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DRODOLL333 07-12-2017 07:52 PM

A channeled message from multiple Angels and my Higher Self
:angel9: Know yourself so you can know what you want in your life, and extension of self. How far would you leap? How far would you go for God? Find all parts of yourself,and correct yourself, piece by piece. I implore you to look deeper into yourself. You brain is like a super computer for yourself and the Alpha and Omega ONLY, and an organic complie of feelings and opinions for others to admire and respect, for some to cherish as a whole, and for some to just be a glance and never thought of again. You should have yourself on a leash or put above and around you, whatever you want, generally. We are blessed creatures. We are protected. We have been saved almost an unfathomable amount of times. We are a chourus of woven and partially unfathomable light, We are star dust, We are elements. We are all unique. Knowing yourself helps you understand what is real in your world and what isn't. What you want to keep, what you will walk away from completely. Your only true fear should be God, Who is SO MIGHTY that He could scare you, He could kill you, He could alter ever piece of your being but He chooses to be gracious, and gentle and PERFECT in His ways. Do not ever fear what forces you to be scared. It is petty, and not your ruler. You are, you are special, and CHOSEN to experience LIFE. You are always more powerful than your opposers, when your love compels you. There is always a way out of a problem. PRAY, REPENT, ENDURE. God loves you, He gives you the power to be peaceful in mind, of self, and others, of your personal space, & your words, and with your actions. He gives you the power to OVERCOME. If you choose otherwise, expect an alternate state of being, intended to help you overcome your parasitic energies. Dissolve them with ease. You're incapable of taking other's peace if your truest goal is to destroy self. Love yourself, Love this blessing of a brain you have, LOVE living LIFE. If you have some fear, after you get to know God better, you'll understand it is to be done in steps, and/or at your own pace. He will guide you through any terror and make it to where you can have just about anything you want, infinite life, with the cleanest purest intentions, for the safety of self, your soul and of others.

John32241 10-12-2017 03:56 PM


Those are a lot of good insights. Self discovery and self love are essentially for a happy life in my view.


DRODOLL333 10-12-2017 04:45 PM

Thank you :) I know sometimes these can be vague. I try to get as much detail as I can!

Chrysalis 10-12-2017 05:41 PM

Hi and this is another message I resonated with.

DRODOLL333 10-12-2017 06:06 PM

I am glad! :) I like the messages that almost push the edge a little bit. This has been a big theme of my path. I think it is beautiful because when some realize there really is no envelope to be pushing, and the only illusion of that is from self, or a byproduct of others judging wrongfully (like snide comments in a spiritually almost vulnerable place like church that makes us backtrack) you can go anywhere! & Do anything! So I was stuck in that illusion for way too long, I hope to help other people understand this too. Taking tiny steps is perfectly okay, healthy in fact for most. But for those times when some people are like, "Okay I am ready to SOAR!" It is hard to find guidance for those jumps in my opinion, the process doesn't have to be as precise, but it also doesn't mean the outcome is chaotic, just a lil more layered. The result is always realizing you have more trust for God than you are letting yourself experience, in some ways. Hopin this makes sense!! <3 love

DRODOLL333 10-12-2017 06:11 PM

I really like your signature btw, it sort of goes along with what I'm tryna say I think. :D

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