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ninjamonkey1014 28-01-2018 06:54 PM

Visitation Dreams With The Deceased?
Has anyone had any visitation dreams with a loved one who has passed?

dream jo 28-01-2018 07:26 PM

my cat lucy
anti dott
evn famlyy iv not met

Colorado 30-01-2018 05:41 AM

Yes, I have posted it here before...not too long ago. Here is my favorite one.

I kept having dreams, where a man would show up in the left side of my dream. He was a shadowy figure, mute, and never did anything, but stand there. My dreams could be random and jumbled nonsense....and I could still feel or sense his presence there. I didn't who he was, or pay any attention to him for the longest time....and I really don't know how long this went on....seems like he'd been around since my childhood, on and off...but in my 30s he came around a lot.

Some other stuff would happen...all of it I can't remember, but I do know that I felt a strong young male presence, 20s, and would often find pennies or other objects with the year 1968, which meant nothing to me...because it was 10 years before I was born.

One night, he was there again...and this time I paid attention to him...his presence growing stronger around me. I asked him who he was...and he stepped out in front of my dream, still somewhat shadowy...and held up a flashing yellow neon sign that read "1968"

Now this got my attention, and I knew it meant something...the sign was very flashy, blinking and lit up brightly! But I didn't know who this guy was and had never heard of him...nor did I know what 1968 meant.

I asked my family, nobody knew. Now my mom and dad are divorced, and we don't have much if any ties with her side....but I did get on the phone and talk to her one time...and I asked her, she did not know other than my great grandmother died that year. I knew it wasn't her.

It wasn't until my great grandfather died a few years later, that I read it in his online obituary. He had two sons die before him....one in infancy, and the other in Vietnam...at the age of 20, right before his 21st birthday....in 1968.

I knew it was him immediately...I could feel he was male, his age, his energy, and the year he died...but I had no name, face, or idea who he was until that day.

I go into things further and more detail in my other posts, because I've written about him and posted his picture on here before. But this is the gist of it...I have been contacted through dreams by deceased loved ones, and some I barely know before, yes.

SeekerOfKnowledge 30-01-2018 10:07 AM


When a friend died of cancer years ago, it was very hard for me.
She appeared in my dreams from time to time. There was that one dream where she was driving her car, giving me a lift again...
"But... I thought you were dead?" I wondered.
She, who was looking "like an angel" (in lack of better words), kinda "radiant"... answered: "Oh, you must have been misinformed. As you can clearly see, I am not dead."

Not a dream, but after the burial ceremony for my uncle, in a quiet moment, I got a vision. I saw his smiling face in front of a starry sky.

ninjamonkey1014 30-01-2018 03:29 PM

Thank you so much for your responses! I had an extremely memorable dream with my brother shortly after he passed away.

My brother died a little over 4 years ago. I was 30 years old and he was 31. We were best friends. He died unexpectedly one night when we went out drinking to celebrate me moving to live with him and getting a new job. He was a recovering addict (pain pills) and had been sober for at least 3 years prior to making the stupid decision to put on fentanyl patches. I was completely unaware he was wearing fentanyl patches when we went out drinking. It's a deadly combo in case anyone didn't know.


A few weeks after he died I had the most incredible dream that seemed SO much like real life. it was unlike any other dream I have EVER had. He showed up in my parents house and my parents and him were trying to convince me that he was in fact alive. I was screaming and saying that he was dead. It seemed like it took weeks in the dream to convince me that he was alive and well. Time seemed to be very different in this dream. He was extremely bright and shiny and had the most pure smile. It seemed as though he had found COMPLETE PEACE. He just kept smiling at me and hugging me. We seemed to talk for hours but I don't remember what was said. At one point I do remember asking him "Do you now realize that wearing fentanyl patches and drinking was a terrible idea and that fentanyl is 70% stronger than morphine?!" He peacefully smiled at me and just said "can we just talk about that sometime after we are finished?" I am still not sure what that meant, but I could tell that it wasn't of importance in the "big scheme" of things.

