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MergingWolf 07-04-2017 11:20 PM

Lucid Dream, Shadow: The experience that became real
Last night I had a dream I was maybe 10% lucid in it. I only remember the last bit where the lucidity kicked in. I was on my way to a department store to pick up my date when suddenly a image of two guys popped up in my head one was smaller the other was big, the both were on the chubby side but the little one seemed to be in charge, next thing I know he said get him. Then something started happening to my physical body. I quickly notice I was scared stiff/paralyzed. I opened my physical eyes slightly just in time to see that big guy walking in my room, he had on a white shirt, with a crow bar in his hand, he walked in front of me as I was just laying there.

He stood there n front of the window with the light from the street shining in which created a shadow of him upon my wall as well. At this point I opened my eyes all the way and he suddenly disappeared. But his shadow staid upon my wall. I then broke the paralysis and sat up. My body begin to act weird with tingling all over and it just wouldn't go away. I knew he was still there I looked towards the window where he was standing and nothing was there, but still his shadow was there, I tried communicationing mentally and physically but he didn't respond the shadow just stood there.

The tingling of my body staid for 45 mins. I staid up trying to keep my mind off him and watch TV hoping he would go away but he never did. I took a deep breath, cause maybe my fear was keeping him there but nope still didn't leave. I decided to ignore him completely and lay down and try to get some more sleep, but soon as I laid down the tingling intensified and a warm feeling came over me, I ignored him and fell asleep, and had a dream about some alien's who thought I was their chosen one, they bestowed upon me some sort of sweet substance that gave me some strange ability that at first distorted/warped my vision like when you get drunk or high but this was different. Anyway by morning when I got up the shadow was gone. I wish I knew what was going on. Opinions are greatly appreciated thanks for listening.

Update: Well it's been a couple of days and that shadow has been there every night, and last night it brought a friend I think it was the smaller chubby one, they don't do anything but stand there. I can't seem to get through to them mentally or physically. I'm not afraid either, there's no fear or evil intentions emanating from them either, don't know what to do. But on the up side I always wanted to experience paranormal stuff and here it is, you KNOW ghosts and stuff, the least they could do is communicate.

I can't seem to take any pictures cause it only there when it's night/dark even with my flash off its too dark to take a picture in my room. Also the night before I laid down for bed and yes it was there, and I felt this pressure on the side of my head like he laid his hand on the side of my forehead, it didn't feel like there was any evil intentions. I can't remember if I had a headache as well. I'm starting to think its friendly.. But then the question would be, why did the smaller one say "get him" if they weren't going to harm me in the long run, cause again it's been a couple of days.

Well my fear of it is none existent now. And yes my girlfriend sees it as well, so I'm not the only one, so there is no delusions, and I'm not sure if my third eye has anything to do with it, maybe my third eye created this thing, because of my wanting to experience the paranormal so badly for so long. I been feeding too much into it and now I got it. And if that is the case I don't know what to do next, but this is just speculation.
Well this creepy one has over staid its welcome, cause its still here every night same spot every time, there's nothing inside or outside the window that's creating it either so its legit. I like the idea of seeing the paranormal but this thing needs to do some communication or something or just move on, what's so fascinating about me that it just stays there silent? Who sent it to watch me?

Perfection 08-04-2017 12:51 AM

it is just to let you know that you are being watched & so you had best be on your best behaviour. You possibly did something wrong & that's why your angel put the shadows there to let you know you are really going to get it if you are not very careful

MergingWolf 08-04-2017 05:51 AM

but i'm only hostile in dream not in the physical, so why watch me there?

ljwor 08-08-2017 03:37 AM

A similar thing happened to me but on a very minor scale compared to yours!

Gracey 08-08-2017 03:58 AM

perhaps they are ghosts who are earthbound and are in need of being crossed over? If so, maybe you could help them that way.

If you have a recorder, try using it to see if you can pick up any messages from them.

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