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Lolly 06-09-2017 12:22 AM

Round 2
I've read some really good posts on here about crystals and I've developed a lot of respect for how they can enhance our physical experience that I didn't have a month or so ago when I first used a pendulum with no knowledge or proper idea of what I was doing and I was completely new to crystals.

I'd really like to use crystals, not necessarily just as pendulums but I wanted to give the pendulum another try as I felt I no longer had that fear from my first experience. I used a selenite crystal that I bought yesterday morning. I smudged it with white sage, introduced myself properly to it and asked if it was still happy to work with me which it said yes to. I grounded myself, protected myself and I meditated with it for an hour and I really liked it. I wore it all day till later in the evening when I grounded and protected myself again and prepared myself to use it as a pendulum and asked it if was happy to assist and that was another yes.

However, I seem to have attracted another lower (negative) entity though (could be the same one as the first time, who knows) and whilst this time I didn't have any fear, I just wonder if I can ever get past lower entities. The experience wasn't bad, I just couldn't get past it to anything else. Can they block others from you?

I'm an empath so I'm always protecting myself but I didn't really want to give up without experiencing a spirit guide at least. I'm happy to use crystals for assistance with meditation and healing so it's all good. I don't know whether to keep trying every so often or not bother. I don't feel my intuition telling me not to! Should I have waited longer to bond more with it because to me it felt right?

Lolly 14-09-2017 05:44 PM

I've been doing a little digging around and found that before my house was built, this land it's on was an NHS Institution going back from before 1948.

Foundation Year


Closure year


Post 1948
Maternity, Mental, MAT: 1938 - c.1957 MNT: Mental defectives. OTHER: c.1957 - 1982 Chronic (mainly).

I wondered if whatever came through via this pendulum was something from the house itself. This house was built in 1985 so it's possibly something from the Institute Hospital not the house.

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