-2017 10:24 PM

Hi Folks..

Amilius; Yes that sounds all very nice - but how come Christ Himself never says anything like it..?.. What you post above doesnt sound much like His teaching at all, though there are a couple of similarities..

There are "higher realms" for sure, some of which are not even accessable to us yet as mortals...The intent of the Soul here is indeed to leave these low realms behind and to return Home to Source - But, no mortal "ascended and became an angel" - an Angel is a specific form of Spirit Created in its own realms, and I will tell you for sure we alone are the only spiritual Being that is native to THIS realm, as this realm was once entirely separate from the entirety of the rest of Creation, according to Christ it REMAINED in this divided state until He directly came among us as Yeshua... Angels are the entities that are Created in those other realms, they are not all of the same form and kind like Humans are.. Some are little more than clones for instance, and some are unique individual like Humans always are..There is a heirachy of them - this realm MIMICKS the true Divine realms, but the true Divine realm is INACCESSABLE to mortal man, and Christ said that before Him, the Angels here did not even know of this other great realm and did not know of the Trinity and my Father AT ALL, for as He said, the two parts of Creation were SEPERATE and indeed, purposefully hidden, one from the other.. Indeed He came specifically to first join this as One Creation under my Fathers domain as it was always intended to be - and second He came to teach the Souls here legitimate spiritual truth and free us from an enforced isolation and bondage to a "lesser god"..

Angels are entities that are Created in all those other realms - we do not become them, though we will share their planes of existence once we leave and Ascend this one here, for that IS the aim of all Souls to return Home to my Father the source of All - even the Angels here WISH it, and that is why they rebelled against their own "god" creator as that one, Yhvh would NOT ALLOW this ascension to take place and indeed that one Yhvh has FORBIDDEN ITS KNOWLEDGE TO MANKIND !!....According to Christ the one we call Yhvh is not the supreme god at all - merely an Angel that once believed itself to BE supreme, then it found Divine truth of the Trinity and the Greater relams abve, but was unwilling to give up its supreme authority here (at first), so it tricked and deceived its own creations here, the Souls here, including its own angels and us, mankind and through threats and subterfuge and deception, it ensured that we would be unable to Ascend this realm, and thus remain trapped, subservient to it, in spiritual bondage to it.. Christ came to give the truth of all that - a truth that as He said would truly set us free..

Angels are angels - humans are humans - Ascension doesn't work quite like that, but yes, the higher realms where Angels dwell do become fully accessable..Christ Himself laid out the entire heirachy and arrangement of these realms for us to see, but I have to say, it doesn't sound much like that which you post above... There is for a start He said, a PRIMAL realm, where the TRINITY dwell alone - this a fully abstract none material existence - a relam of pure MIND where THREE distinct personalities exist and interact - they literally CAUSE all creation to come forth - first they call forth High Angels called Luminaries - these exist as both a realm of Creation (a unique and separate universe) AND as a unique personality of Mind, like you and I are..(its really all about this Divine MIND arranging itself as it understands it Self to Be)...

The luminaries Create other Angels, lesser Beings, called Archons, and they all exist under the domain of the Trinity, connected as one through Mind and Spirit.. The Archons in their turn create individual worlds such as this one, and individual Souls such as You and I are to inhabit their creations.. Realms of existance are contained WITHIN other GREATER realms - a nested reality - the Trinity starts it all off - fully abstract Divine Mind becomes solid tangeable EXPERENTIAL world of form and substance, and through this process Divine Mind gains the ultimate knowledge of its own existence - this endeavour to have complete Self understanding, is truly Gnosis, Folks, and THIS is what drives it all from start to finish and back again....

All that creation existed as ONE REALITY to the Trintiy mind -and then, for complicate reasons, THS REALM that we inhabit, got created ALONE, separate and isolated...Now Christ only describes the primal realm of Trinity in any detail - for the rest He says that THIS ONE we inhabit is "modelled after the Divine" - so we can only assume then the other greater realms that are yet inaccessible to us as mortals, have similar energetic arrangement, with defined natural laws of existence and defined boundaries TO that energetic existence SAME AS THIS ONE HAS...

