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FenixTiga 10-04-2011 02:36 AM

Channeled messages about twin concepts
I was in conversation with my telepathic partner "Harmonia", It is not her real name.

This is how it went

So why is the twin union so important?

Harmonia: the whole idea of having a twin union is to believe that you have a mirroring soul to your own, this whole idea is important because when you begun to seek for this mirror, this twin, you begin the process of awakening to your true self.

So who is your twin?

Harmonia: your twin is your mirror image, they are exactly like you, in fact they are you. You see the twin is actually the ideal partner you wish to have and in effect the only ideal/perfect partner for you is you in a mirrored form. You are in fact your own twin.

Hang on but what about the people you think are your twin?

Harmonia: well you already know this Metha, but I will tell the other people too, oh right you want me to explain. Hehehe, well, the people that you think are your twin are actually people you synchronise up well with by way of psychic waves or chakra points. Sometime when our head links up to another's base chakra, we can feel sense of attraction toward them and they feel lust at how we think, it usually goes the same way. Instantaneous lust, love at first sight or so on. Chakra points. This doesn't mean that you have no connections with them however. This means that you are connected but that doesn't make you twins. If you think they are your twin, then it is likely that you are superimposing the ideal image on to them. Like me, and Metha, we link up well through our chakra points, my head, his heart, and his head to my heart.

Ok so why is the twin concept so important then if you are your own twin?

Harmonia: That's a difficult question but it can be answered. You see, when we awaken to our true self, we will continuously search for the one because our chakra points would continuously be developed, so when we found the one that is most compatible with us, we link up to them and we are able to balance ourselves out. Now for some people they may never find the one, they instead might find the many, so you can be linked up to a few. I was lucky to find Metha, no matter how weird he is, he is still my only one.

Why must we find the one?

Harmonia: Oh that's easy. It is to self-develop and further lightworking. By finding someone compatible to us, we may be able to find our way in life easier. Like for me and Metha, he is a writer, and I am an Artist, so he writes, I draw and together we may be able to point out the path for other people to take. This is why the twin concept is so important.

So how long do you think until we will be united with the one?

Harmonia: That is hard to say Metha, but it could take up to a year or more depending on the current lifestyle of the people involve, and the self confirmation needed because both parties thinks they might be insane but it is a real connection, and only time will tell. :P

Thank you for being interviewed Harmonia.

Harmonia: No problem xoxo

Roselove 10-04-2011 02:55 AM

interesting thanks for posting, i have been thinking about my twin and who he is!

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