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psychegrl 04-10-2017 11:56 PM

Living from a Full Heart
So I've had some pretty amazing experiences the last few days. The energy has been very clear in that it was all about releasing attachments and what is happening on the earth right now.

I fell into my old feelings and reactions after Vegas and spent a day being angry. Not as invested as I would have been in the past but I was definitely in some old victim and anger patterns.

I started looking for a way out because, even as I was posting angry stuff, I knew I was in an old pattern. I looked on here and UTube. Then back to fb. Lol I couldn't find something that would do a happy fix. Everything felt so unsettled and uncomfortable. This needed more than just a quick emotional shift.

I couldn't settle to a video on UTube but I did come across a video by Lisa Transcendence Brown, whom I had heard of but never really watched. I started to watch but couldn't get into it. Afterwards, something kept nudging me to go back, which I did yesterday.

Holy cow. The right teacher/information at the right time! It was long (2 hour video interview!) and some of what she said was above my head but what I did hear was what I needed to feel in control of myself AND how to move forward for a while.

Deciding that this "New Earth" high vibrational world we can be apart of fits the messages that I've been getting but haven't seen much in the physical world but there are things we must do to "see" it. One is to have your heart chakra completely open. And I figured out later that night that some pains I've had for years that I always thought was panic attacks, was my heart trying to open up. It was incredibly painful and a little scary but I've had the pain before so I knew it was not something dangerous to my health.

After the pain finally stopped ripping my back and chest (and a little in my throat chakra interestingly) I was able to sleep and woke up with more flexibility and less tension in my shoulders and back. Though as I'm typing this I can feel it slowly coming back. :\

But the huge message is that to not have to play with these old ideas and energies, we have to get rid of lower vibration feeling (fear, anger, loss, victim, and importantly judgment) and move into something that comes completely from the heart.

Unity consciousness means we are in this together and we are playing off of one another energetically. As TF's and soulmates, that is where we can really shine a light for others intense loves, shedding the old, as well as the rest of the humans.

As for my twin, I don't know any more than I did before. I'm still here and trying to find which way is North. But I feel like this way is a really good use of my time and energy (since pining and being angry/confused isn't doing much for me). Here, I can really focus on something that is tangible and others are seeing too. A place where I feel like I belong and my efforts match the energy.

That was the messages I got and I'm excited to master these energies. But I know this is not the end. In fact, it's just the lessons for the moment. Maintaining an open heart is a challenge in itself and I did wonder about needing protection.

So here's my long awaited question. Can having a pure heart protect you from lower energies? Almost like an energy field. I've always thought it could but the pure energies would be a challenge to achieve.

What are some of the other messages you have received about what's next for us?

Love and light ♡

Ariaecheflame 05-10-2017 12:54 AM

I get the sense that those of us who are on a similar 'wave' are now beginning to intergrate lessons specific to our unique purposes... within this overall path.
So it is very interesting to see all the different things coming through for others and the picture it all paints as it ties in together.
I am writting about a lot of my learnings in my space section of the forums as they come up... because I am becomming more aware of this now... the many branches of this tree.
And lessons can also become very specific to the current social and pollitical environment and there connection to your specific locational dynamics where you reside.

My specific lessons currently have to do with things I learnt in my church growing up about sacrifice and abundance... I am transmuting this vibe of sacrifice and suffering so commonly found in Christianity.

The specific lessons aka mission within my union are to do with living in joy - for the sake of it and not feeling guilty or like I have to make excuses for feeling happy instead of miserable....

In regards to living with an open heart... I feel like trusting yourself is a huge tool to help with recognising what is useful and what is potentially harmful for you specifically... and through this distinction you are then able to put boundries up if necessary.

It is possible to live with an open heart and still have personal boundries.

I had a little test the other day... whers I accidently let in a lower energy spirit... (my higher self wanted to see what I would do) I told it to scatter off... (using colourful language) and then called in my team of light to come in.
It was a test to see if I trusted myself enough to - get the thing out of my space and set up strong boundries between myself and lower entities.

psychegrl 05-10-2017 01:51 AM

Emeraldheart - I completely agree with seeing all the branches coming together and personal missions being highlighted. The shifts are starting to come in alignment with others and we (those of us who are just tuning in) are getting an idea of the massive amounts of people and energy it's taking to complete. I'm more excited because of the shape our efforts is taking.