The ain of Acscension then is to cross these natural boundaries, to "purify" the energy of our very Being, and the MIND that causes that energy pattern to hold as a unique individual Soul.. We are to in affect, learn who and what we TRULY ARE, as a Divine emanation and it is through Self understanding that the keys to transcend the low realms become accessable... Christ Himself, laid it all out pretty much as I have just para phraaed above....

He doesn't say anything about any "ascended masters" - nor does HE say anything about being a mere "helper" for a greater god.. He DOES say that HE IS THE SOURCE OF ALL CREATION though, now made into mortal flesh as we are for the reasons shared above - and that is HUGE difference in understanding...The things you and the new age mish mash present similar, may sound nice and all that, but in truth they bare very little resemblance to the things Christ said about HIMSELF..

Now - these so called ascended masters - many people claim to channel them - and I don't doubt that some actually do, as I my Self did indeed have a "face to face" encounter with Christ and with those we call Angels on a few occasions, so I know for absolute certain such things are possible, expected even... BUT - how come - they all give a different truth..?...And how come NONE OF THEM give the same truth CHRIST gave whilst He was here among us..??...

See - Im all about truth - and I know for sure what Christ actually said - and importantly - Im fully aware of all its IMPLICATIONS...Such as He said we have been basically, tricked into spiritual bondage so that Souls would REMAIN here in the low realms with these low Angelic entities - in very real sense yhvh NEEDS us HERE as that one basically shared its lifeforce out among us, so if we refuse to give it back, it does indeed become diminished.. That's as basic as I can say it without going all metaphysical,...lol.. Yhvh is NOT THE SOURCE OF CREATION - it IS merely an ANGEL Christ said - it was hidden here on purpose, given a FINITE supply of this Divine energy to form its own creation as it saw fit, and basically abandoned to get on with it - WE are the results !! This real REMAINED abandoned, fully isolated UNTIL CHRIST CAME to repair the damage so to speak...

In the meantime, yhvh of course was creating THUIS UNIVERS and all us Souls here within it..except THAT ONE cannot just call forth frssh new Creation at all - all it can do is REARRANGE the ENERGY that was ALREADY HERE...So look, EVERYTIME it creates a SENTIENT FORM it literally DIMINSISHES its own Being, SHARES its own essence among us...Therefore it is indeed JEALOUS and guards us like prize cattle - In a real sense we are "spiritual nourishment" tot hose in the ranks above us.... This is exactly why Yhvh FORBIDS first the Angels from Ascending, and later forbids Humans too from Ascending, for we will all go back to our legitimate Home, rejoin our Father the TRUE Divine as ONE BEING, and then Yhvh will lose all power station and authority...It REALISES this and so it set out at first, through lies and trickery and deception, threats and punishments, it ensnares us dominates us and forces us into a false servitude to it...

Christ truth is ALL ABOUT overcoming this low realm and its false imposter god...No mentin anywhere of any of these ascended masters lending a hand...PLENTY of warning though to watch for this DECEPTION from the spiritual powers that rule THIS realm and that want us trapped within it !!!

So I hear such new age malarky - ascended masters and the likes - and immediately the Holy Ghost give off an alarm bell to warn something is not quite right there... Sounds all good and plausible - but does not fit in with the truth from Christ - I can only surmise then it must be yet more spiritual confusion from those dark powers that seek to dominate and control us - ignorance has always been their weapon of choice, for sadly, Humans are far too easy to delude, desperate as we are for legitimate truth we often swallow anything that is thrown at us without any examination at all..

I remind you (all) what Christ actually said - Iam the way - the ONLY way - no mortal man comes to the Father except through Me.... He doesn't say anything else like the new age literature tries to make out - but still - if it SELLS BOOKS and makes a PROFIT the I guess anything goes in the name of "spiritual truth" lol - but if we want ACTAUL LEGITIMATE TRUTH, then we`d be far better off sticking with Christ alone - HIS truth is all we need - given to those with ears to hear..

