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Ladyrose92 07-02-2018 10:57 AM

Angelic Star & Ladyrose Feb RC Reading
Here is the thread for our readings. I will be using Guardian angel tarot deck :)

angelic star 07-02-2018 11:05 AM

Awesome, sounds cool :) I usually work so much with dark decks , so I will take break from it. I will use the Steampunk Tarot Deck.

Ladyrose92 07-02-2018 11:11 AM

Brilliant! I am excited :)

angelic star 07-02-2018 12:47 PM

Great I am excited too :) I guess this is the spread we can use for these readings, should be great with the guardian angel deck, sounds lovely ^-^

smiles your end ~

Ladyrose92 07-02-2018 01:22 PM

Yep that's the questions to be used for the spread, but you can lay them out whichever way you like!

angelic star 08-02-2018 12:08 AM

okay, thanks :)

angelic star 08-02-2018 06:12 AM

Hi there,

I thought I would prepare the reading already since I have busy weeks ahead of me, and will not be very available this month.

Reading for Ladyrose

Deck ~ Steam punk Tarot


1. What is dormant that should be plowed under ?

Lady of Leviathans.

It feels to me there is chaos and lack of discipline/ organization in thought process/ external / material world. There is a need for mental rest, focus and building attention to detail to allow for excess energies to leave. or any chaotic movements to leave from life. It feels there is a need to channel one's resources and focus through meditation or spiritual work, that will allow stability and also more creative energy to come to your work and learning. Herbalism, medicine, plants, nature can ground and help develop a more holistic approach to life and bring that much needed focus.
An ancestral running pattern of escapism, to leave things undone and to travel or move places to escape from things one cannot fix or understand. It could be that one needs to address issues acutely and delve into issues acutely before they move to further learning. Moving from complacency/ passivity to more action, depth and receptivity for more personal growth.


2. What do you want to grow this spring ?

Spring heeled jack reversed.

A time when adventures have to rest. A time when seeking and newer ventures must be first calculated upon before diving head long into it. There will be a continuation and routine but a supported environment for all your pursuits. A time of preparation, rather than a time of risk or impulse. A time of steady transition and preparation, not a time of taking risks or starting new things. Rather allow for steady growth and things to be spontaneous.

3. What seeds must you plant to allow this to happen ?

Four of airships

It feels outing in nature, or connection to nature/ outdoors or seeking company where there will be allowance for those outing that will release old energy from your channels. Allow yourself for an expansive outlook through newer company, outdoors, connection with nature. It's time of preparation before newer idea come to you, where you will step foot on new areas that will bring you into your element more. The air element stands in the picture, so of mind, higher pursuits and luck. Accessing the best, by having an open outlook and open view on life and being accepting of others. Something sort of an outrage right now that wont feel like once you are prepared find growth through new company and newer outings.


4. What new growth can you expect ?

Eight of Engines

Travel, speedy progress, everything manifesting timely and surrendering to newer energies that bring positive things manifold. After time of rest and respite, this opens up channels for higher receptivity and progress in all areas of life.

Overall I feel with this reading is about developing focus, hard work , routine work, clearing what you do not need from your daily life, raising one's spiritual frequency by bringing more attention to detail. It feels like a time of rest, and making allowance for some expansion through outdoors and esp nature, small trip or meetings with someone new, to allow for newer ideas to blossom and preparation for newer levels of receptivity for you.

I hope this reading helps somehow, let me know if you would like for me to further look into this reading for you. Thank you. Smiles and blessings your end ~

Ladyrose92 17-02-2018 11:39 AM

Hey angelic star,

Here is your reading, apologies for the delay this week has been unexpectedly busy.

Reading for angelic star

Deck - Guardian Angel Tarot

1. What is dormant that should be plowed under ?

Major Arcana 9 - The Spiritual Teacher

There are great rewards in spending time alone. Use those moments of solitude to focus on love, and ways in which you might give to those around you. Shine your light as an example for others to follow. Seek out a spiritual mentor of your own if your life feels unfulfilled right now. Seek and ye shall find. You will discover a wonderful mentor or spiritual teacher, as you ask Heaven for someone who can provide you with wise counsel and loving guidance. Or perhaps it's time for you to step out into the open as a teacher with many spiritual gifts. Don't underestimate the brightness of the light you have to offer others!

