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Ac195 17-03-2019 03:11 AM

Any tips to stop lucid dreaming about the same person?
Hi guys.

Iíve been dreaming about someone on and off over the last couple of years. Lately, the dreams come once a week. Last week, I dreamt that kissed this person. It felt so real! I honestly felt as if his lips were on mine.

The problem is that Iím engaged to someone else. The dreams are bothering me because theyíre so realistic. The person Iím dreaming of is a friend. I donít want to loose his friendship so I definitely do not want to disuss this with my friend.

Any tips on resolving this within myself?

dream jo 20-03-2019 11:49 PM

u can get cds
or go on yt wish can giv u grt advisss thy can
or seretenn foods befre u go to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
try not to eat it befre u go to bed can do it for u thy can
sorry if im no helpp for u

Tobi 21-03-2019 12:45 AM

Ac195...Lucid dreaming is when you are fully aware within the dream, that you are dreaming. You are consciously in control suddenly. Some people use a lucid dream to do Astral projection. And some just to enjoy a fully conscious awareness while dreaming.

What you describe may actually be what's known as "recurring dreams".

Those are two different things.

I get recurring dreams regularly. To the point where I have familiar landscapes in dreams, which I know well by now! Fields, woods, etc and a mountain area.

I can't psycho-analyse someone's dreams but it may just be that is what you are focused on subconsciously. How to stop doing that? Lose interest in that focus....that's the only suggestion I have.
Or....go with the flow of these dreams and just allow them to be.

I have heard that a recurring dream is most often the subconscious continuing to give us a message that we either haven't properly listened to or need further "delving into".

Yet I have found it hard to relate that idea to my own dreams....of these fields, woods, pleasant pathways through rural places, where nothing much of a challenging nature ever takes place.....so what message my subconscious is giving me or what I am learning from them -I really don't know!
They seem more of a reflection of my ordinary life to me. Like a continuation of my ordinary everyday life and landscapes I often visit.

But they are places I like very much....so maybe that's the message? Simple.

desiredaspiration 30-04-2019 05:41 PM

I believe that your dreams are trying to tell you something, especially since there are recurring. Is this something concerning your current relationship? Maybe, the possibilities are endless.

I think that your dream is trying to tell you to follow an old passion, possibly one you gave up in the past. It seems as though the kiss symbolizes something. Especially since you said it felt so real. Possibly, this is a sign you need to find that passion again, the feeling it gives you (similar to the kiss).

As far as how to stop the recurring dreams from within...

I highly recommend Youtube as well, many different types of music at different frequencies for sleep. You can also try meditating with the goal of getting yourself to let go of that dream and the person in it.

I hope this helps,
sending you much light.

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