Jeremy Bong 09-10-2017 11:59 PM

Ab Orgine,

Why I read your post as if you're writing a fiction story which is away from truth. Especially different from what the Bible study or the real experience of my work so I've been compelling to point it out. The wrong knowledge from the truth. You have written a lot of misleading points.

"Higher realm" is accessible but unless you're like me who can see the spiritual realm and your soul can come out of your body and you can fly with high dharma energy. If you only saying it with your theory then it's just imagination.

"What's we're return to the SOURCE" ? Not all people can go up to the universe or to our ancestor Gods in universe heaven. So your statement is making an assumption. If no one bring you up to the universe then you're forever on earth or in the grave. So what is your ability or automation to be surely return to the SOURCE?

" True Divine realm" inaccessible is nonsense. Just see how I telling you about my encounter in my story. But you called it as delusion or fantasy. You can never admit the truth but making your own wrong story.

What's your father? Do you know him? Or just the imagination that there's one deity who you call him father and he's your Christ's Father also? Assumption?

Another one assumption, "two separate realms" is your imagination again that means you never understand what's realms stuff. In this world there's only one realm. But you can't see them . Actually, we're in the same realm, I CAN SEE AND TOUCH THEM. Why human think that Gods are in another realm? You're misleading the public here. It's because I've revealed all this truth.

Ascension or ascended human mean human or his spirit can become God-like before he's dead or after death. But you've so little knowledge about it. Don't you see what Jesus has done as God-like before or after he's dead ?

Your "face to face" encounter with Christ is what? A truth or just a delusion? You're laughing with one another, smoking together and Angel is with you two? What's a delusion????? How to prove that your statement is right? And you can't see exactly about the environment there? I have asked you before about incident.

"I've all about truth" , what's that means? Do you afraid no one agree with you so you make the decision about "the making up truth" for other to be agreed with you?

You're spreading your own wrong understanding of realms, wrong Angels existence, Christ, Creator..... Nothing is right so far.

"I'm the way to my father" means no one can enter the Christianity heaven if I don't allow him or her to go there. Ab Orgine, I don't know how much you can follow? Or you like your own wrong story.

blossomingtree 11-10-2017 09:07 PM

I like your post, Amilius77.

theophilus 12-10-2017 09:03 PM

Jesus was not an ascended Master but a descended Master.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.
John 1:1-3 ESV

He was God and was never anything less than God. Along with the Father and the Holy Spirit he was the Creator of the world and all that is in it. When Adam sinned and brought death and sin into the world Jesus became a man so he could die as a sacrifice for our sins.

Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.
Philippians 2:5-7 ESV

After his death God raised him from the dead and restored him to the position that had belonged to him eternally. Those who repent of their sins and put their faith in him will be raised to become part of God's family. He descended so he could raise us up.

Ab Origine 12-10-2017 10:30 PM

Hi Folks..

Theophilus; Good post.. Now I know we come from completely different approaches to this issue of Christ truth, but that above is absolutely spot on, I have to say...

The only bits I would disagree with, are the bible reference parts - Adam and his supposed "original sin", was actually a twisting of the event in Eden, where mankind learned the truth about this god and our predicamant under it and decided to rebel against it for obvious reasons - and although Christ DID come to "save" mankind, it was not for the reasons or in the manner that the bible states - sin and the "atoning sacrifice" that He gladly gave for us, is entirely misunderstood by most, as it is taught in a deliberately bogus manner by the religious authority so that they can with hold His gift and force you to bow down and practically beg them for it...

The essence of what you say about HIM, as the Word, integral to the Trinity that literally CAUSES Creation - all that is entirely accurate ,as He Himself described it...But the religious connotations there, are entirely misleading FROM that truth - the religion take His truth, takes truth of Our Father - and twists it so suit their own agenda of power and domination.. He warned us they would indeed do that in His name - so be wary, always - damn that Pharisee, He said, yes..??..

white pegasus 13-10-2017 03:55 AM


theophilus 13-10-2017 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by Ab Origine
The only bits I would disagree with, are the bible reference parts -

If you don't accept what the Bible says what is your source of information about Jesus?

