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irwxntxna 11-06-2019 02:11 PM

Can't move?
Today I've been trying to astral project and
I think I did it but the problem was;

• my vision was weird or like crossed? (You know when you cross your eyes lol)
• I couldn't really move or feel things, my whole body was numb and when I got up I couldn't feel moving my legs or walking in general or I didn't feel the pain when I fell on the floor
• I was also stuggling to open my eyes and when I managed to open them, it was hard to keep them open

I was in my room btw and I was laying in my body but I guess I just walked out of it and then I was like "oh am I astral projecting?" and so I said something about my astral body returning to my physical one and I felt this gentle force pull me and I felt it when both of the bodies reconnected and there was this sound of wind while the whole 'reconnecting bodies' thing happenes. I also think I fell asleep and woke up in AP

So my questions are:
Was this really astral projection?
Why was I not able to move or more like why didn't I feel my body?

iamthat 11-06-2019 07:00 PM

The literature on astral projection suggests that what you experienced is not uncommon. There seems to be a learning curve when trying to function consciously out of the body.

Some people deal with the vision problem by loudly declaring something like "Clear vision NOW." This apparently helps.

And supposedly freedom of movement is more difficult while we remain near the physical body. Perhaps consciousness is being pulled in two directions and cannot function effectively in either the physical body or the astral body. Moving away from the physical body seems to solve this.

Others may provide better answers from their own experience.


irwxntxna 12-06-2019 03:52 AM

Thank you for replying!

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