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diamondbaby 28-02-2019 12:50 AM

Ascending numbers = positive, descending numbers = negative?
Hello all,

so I was reading about ascending and descending number in numerology. Ascending numbers (for example 1234) supposedly symbolize progressive thoughts and positive path or outcome and descending numbers (for example 4321) symbolize regressive thoughts and negative path or outcome.

I have always found number 15 to be a very positive number for example and it is an ascending one, even though the digits do not "follow" each other like they would in 12 or 23 or 34 for example.

Same thing about descending numbers... 83 is a descending number just like 87 or 76 or 65. Something feels "off" about descending numbers to me so I agree with descending numbers symbolizing negative energy.

Anyone here has any experience with these ascending and descending numbers?

Rah nam 28-02-2019 01:15 AM

We need to understand, those who give us any number patters, don't think in positive and negative. The positive and negative aspect comes though our own thinking (perception)

To give an example: 12:12 to me means I have entered a new time line
21:21 on the other hand means I did not enter the time line. A new up coming time line is usually indicated by 11:11. (to me)
And there is the 12:12 on my computer clock. If I would ask my HS, is this positive, it would simply not answer. It does not positive or negative.

Having said all this I like this number patters: 1221 or similar

squadus 16-03-2019 01:24 AM

You can look at this way. An ascending number pattern can be a sign of momentum or overall positivity, while a descending number outcome can be a sign of decreasing momentum or doom.

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