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froebellian 15-06-2014 09:40 PM

Which governs destiny?
Just for fun, I thought it would interesting to see which of the following do you think has the strongest power to govern destiny?

You can only pick one.

Personally and from my readings the soul is stronger than an astrological chart; Palmistry can be as strong as a full astrological chart.

Both astrological charts and palmistry in my own experience and reading can get diverted whereas the soul stays on track. But ultimately I use all 3 for a complete reading!

elisi 15-06-2014 09:41 PM

your choices.

Blue Tiger 15-06-2014 11:19 PM

Readings and charts are one thing. Destiny is another.

"Destiny" means that something is predetermined, that your destination has already been established. If you have a destiny, you will ultimately reach it by definition.

So all the choices seem rather pointless.

Baile 16-06-2014 08:09 AM

I chose #1 with a caveat. Prior to each of my incarnations, I choose and determine my life path and circumstances, based on karmic connections and what it is I specifically wish to work on. But it's more a blueprint than my destiny. I still have free will, which overrides anything associated with fate or predetermined life outcomes.

Should I add IMO or is that apparent enough already? (I know how these discussions often go, heh.)

froebellian 16-06-2014 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by Baile
Should I add IMO or is that apparent enough already? (I know how these discussions often go, heh.)

Ha! I am cool and this is for fun and to maybe make others think. I already know and have my own viewpoints that have been validated. I just wanted to put it out there.

Some people don't believe in destiny and others rely too much on other methods and 'expect' or 'wait' for things to happen.

Baile 16-06-2014 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by froebellian
Ha! I am cool and this is for fun and to maybe make others think.

I know, no problem, I just know how these destiny/free will conversations tend to go, and go, and go... An astrologer is someone who is able to read a person's chosen incarnation blueprint, like a doctor reading a patient's x-ray.

Baile 16-06-2014 10:35 AM

Understanding karma has been a journey for me. I was taught to picture karma as a club that beats you onto the right path and punishes you if you stray. But then it came to me that karma just is, it's neither good nor bad. I make a connection with someone in one life. Then, while in my pre-birth blueprint creation state, I decide if and how I will work with the karmic threads of that particular connection in my upcoming incarnation.

Visitor 16-06-2014 10:41 AM

Neither of the choices provided.

froebellian 16-06-2014 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by Visitor
Neither of the choices provided.

Feel free to elaborate!

Michelle11 16-06-2014 12:17 PM

I have heard it said that our fate is unchangeable our destiny is determined by how we respond to our fate. Basically we fate/chose certain events or situations to happen in our life and how we respond to those events and life in general will determine our future destinies. So karma is what I chose because fate is what we have already chosen to happen but destiny is our future fates determined by the karma we have created. This can be good or bad karma depending on your response to life. That is my take on it. Though I guess our soul is technically in charge of everything that happens, it chooses our fate as a result of how we are responding so I change my answer to soul and karma.

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