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Devinespirits 14-10-2017 04:25 PM

Repeating numbers 333,444,777,888
Hey everyone, so for the past month I have been seeing the numbers 333,444,777,888,999 everywhere!!! I have looked up the meanings of each and understand them, but is there anything significant about seeing these numbers constantly? I'm just trying to understand the messages the universe is trying to give me!
Thanks so much!

Devinespirits 15-10-2017 04:48 AM

Update: just saw 111,222,555 today

Golden Eagle 15-10-2017 03:51 PM

just a reminder to return to Love ~

Dan_SF 16-10-2017 04:39 PM

The numbers have their own meaning, but what they do mean to you, is up to you to discover.

What you need to do is thought watching:
- To be aware of the thoughts that are currently in your head.

So whenever you see a number, for example 111 or more one's is a reminder to watch your thoughts, and to change them to a positive one (if they appear as negative).
Read: Your thoughts may manifest something, so be sure that it is desirable.

(im using the app from doreen virtue, angel numbers 101.)
The numbers 111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888,999 are easy to remember, but basically, the left number represents your past thoughts, the middle number your current thougts, and the right number the future outcome.

So the '666' number would tell you, you had materialistic thoughts in the past, continued to think in materialistic way, and the probable outcome will be materialistic.
this you should change with prayer or gratitude and meditation on positivity and spirituality.

So basically whenever you notice a number, just recall your thoughts, which you had 1~5 mins ago, and then combine the meaning of the numbers with the thoughts you have had.

Make sure to use the numbers for the "best" outcome, which helps everyone if possible.

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