I had a huge struggle with Jesus and churches, as well as all the martyring propaganda that is bread into them. The thing was I WANTED to love Jesus but it didn't feel right the way it was taught mainstream. I hated all the violence and mind control that the name had associated with it for centuries.

It wasn't till a soulmate gave me permission 5 years ago to love God and worship the way I felt like was right for me that i started to heal my relationship with God. Then last year that I no longer wanted to be controlled by my fear/mistrust that I finally forgave Jesus (sounds funny, right?) by forgiving myself. He didn't want people to use him in harmful ways! After that it was full speed ahead of self discovery. I love Jesus and don't need a book or others to tell how to love. In fact, it wasn't till I met Him that I was able to move on with the TF crud. So a huge block... Lots of love and comfort in your efforts!

I'll check out the My Space section, thanks!

Ariaecheflame 05-10-2017 02:06 AM

I heard it stated like this before which I felt was an interesting perspective:

The population in the time of Jesus was much smaller than it is now - and so it took just one person to come in and live out his journey back to union with self and within the creator.

Now the population is many times larger than it was in Jesus time - and the layers of conditioning are so many - so thickly layered that it is taking many people to walk the path back to self and home... there is just way too much work and so it has to be spread out.

And this time around the feminine aspect within God - within creation will not be denied... as it has been in the past... this time as there will be too many of us emerging within our divine feminine expression.

I found this to be an interesting perspective...

And sort of humbling...

Whether or not it is true... it sort of gave me the feeling of the potential of spirit... to co - ordinate something of this scale... and it also reminded me of just how connected we all really are.

I am sorry... I hope I have not trailed off too much.

You specifically asked in your OP about protecting your heart and I did have a little in my previous post about that... but now I have trailed really far off the main query!

psychegrl 05-10-2017 02:34 AM

No! This is perfect and more the kind of conversation I really wanted. I'm never sure if this depth of spiritual conversation is receptive to others though. ♡

I've talked about the Sacred Feminine a few times and I completely agree. She will not be ignored anymore! I felt Her with me as I was being pried open giving me assurance and understanding. The more closed off we are, the more work to open the heart. I'm just happy I know now and can work to keep myself open and always pull from the heart.

It's funny, as much as I have been living with my Twin's energy, I'm now more interested in what is going on with me than the stuff he's dealing with. If he showed up now I'd probably not be as inviting as I would be before. Also, I'm not sure he'd recognize me. Lol

A human Being 05-10-2017 10:08 AM

Wow, this thread really struck a chord for me at just the right time - thanks, psychegrl :smile: Particularly what you said about panic attacks and how they're a symptom of your heart trying to open, I've experienced a lot of anxiety this year and that's the conclusion I came to, too. Just last night I became acutely aware of both an intense fear and also an intense sadness (it was very hard to prize them apart, though maybe it's a mistake to even try to do so, I'm not sure), and it brought to mind an Adyashanti quote I posted in the Spirituality subforum:

'Even a self that's afraid and barricaded and hidden, and doesn't really want to let anything in, even a self that's really hiding craves its own kind of intimacy... it's pushing away, but it's craving at the same time. It's craving to be really in some way met, deeply touched, and yet so many human beings are afraid of the very thing they crave and they want.'
Ugh, and it feels like that conflict between intensely desiring and fearing that intimacy is playing off in my solar plexus right now, it's grim :/ I've been aware for a while now of a long-repressed grief right there in that area, and the nausea I can feel there is... well, nauseating, funnily enough :laugh: I've also become aware of the extent to which my head and heart aren't in alignment, I think because I have such deeply-ingrained patterns of self-judgment that go back to childhood; on some level I'm telling myself, 'It's not all right to feel this, you've got to stuff it down!' Ugh, what a mess... though of course that thought isn't helping, I've got to bypass my thinking mind altogether because it don't know jack (thinks it does, but it really needs to shut the fug up... mind you, that's just more thought... ARGH, I feel like stabbing my brain with a crochet needle!).

