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Holly 23-04-2016 10:30 PM

Absent Father EFT
Recently I started using EFT on myself to shift some of my fears, especially the ones causing my anxiety.

I was a few months old when my biological Dad left my Mum and disappeared off with another woman. I (obviously) don't remember it, but I think that a subconscious part of me does. When I was delving into my fears and traumas with EFT, I finally reached what I think may be the very bottom of my well of memories.

I found buried emotions in there from his leaving. I've never had any feelings like that about not having a Father. I have a great Mum and had loving grandparents. I never missed him much. I was happy, and I don't ONCE remember crying, or even being sad when I saw other kids with their dads. It never bothered me.

This made me wonder if we store more as babies than we're given credit for. I don't have any visual or even audio memories of this time of my life, but I definitely have strong feelings. And I quickly developed social problems afterwards, which snowballed into a general distrust of others, especially of social norms and promises. That affected me at school hugely and gave birth, over time, to the social anxiety I'm battling now.

I can see I'm going to have to EFT the heck out of this one to try and get those nasty feelings to shift. I had no idea that events that happened at such a young age could leave such scars. Makes me wonder how many other people suffer with this and never realise it!

Tobi 26-04-2016 01:11 AM

As a 'Being' you would know, yes, you would be aware of some missing element. Even at so young an age. Especially when we think about it, we come from Spirit as fully developed Spirits....it's only the physical body which is in the form of a little child or baby.
Little babies in other words, are Spirits taking on a new physical form -that's all.
Their physical brains and cognition might not be developed yet but they are fully conscious beings outside of time and space.

Bear in mind that your father in this life might have left partly because of the journey of discovery and creativity you needed to make....but needed that spiritual 'friction' in order to make it?

Huh -you might think -not much of a 'gift' from my Dad!....but the journey of the Soul is mysterious. And there are things above not easily seen below. He might be a loved one whom you have always known when in your Spirit home, who made such an 'arrangement' with you for your eventual benefit (?)

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