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Element 5 18-08-2015 04:57 PM

"Other Beings and Why They are Here"
Dr. Steven Greer "Other Beings and Why They are Here"

Take a listen...this is something I hadn't thought about.


Klaatu24 01-11-2015 06:52 PM

Thanks so much for this info! I've forgotten that people have put videos of Steven Greer on youtube. I'll have to check these out! :D

He's got so much incredible information! While attending one of his talks years ago, I became aware of two aliens standing by a wall -- one was really tall, maybe about 9-10 feet tall, and the other really short, maybe a little over 5 feet tall. (I'm not good with judging heights.) But they were really calm and just watching. It was so hard to listen to Dr. Greer because I was focused so much on the wonderful aliens.

Element 5 02-11-2015 05:08 PM

COOL!! That's really interesting!!

VinceField 02-11-2015 06:21 PM

If I remember correctly, Greer claims that there are no unfriendly or hostile ETs visiting earth. This flies in the face of innumerous claims from abductees and researchers. Perhaps some of his other information is questionable as well.

Klaatu24 03-11-2015 03:47 AM

Thanks again Element 5! :D I'm so thankful they were selling DVDs of Dr. Greer's talk, because I sure missed a lot of it when focusing on those really cool ETs. I wondered if they were the ETs who are working with Dr. Greer -- it's so much fun to wonder about that.

<< If I remember correctly, Greer claims that there are no unfriendly or hostile ETs visiting earth. This flies in the face of innumerous claims from abductees and researchers. Perhaps some of his other information is questionable as well. >>

Well, I sure don't know everything about ETs, but I've been abducted many different times all my life. I remember standing up in my crib, watching them fly out the window (after they put me back in the crib). And I was so sad that they left. I really loved them and wanted to stay with them. But in my pre-teens and teens, I got really scared of them.

In my late 20's, I realized they'd had years and years to hurt me badly, if that's what they wanted to do. But they hadn't. So I thought how incredible it was just to have the experience of being abducted by the loving ETs (even though it was still really scary sometimes). So, I started feeling love towards those ETs. After that, I got abducted much, much more, by really deeply loving ETs. With their amazing telepathic abilities, you can feel their love so strongly -- it's extremely, wonderfully, overwhelming. I can't find the words to express this, because I haven't felt that kind of love on Earth.

I think Dr. Greer is referring to the ETs that want to help us advance in the way we behave and help with the Earth's pollution, but our "military industrial complex" of Earthlings and ETs, are stopping them.

The military abductions sometimes seem like ET abductions, but they have some differences. And the military abductions are mean and scary and hurtful (I always threw up with the gunk they force you to drink).

I've also met two ET races that seem to like scaring people, back in my teens and early-20s. They might be linked to the military people, I'm not sure. Dr. Greer knows a lot more about that stuff than me. But since I started feeling love towards the ETs (the ones who were loving towards me), I don't think I've had any more military abductions.

I've heard that everyone who's had ET abductions has agreed to it on some deep, spiritual level, which many probably don't remember. Because ETs aren't allowed to interfere in our lives unless there's some sort of agreement made in some other realm (I'm not sure what words to use here, but I think you understand). Even if it seems really scary. At least, that's what I've heard (not from the ETs, just from people talking and reading articles).

There's so much bad press about ETs, I wish there was more information about the loving ones, or even about the "emotionless" ones who are still concerned about Earth and what's going on here.

If you want to, just get into a great feeling meditation. And when you feel comfortable, think of one nice ET, or a race of ETs, and just start feeling a deep, deep, love towards him/her/them. It seems to help to "think" grateful words towards them too. I usually "think" something like, "It's so wonderful you're here." "You're so brave to be here." "You're so beautiful!" Or anything else that's on my mind. (If you get scared, just stop (it's very important to stop -- you don't want to attract scary ones)). Then later when you feel comfortable enough to try again, go ahead. There are so many loving ETs, it's just the bad press they get on Earth that makes people scared, I think. Maybe something to do with past lives too, I'm not sure.)

They're so telepathic, they'll hear your thoughts, or feel your feelings. Every time I do this, they're always busy, so they acknowledge me but only for a few seconds. But the energy they send me lasts a few minutes. (Different people may be contacted differently, like, some will hear sounds, tones, beeping, or other ways.)

But that's all you've got to do, to contact. Sometimes you'll get a response right away, and sometimes you have to meditate many times before you get some sort of response. But they'll probably contact you in a way you didn't expect. Just relax in the meditation and have fun with all of it.

VinceField 03-11-2015 12:34 PM

Again, he actually states that there are no malevolent ETs involved in Earth's affairs. Sounds like disinfo to me.

kapamati1 03-11-2015 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by VinceField
Again, he actually states that there are no malevolent ETs involved in Earth's affairs. Sounds like disinfo to me.

I agree!

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it may indeed be a duck!! I'm not saying don't evaluate what he says. I'm saying your discernment should be in high gear when you do.

Klaatu24 03-11-2015 10:27 PM

I think Dr. Greer is referring to the ETs that want to help us and Earth, who are good ETs. But the ones in the Earth's "military industrial complex" are the malevolent ones.

All I know is that Dr. Greer's work in contacting people in government, and also taking groups of people out to contact and bring in ETs/spaceships is awesome. He sells a book/DVD combo of the group encounters with spaceships. It shows Dr. Greer's group flashing lights at the spaceships, and the spaceships flashing lights back at them. Shows other amazing encounters they've had too.

There's one encounter on the DVD (I think it's the Orion section), after letting the beeps and sounds sink into me -- that night a Reptilian visited!

I've never seen a Reptilian before -- or at least never consciously. I woke up and felt the air was different and saw a black vertical line reaching almost to the top of the ceiling. It just hung there, in the air. I don't know how far down it went, past the bed somewhere, I guess. In a few seconds, a hand (from behind the black line) opened up the black line and a Reptilian stepped through. I only focused on his head though (he seemed like a male). But things got weird after seeing his head. Time blipped and his head stayed still while another "second" head of his appeared, looking towards the right. He did not have two heads. It's like time felt very strange, like it was echoing, or something. That's all I remember. The Reptilian didn't seem scary at all. It was me who was scared, just from having another being in the room.

Anyhoo, I think the Reptilian fella was somehow connected to the blips and beeps from the Orion section of Dr. Greer's DVD. At least, that's what it feels like. It was so amazing. But it hasn't happened anymore since then. :(

durgaa 05-11-2015 10:48 PM

Anyone who says ALL aliens are benevolent is talking cr@p IMO - Dolores Cannon was another one who believed this..
l prefer to believe ppl like Eve Lorgen, James Bartlett and David M. Jacobs. These ppl sound more realistic to me.
David M. Jacobs has been researching abductions most of his life and has just written a new book about his conclusions - which concerns alien 'hybrids' and 'hubrids'. These three ppl have made some interesting youtube videos, for anyone interested in seeing the other side of the coin.
As for abductions. A lot of them seem to take place in an astral realm [or somewhere close to the physical - etheric perhaps]. And on those planes, there is a lot of shape-shifting going on - anything over there can take on the appearance of alien. Of course, advanced alien technology could easily transport a body, l suppose.

Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity by David M. Jacobs

Youtube interview with David M. Jacobs


Light Seeker 05-11-2015 11:29 PM

This not withstanding there would appear to be a good many who hold the view that life here really started out there.

I accept that this kind of thing is constantly embellished by many and varied learned people (Icke, Von Daniken, Sitchin, Dunravalo, Wilcox, Tsarion...add your own to the list) The evidence however , would appear to speak for itself... Not One of us is without "Alien" DNA.


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