2. What do you want to grow this spring ?

Nine of Action

You've created many wonderful and amazing things. There are relationships you treasure and accomplishments that you're proud of, as well as the place you call home. It's only natural to want to protect them! Rest assured that you're always being lovingly watched over by your guardian angels. If you have any worries, you can also ask Archangel Michael for protection. You are completely safe! Mother Earth needs our help right now. This card represents all those who are interested in safeguarding the environment, watching over our food supplies, and helping protect the animals on land and in the oceans. Stand your ground, as the Light will always win!

3. What seeds must you plant to allow this to happen ?

Five of Thought

The path you were on seemed like the right one, but now you've run into a challenge. It doesn't look as though you'll be able to continue without making some significant changes. There's a much better direction for you - one that will eventually make you much happier! Trust that the difficulties you're experiencing with your plans are simply signs from the angels. They want you to see a larger and more Divinely guided road map for your life. Negative people can be very draining. The conflict they create makes it difficult to focus on your life purpose and be happy in life. Make thoughtful choices about whom you spend time with. Are your relationships balanced, or are you doing all the giving?

4. What new growth can you expect ?

Four of Emotion

There are very positive forces around you just waiting to help! Awaken now from your reverie so that you can see all the endless possibilities that await you. Don't take any of the wonderful things in your life for granted. Instead, be grateful for them and then look around to see what other amazing opportunities Heaven has in store for you! Daydreaming and going within can be healthy ways to get clarity on who you are and what you want from life. These methods may be used for contemplation. However, once you have the insights they deliver, remember to take focused action so that you don't miss out on the joy of living out your dreams!

Overall, I feel like this reading is saying that life seems to have taken you off track, but that it serves a higher purpose for you to go within and find insight that you need there pertaining to the direction of your life at this time, your inner self is what needs to be ploughed under. I feel the angels want you to know that what you have built up and what you do cherish in life is protected, and that you can let go of this worry that you may lose these things, so that you may go within and find/do what is best for you. It seems that you want to continue to grow this light in your life. As a result everyone else will be affected in a positive way, as your light helps everyone, as we are all one. It seems that what you want is to feel protected within your life and the angels want you to know that you can grow this feeling of security within yourself as they are helping and making sure everything is taken care for you. It seems to me that by you being a shining light, this will aid your own path as well as those you are involved with. So these are the seeds that you can plant to allow this to happen, be the light and let live. As a result of all of these things, It seems the growth you can expect is the motivation, focus and firm inner knowing to take up the opportunities that will be presented to you that will guide you further along your life journey! I also have a feeling that you would be a great spiritual teacher to others, that you have an abundance of insight, experience and light to guide others too. That hard times in life are rubbish when we are in them, but they serve a purpose of getting down to the nitty gritty so one can move forward with only that which serves them. Good luck!

I hope this reading is helpful and I hope that you are well! Thank you for your patience, apologies again for the delay! Please let me know if you have any questions!

And thank you very much for my reading, I love it, it makes so much sense to me and I will leave feedback by the 25th!

Warm wishes,


angelic star 17-02-2018 12:44 PM

Feedback for ladyrose

@Ladyrose, Thank you so much for this reading. I understand, it has been a very busy time for me as well. I don't ask for many readings but this was just beautiful guidance and really aligns with where I am right now.Thank you very much , I appreciate this very much.
Yes I was giving more than I was receiving or expecting and it's not very healthy . To transition from that previous self to other things has been hard, because we get used to things a certain way. Thank you once again for taking the time to do this reading with your busy schedule. It is simply wonderful guidance at this time.

Very detailed and very well thought of reading, well done ~

I am glad we got to exchange readings at this time ^-^ <3

Many many blessings, love and smiles your way.


Ladyrose92 22-02-2018 11:15 AM

Feedback for angelic star -

This reading is very accurate, there is chaos and lack of discipline in the mind, this is what I am doing my best to work on at the moment. I had never thought of it that way but there is an ancestral pattern of escapism, something else I've wanted to change in myself but not realised this pattern specifically, but the ways it shows up in my life.

I realise I fill my mind with so much stuff it becomes confusing, so the second card that points to time to rest is accurate, I have been doing my best to slow down, and whenever I do, I feel things integrate within me and I think why didn't I just stop and look at things as they are. Since the reading, I've had big revelations about Christ, which I know will help me moving forward, which was right there in front of me but I just needed to slow down and rest to receive these messages.

Nature always helps me to release, so thank you I will put more effort into doing this. I will look out for opportunities to meet new people too.

Happy with the last card, that there will be progress after a period of rest!

Thank you very much for this reading it is very helpful and accurate!

Warm wishes,


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