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Mysti11 14-02-2020 12:42 PM

What do you think my son seeing?
Hello all, Iím new here. I posted earlier in another section of SF and it brought me here.
I have a 9yr old son who has told me on a couple occasions that he sometimes sees colored dots. Large and small sometimes moving from one side to the other or falling. I asked if it was after rubbing his eyes and he said no but he sees them better in a dimly lit room.
He has mentioned seeing a large yellow dot over his teacherís head and has said when heís somewhere where there are a lot of people around (grocery store) he sees these dots hovering over some peopleís head but not all and said the colors are mainly primary but also mentioned brownish yellow.
Iíve thought of ocular migraines or synesthesia but he shows no other signs of either and he visits the eye doctor regularly but itís weird that he sees these floating above some people. Heís not bothered by it at all.
Any suggestions or advise? Thanks in advance.

Native spirit 14-02-2020 01:25 PM

Your son could be seeing peoples Auras energy around peoples head

but you could take him to have his eyes tested in case there is another reason


Mysti11 14-02-2020 10:03 PM

Thank you for your input. :smile:

LeoRaziel 27-02-2020 01:42 PM

It does sounds like your son is seeing energys, such as auras or energy orbs.

Let me try and explain what these colors could mean;
Brilliant yellow color: spiritually inspired or experiencing a spiritual awakening.
"spiritually inspired could mean that his teacher loves to teach his/her students in general"

Dark yellow aura with tinges of brown: you're a student of life.
You feel pressured to achieve your goals and score high on tests or in life.

"dark yellow the most common color because of the pressure society puts on everyone"

Lynn 27-02-2020 03:21 PM


Ruling out medical causes is the first step. Wit hit being yellow in colour what comes to mind is jaundice as it shows as a yellow tinge. This can cause you to see a yellow hue in your vision.

Ruling that out (as my Son would see the same as a child) he would see Spirit Energy in orbs of light. Your Son could be open to being able to sense those that are in the spirit world around people. I know that my Son had to learn early on in school not to just blurt it out that there was a dead relative wanting to talk to the teacher in class.

As it does not bother him I would just see where it all goes.


meetjazz 04-03-2020 03:35 PM

I personally have no idea, surely I would be careful before I would argue that someone sees auras and things like that, and very, very careful by their explanations or meanings, since you are likely to hear from 100 people, a huge variety of interpretations...i think the most appropriate would be at first to rule out physical, health problems,...or ''ordinary '' physical phenomena and only then look for mystical explanations,...

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