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Mystic Mark 10-03-2020 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by Elfin
Hi Tracy... Isn't it just... Given what is going on in the world we need to know these things...I know many people that take honey neat from a spoon .. have told many that I know not too...just in case..x

One of the reasons why I mentioned the “honey and lemon” was because about 3 months ago, I was helping my niece move into her new home, and I ended up catching her cold being that my body was already in a weakened state from all of the moving.

This same cold or virus, she had been trying to fight for over a month, and she ended up having to take antibiotics for it. So the moment I got it, I knew that I had to do something fast, so I went to the store and bought 2 lemons, and an extra bottle of Honey.

So for the next two or three days, I drank water mixed with honey and Lemon several times a day. I didn’t even need to heat it. Not only that, I was involved in daily activities for each of those days, and yet, I was able to completely knock the cold out in 3 days.

So I speak from experience. It does work. :)

Gentenz 13-03-2020 03:44 AM

Its scary to go out now huhu

moosix 23-03-2020 07:32 AM

Our defence cells are good at destroying them, problem is viruses are good at hiding - I have researched this a lot, many tiny viruses can even invade our cells and mainly do so, hide in one of our own cells so it looks like a good cell.

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