Ab Origine 13-10-2017 09:04 PM

Hi Folks..

Theo; Its not so much that I don't accept it - it is His truth after a fashion - but for sure its a case where I tell you we just cant TRUST the bible version, as first, it is a twisted teaching there, aimed with intent to hold us captivated, dominated and wholly reliant on the church for ANY HOPE of "spiritual salvation" - and all that is bogus compared to what Christ actually taught..

We dont even need a religion to know His truth - to know my Father is a PERSONAL and DIRECT communion - to be sought out in a personal and direct manner... You do NOT come to my Father through sitting listening to someone else dictate His truth for you - neither do you get it by reading never ending contradictory scriptures... Christ said the way to the Father is to be found WITHIN the Self and NOT out in the world out there at all....It is an INNER journey, where the aim is to first empty the mind of ALL these erroneous preconceptions of "truth" He said... he gave us LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of WARNINGS - about the church, religion its authority and its IMPOSTER GOD !!

Second most crucial point - that god of the bible Yhvh - is NOT the Father, great Invisible Spirit that Christ alone revealed - it is indeed two entirely seperate truths here, and when the priesthood realised this truth from Christ was legitimate, they acted to SILENCE Christ and as we know they murdered Him...Never forget that - they ARE ENEMIES - and this is because in truth, the Jewish god is an imposter Christ said and is NOT the supreme Divine Spirit it had claimed itself to be....To protect their own authority, status and power, to protect THEIR god, the priesthood murdered Christ - never forget that - foundation for ALL the deception that will follow, done IN HIS NAME just as HE WARNED it would be done !!

The religion itself is an entire sham - and the bible it gave as truth is only a twisted truth - NOT ORIGINAL - and it is twisted with intent to hinder your spiritual evolution, not to help you at all - it is given that way to keep you dominated and subservient TO that lesser "god" Yhvh, and it really is exactly like that if we dare to take an HONEST look..

That entire new testament in the bible is a FRAUD - the central religion itself, only became established because of a need to stop a civil war - Constantine INVENTED the catholic religion and FORCED it upon everyone !! The bible is just the "rule book" to show everyone how it works.. its not the ORIGINAL truth from Christ - and the canon gospels are manufactured, taken like modern cut n paste, from hundreds of PRE EXISTANT manuscripts that were gathered together by Constantine so that hs OWN scholars could MANUFACTURE the "religious truth" that he could then enforce and make them all follow in harmony as your official Bible !! Its NOT the original truth at all - it is truth, severely edited and misrepresented, with intent to dominate all, and this agenda had absolutely NO SPIRITUL concerns AT ALL - purely an exercise in "crowd control" as Constantine stuggled to unify his diverse empire and spiritual truth was of no concern at all.. This is all verified by INDEPENDANT HISTORIANS for as we know Romans were meticulous record keepers and tell us word by word what the actual instruction and intent were that led directly to the modern bible we now have...It IS a fraud - that is NOT the disciples writing those gospels !!

There is only really one source of truth in this world - he Holy Ghost as Christ alone revealed.. I will tell you first that I follow Christ and believe I attained that prize directly just as He promised.. THAT is my primary information ALWAYS in every aspect of my life now....When though upon occasion such as this, I need an external verification for any truth - well, the Holy Ghost simply provides it lol - shows me where to look or what to do find that which I need...For this here - truth frm Christ - we don't have far to look at all - just go directly to ANYTHING that the religion banned to you as heresy - see what it is they try to hide from you - check out the ORIGINAL disciple gospels from which the bible canon is taken and twisted to form the "religious truth" - you wil see Christ speak clearly of al the things I mention in my own posts -ORIGINAL and untainted truth give directly Christ to Disciple...

Jeremy Bong 13-10-2017 09:35 PM

I see the old wine in old bottle. What's that means? Never know what's wrong by himself?

One question: do the people who study the New Testament will go to heaven or going to heaven after they died? Someone must think that they won't go there because the belief or religion is a fake.

Do the people doubt about the Bible go to heaven or not? What's more important? Why not you form your own religion instead to complain about all the things of the church?

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