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Tirisilex 13-03-2018 05:52 PM

The Bible says Divorce is only legal if adultery is involved. However I think an Abusive relationship should be allowed as well.. I mean c'mon should a woman stay with a man who beats her day to day? yet if someone cheats that is the only way one can divorce?? I believe that abuse is also a good reason for divorce. I say this because I have a friend who married a woman who divorced her former husband because he was abusive.

SeekerOfKnowledge 13-03-2018 05:59 PM

Why would God who is all unconditional love and mercy, who even came in flesh and sacrificed his own life as human to save others, why would such a God want a woman to stay in an abusive relationship?
The Bible needs to be adapted to modern times if you ask me.
As Christianity should be more open-minded.
I, personally, seriously doubt that Jesus wanted us to follow doctrines blindly.
He rather wanted us to think for ourselves and spread love, forgiveness, mercy and peace.

davidmartin 13-03-2018 11:50 PM

Agree seeker, the bible often has ideals that are impossible to always live up to. The number of Christian ministers and preachers who divorce and remarry is not insignificant. Jesus was practical, and sure wouldn't want anyone to be stuck in anything abusive, is how I feel
I kind of think his frustration was to do with worldliness and people not trying to be different, and live different

Strangely enough Jesus said any man who looks at a woman lustfully commits adultery - that means any woman can divorce her husband pretty much whenever they want! Don't you think?

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