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SaturninePluto 12-01-2019 04:47 PM

Spirit Guides Power Animals

I need some help with some experiences with Crows.

I know what my power animal is, and it is not the Crow, but I am having some experiences with Crows that both confuse and delight me.

It seems that on days I hear crows caw I keep getting gifts or things given to me. I don't know what this may mean. It has been happening for 3 years straight now.

I'll hear a crow caw in the morning and I'll get a gift later that day. It happens most days I hear a crow. Oftentimes as well on days crows caw my aunt will visit sometimes with gifts for myself or my mother. It happened again today. I heard crows caw soon after waking and my mom brought something home to me.

I am wondering if these experiences mean anything in Native beliefs? Crow is not my power animal, but is it possible it could be a spirit guide?

Is it possible you can have a spirit guide other than your power animal or medicine?

Any help I am very grateful for.

Little Creek77 13-01-2019 06:25 PM

All animals speak to us. Be happy that gagii' (crow) leaves you messages. Just go with it and enjoy.

Native spirit 13-01-2019 09:09 PM

I Would have to agree with Little Creek,my spirit animal is the wolf but crows have always played a part in my life,when I had my dog I used to walk him through the woods.as soon as The Crow saw us he would ride on my dogs back and come with us,
when I lost my husband I could see people outside staring at the roof of my house I went to look,there were crows all over it.
when we laid him to rest every headstone in the cemetery had crows sitting on them. nobody had ever seen anything like it before.


Incense 22-01-2019 01:07 PM

Hi, SaturninePluto!

I can't speak on native beliefs, but I can add a bit from working with animal energies on my own.

My experience has been that they form personal associations for us when we build relationships with them. For instance, I associate great-horned owl with home. There were some minor things that had me thinking of this, and then, when I was exhausted on a wooded retreat, the hooting of a great-horned owl led me back to my tent when I couldn't see it in the dark. They have amazing, iconic hoots. 8-)

Similarly, for me, Crow has become associated with authenticity: that dark plumage and rough caw that don't try to be fancy, but are simply part of Crow being itself. I love the caws of Crow.

For you, Crow might be associating with generosity. How is generosity playing out in your life, both the giving and receiving? Perhaps there is a message about gratitude, too.

When I see this happening, I sort of feel through what it might mean for me. I think or meditate on it and see what associations and insights come up.

And I read about the animal, its adaptations and behaviors.

These are enough for a meaning to click, and feel right. Only you will know for sure.

Hope this helps!

Makoiyi 24-01-2019 06:06 PM

I'm Canadian First Nations and to my people Crows are messengers from the Ancestors and the Grandfathers/mothers. They will also reveal to you the hidden truth in things and lead you back to the light.

The Raven in some of the First Nations Creation stories stories is White returns the light to us by stealing the Sun back so that we can have warmth and survive. In doing so he looses his beautiful voice and his feathers become Black that is what he sacrificed for us. So far from being the messenger of death as in other beliefs to many First Nations Crow's, Raven's and all Corvids have a pretty good role. They can be tricksters as well but in a way that will teach you and make you learn the lesson whilst laughing at yourself.

You can have more than one Guardian / guide / helper. in my beliefs we have nine. Two of these are from your clan / family and the others are personal to each individual and these will be there to help/ protect and guide you when you need them.

As to how you know if they are your Guardians/ guides/ helpers. Well they basically turn up in your life and keep appearing whilst you need them. Using myself as the example here, for me they literally move into my life and live with me in their physical forms.

Through one turning up and needing help due to injury I have ended up rehabbing Corvids (this is the species term for the Raven and Crow family) in particular but all birds and wild life for local vets here where I live.

Every Corvid wild bird or animal with me has all the relevant licenses to be able to stay with me as they are protected by law. Some I can rehab and release again others are licensed into my care for their entire lives as they are unreleasable.

As I write this there are 7 various types of living Corvid's here in my art studio, they each have their own houses for night time. And whilst I'm sitting here writing this I have a Raven perched dozing on my knee and another perched on my foot. So when I say they move into my life and live with me I'm not kidding.

Ok this is a bit more extreme than most people get, but if they are turning up in your life start acknowledging them. Say Hi and chat to them, share some food with them , just make it something healthy like soaked cat or dog kibble ,grapes , walnuts, peanuts, hard boiled eggs with the shells etc. ( Do not feed any bread, pasta as this cause's real health issues with birds and food like avocado, Brazil nuts and garlic n onion , dairy and any processed meats and processed foods are poisonous to them.)

You'll be surprised once they know you and you make that contact, you'll be surprised what they may bring you.

If this link work's here's a photo of the 2 Raven's that I'm lucky enough to share my life with.


Native spirit 24-01-2019 08:52 PM

Lovely to see you back Makoiyi


Makoiyi 24-01-2019 11:54 PM

Thanks Native Spirit.

Incense 25-01-2019 03:15 PM

Makoiyi, that sounds wonderful.

I volunteered for a couple summers at a wildlife rehab and really enjoyed it. Even the sad moments felt worth it.

Anala 26-01-2019 03:36 AM

Beautiful photo!

I always love watching crows fly and play. In Arizona we used to sit on a ridge and watch them tuck in and flip over on their backs and then flip back over again. It looked like pure playfulness and joy!

I always think we are lucky when an animal shows us their true self, their playful self, their vulnerable self. It is a glimpse into a very special part of any animal.

Sometimes I think animals see my purest, truest form more than people do.

Right now the hawks (Prairie, Swainson and Redtail) have been watching over me I say hello and thank them. They are beautiful!

Nizhoni- balance and beauty

Native spirit 27-01-2019 09:44 AM

When I go into meditation I always find myself sitting on a ledge with my guide talking to me and a golden eagle always flying around us. this never falters its always the same


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