At this point I knew we had to go somewhere. I thought we were going out somewhere to talk and hang out. We said goodbye to my parents. We walked out the garage door and walked into a HUGE party with bright lights and lots of people. They were all clapping and celebrating my brother. I kept going around to people at the "party" and telling them "hey, can you believe it?! My brother was dead and now he was alive!" They seemed to look at me as if I was a little child that didn't fully understand things and just smiled. We spent awhile at this party and then he led me out another door. This door went to an old spiral staircase. It was very dark. He walked down the staircase as I floated above. I could tell he was getting increasingly tired as he walked down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a little brown box with tubes. He plugged the tubes into himself (and I think he plugged the box into the wall) and he proceeded to lay down in fetal position. I was under the impression that he needed much rest and healing.

I have thought of this dream SO many times over the years. Does anyone have an interpretation? I wonder if he came to get me to assist him in crossing over.

linen53 30-01-2018 03:54 PM

The dream of your brother shortly after he died seems pretty straightforward. I don't think you were there to assist him, rather you were there with his (and possibly your) soul group celebrating his return.

Then he wanted you to know he would be away awhile. They say the symbolism used in the world of dreams (the other side of the veil) is sometimes lost in this world. So he literally didn't need to "plug in" but you would get the message with that type of symbolism.

SlayerOfLight 30-01-2018 04:04 PM

Three times. One of my deceased dog and mother. Then the third case was an unknown female spirit or entity I did not recognize but seemed to know me somehow. Pretty weird...

SeekerOfKnowledge 30-01-2018 04:18 PM

The brightness you describe, I think it is what I saw with my friend. She was smiling, too.

I think your brother wanted to let you know that he is not dead and doesn't want you to be sad because of him.

The rest... I am not an expert when it comes to dream symbols, also, they can be very personal.

He did not want to talk about the drugs that caused his death and went with you to a party... could mean he wants you to keep the pleasant memories and let go off the rest, maybe...
"sometime after we are finished" also could mean that he will contact you again or that something will happen in another life... or maybe he wanted to say "do not care about me too much, go on with your own life instead"?
The tubes somehow make me think of veins, and the box of a womb... like he is preparing his next incarnation...
But as I said, dream symbols can be very personal.

Colorado 30-01-2018 04:34 PM

Wow, awesome dream....I have learned that real visits often come with them being brightly lit, or flourescent in color. I agree that the end of the end was symbolic, but the message was for you to understand. I know it's very hard to lose a sibling...you grow up with them, they are an extension of you, their physical mortality seems like it's partly our mortality, too.

It sounds like your brother loved you very much, and you were open enough for him to get through.

I don't believe there is death, only of the body....not after everything I have seen and experienced. I wish mainstream society would get onboard and science would be more open minded....and we could start proving these things exist through metaphysical science.

ninjamonkey1014 30-01-2018 07:30 PM

Extremely helpful interpretations! Thank you all!

Every single night I ask him to visit me in my dreams again. I have had a couple others with him, but it has been SO long now and I miss them and him.

One interesting one I had with him was where he showed up and got me to get on this table that put me through some machine that altered the smallest particles in my body. It then somehow transported me and him to somewhere out in space, on another planet. There were a bunch of ppl that we knew from high school there and everyone was performing different skits on stage. I kept saying I wasn't ready and my brother called up "we're ready!" I was so mad at him because I wanted to work on everything much longer and couldn't believe he wanted to go up then. I told him we should go home and work on it before going on stage. He said that he couldn't go home with me. He pointed to a guy that was on a laptop at the edge of the planet. He said "this guy is helping us have a connection. We can't leave and work on it because we won't have our connection. So we have to stay here to work on it."

I had another one where he was flying in space and his eyes became huge like the size of planets. He no longer had a body. Just "eyes" with energy. There was REALLY strong energy coming from them. I think he said "be careful looking into them" or maybe "don't look into them." I looked into them and it was like it sucked me in super fast and powerful. Very colorful too.

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