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Money_Affirmed 04-02-2020 06:20 PM

What are your dream indicators? (a strategy to become lucid)
A "dream indicator", for anyone who doesn't know, is something that always happens in your dream. These are different for different people. Recognizing these as they are happening is a technique you can use to become lucid. By recognizing, understanding, and becoming conscious of these dream indicators, you can (within your dream) say...
"oh oh, wait a minute, it's that one thing again that only happens when I'm dreaming... I must be dreaming now!"

What are some of your dream indicators? Here are a few of mine....

1. I find myself running on all fours, like a dog or something, using my hands

2. I find myself walking on foot, far far from where I left my car, wondering "why did I leave my car there?"

3. I find myself up very high on something (I have severe phobia of heights), not knowing how I got up there, why I'm there, and not seeing any discernable way to get down. These used to be scary dreams for me, until I became aware that this is a dream indicator.... now I can (almost every time) become lucid when this happens.

4. I have pain in my thighs as I try to walk and have incredible difficulty walking.

5. I find myself in the mall. Lol, I haven't been to a mall in years, I don't know what it is about my dreams and the mall. (I often find #s 4 and 5 combined... finding myself in the mall and it difficult to walk)

6. I find myself at my childhood home. Everything about it might be totally different but I know it's my childhood home.

There may be a couple more I'm forgetting at the moment, but these are my main ones.

I'm curious to know what dream indicators other people have?

dream jo 17-02-2020 09:07 PM

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symmetricalsnowflake11 04-05-2020 10:46 AM

It's not about places or things for me. Mine is just being in control in at least some aspect.That's when i begin to notice that i'm dreaming. Something is about to happen and i think "hmmm no i want this to happen instead" so i change it. It's fun but doesn't last long, i am usually in the process of waking up.

Dather12 06-05-2020 07:06 PM

This is an excellent question that I feel qualified to answer with my multitudes of dream experiences.

Dream indicators for people are very different, however one must realize that for the most part, a person is merely the witness during the esoteric plays we call "dreams" - any hint of actual analysis may stimulate the brain into awakening the patient.

If one wishes to know if they are in a dream, during the episodes where he or she realizes consciousness during the play, one must see certain anomalies. Ask yourself: "Have I seen this person in a while? How have we just met?" or "How did I get in this building/place?" Now, try not to overthink the situation, as you want to get to the point where you know you are dreaming, and that that's totally okay.

Many patients are alarmed when they find out that they're in a walking dream, and at once wish to return; I caution those people to hold on a moment and embrace where they are, for many times the place the patient is in will never get a second appearance from them.

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