Anyway, sorry, I'm waffling. I also resonated strongly with what you said about not playing with old energies and ideas, though I try not to think of it in terms of 'getting rid of' lower vibrations such as fear, anger, loss, victimhood, etc. (ie negativity) - 'what you resist, persists', and all that (though yes, I'm a big fat hypocrite!). I think of it more in terms of not indulging them when they inevitably do arise, withdrawing energy from them and just allowing myself to relax and feel what's being unconsciously repressed by those conditioned patterns of thinking and feeling.

Anyway, thanks again for the thread and it sounds to me like you're on the right track, which is great :smile:

(The other thing that strongly resonated was what you said about finding the right teacher/information at the right time, because in the past few days I've stumbled upon a Youtube channel called The Diamond Net and I've very quickly come to have so much love and respect for this amazing, articulate, all-round beautiful woman, it's like she's come along at just the right time for me :) Her name's Emerald [unusual but lovely name, isn't it?] - and wouldn't you know it, a poster called EMERALDheart has posted on this thread!)

FairyCrystal 05-10-2017 11:20 AM

And yes, I think the opening of the heart chakra comes with discomfort, possibly both physically and emotionally/mentally. It's quite something, we've been trained to close our hearts from a very early age.
Getting a handle on your ego (lots of Solar Plexus work) is part of it. And depending on what fears are stuck in that chakra, other chakras will require attention too. Of course it is holistic, but some chakras will be more blocked / affected than others.

But great insight that panic attacks could have to do with the opening of the heart. I recently realized I am trying to close the gap that exists between the real 'me' (so the empowered one with the open trusting heart) and the ego (fears and doubts and wounds from the past). I feel I'm getting to the core of issues, and boy, do I get anxiety and panic attacks, lol.
I am glad I can see the discrepancy between "me" and my scared ego, that is reasonably new. And I think necessary to be able to deal with the ego/fears.
In between I can feel huge burst of love from the heart, but I can't hold on to it yet.
But the insight that panic and increased fear even could be a sign of the heart chakra opening further is real good!
Thank you for that. You may indeed have a very strong point there, hadn't thought of that. I was more thinking along the lines of "Is this ever going to stop and improve?"
But this insight could mean it IS improving!

Edit: Forgot... Of late I've been having dull aches in the heart area as well. I suppose this comes with the territory

psychegrl 05-10-2017 11:31 AM

I'll answer these posts later but it just struck me that the only times I've been able to actually feel this intense live is with my TF and since I'm trying not to pay attention to him atm, all this deep love keeps bringing him up anyway. Ugh.

There had to be a better way to do this! Anyway.... back to bad for a bit!

A human Being 05-10-2017 11:50 AM

Great post, FC, and sounds like you've made an important breakthrough :smile:

Originally Posted by psychegrl
I'll answer these posts later but it just struck me that the only times I've been able to actually feel this intense live is with my TF and since I'm trying not to pay attention to him atm, all this deep love keeps bringing him up anyway. Ugh.

There had to be a better way to do this! Anyway.... back to bad for a bit!

Aw but that's absolutely fine, I'm guessing you've formed a really deep emotional connection with your TF so it's inevitable that he's going to come to mind when you feel that deep love - it isn't a problem, it's perfectly natural that that would happen so just relax and melt even deeper into the feeling :hug3:

Ariaecheflame 05-10-2017 09:14 PM

I remember now - the simple tool I used when learning to live from an open heart!

Lol! Re boundries. If a choice comes up and I am not sure if it will serve my highest good I ask myself if the choice is an act of self - love? Self love makes me feel more whole where as the opposite makes me feel more empty... or depleted.

When the heart and mind are connected and working in harmony that question helps me to really feel into things and make the most loving decision for myself first... and then others by deault.

This is how I live with an open heart but still maintain boundries.

This also reflects to others as they see me acting from this place of self love and it plants a little seed which then allows them to start exploring their own heart and self love mastery... if they feel the desire to do so.

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