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one-light 13-02-2020 06:29 PM

Human Health Issues / Solutions and Ideas
I put this thread on here, to invite people to respond with simple 'health solutions' - mainly solutions, to keep it positive vibes to help increase human 'energy vibration levels' to all now reading.

So I invite anyone who has spent many years dealing with a health problem, then found a solution to it - to kindly share it with everyone here reading, just in case it helps 'that one person' or maybe several.

I have many to share over coming weeks, for example to name a few - slipped disc problems in lower back, or neck 'different procedures' - restless leg syndrome - tinnitus, to name a few. I will start the ball rolling with some information on the possibly of stopping viruses.

So I invite everyone on this forum to share solutions - if you have a health problem, then try and keep it positive as possible - we all know about the moans and groans, that we all have with different health issues - so if we can try and keep it positive on this thread, we will all get a shared energy boost, just by reading some positive information requests and solutions.

So if you dig deep into your memory banks everyone here - there must be something that you've solved health wise over the years, and think after well that was such a good idea, so simple - why not share the idea here...

one-light 13-02-2020 06:30 PM

Virus - now there a 'thing' - always on the attack... colds, sickness, headaches, in joints, etc etc etc

Our defence cells are good at destroying them, problem is viruses are good at hiding - I have researched this a lot, many tiny viruses can even invade our cells and mainly do so, hide in one of our own cells so it looks like a good cell.

Have a look on here - some scientists don't believe though in reply messages, what a surprise - nothing new there then...


I had a hip problem in 2017 it put me out of action for 6 weeks - I even had a message from my higher Self 'its infection' - but no one would believe me. So this winter when everyone else here were getting coughs and colds it got in my hip again, but this time just for a few days, I learned since to visualise mass defence cells moving in to the infected area and shifting it.

My theory.....

Cells have consciousness and make decisions - so I now communicate with my defence cells, and please don't tell me that's not possible on this forum.

When 'totally relaxed' - I use my mind to communicate with defence cells, and press using my finger on my body to show where the virus is - shift it please cells, get it moved... If you catch it quick, it moves it faster.

Visualise mass defence cells attacking the virus, and when they do using 'mind power' don't forget a little thank you cells, good job you shifted it. I don't fear/worry about virus attacking anymore now as I have a plan of defence - hope this advice/theory helps many others here. And if anyone here would like to pass this virus information on, feel free to do so.

So lets see if there is much interest, to keep this thread lively...

Native spirit 13-02-2020 09:54 PM

As much as i can see this thread may be beneficial to some. Please be aware not to ask for a Diagnosis. as we are not Doctors. and any thing that you wish to folllow. Only do this after you have spoken to your Doctor.


one-light 14-02-2020 07:44 AM

Yes correct, should have mentioned that always consult your doctor.. This thread is just general chit chat sharing simple ideas if it doesn't drop off into oblivion... I did another talks last night on power of the mind / self healing in my home town, went brilliantly, free - people discussing spiritual issues with me they would never dare to discus with the doc, they told me this - yes Native Spirit it totally correct always get to the doctor to discus when unwell.

So we see if any interest comes off it here, if not I'll lose interest as well - will see how it goes, cost nothing to offer a helping hand and show kindness does it, if anyone's got any simple health solutions to share, just spill the knowledge out on here, costs you nothing.

one-light 14-02-2020 11:37 AM

Just a thought while we are talking about doctors - be careful talking about spiritual matters, what most doctors know about spiritual you can write on your little finger nail - and they'll have a special number they can ring, and you might be be 'labeled' for life - not trying to be picky here, just saying be careful... More knowledge on here with so many people that know what they are talking about regarding spiritual matters.

So that's me done on this thread unless it takes off and I reply back to a message, or it gets busy and I share more info - down to everyone else now if this thread idea works or not.... I just invite you to share that little bit of knowledge on health matters, that you may have come across on your journey here to now this moment in time.

Elfin 21-02-2020 05:36 AM

Hi, I am surrounded by 5 close family members at this moment in time all with a nasty flu virus. In fact I don't think I've ever known my husband to be so poorly. From day one I have affirmed , morning and night that I am not open to receiving germs or viruses. I have surrounded myself with a white light of protection against germs and visualise a sneeze coming towards me and merely bouncing away again. On a practical level I just keep washing my hands! This has been going on for 10 days now and no-one, least of all me can believe I haven't caught it!!! Only time will tell!!!!!

one-light 21-02-2020 01:27 PM

Thanks for your reply Elfin - nice name by the way, what made you choose it? You don't have to answer that, your choice.

Now to everyone here... Power of visualisation....... It works just look it up, the wealthy use it for their own success - athletes use it for there own achievements. I share it here from my research for the good of all on this planet.

If the rich can use visualisation for their own greed - and athletes for their own success, then why should it be so far fetched to communicate with defence cells in 'your own body' that have consciousness...

Problem with fighting viruses is they hide, and they move around very fast avoiding the chase, they then hide in one of our own cells... It's so important to catch it early and move it on.

So with my theory you would guide mass defence cells to destroy possible infected cells. but with this corona 'thing' its a virus, yes a dangerous one. So with this particular virus if it doesn't show symptoms, you can't advise cells where it is until it shows symptoms - so I suppose what I would do if I think I get into contact with a virus attacking my chest for example, but no symptoms - then it's difficult, you can't have cells destroying good cells with my theory, it's pointless...

So you would have to wait for some signs - but you could in the meantime visualise your cells doing a patrol of the chest/lung area with your 'powerful mind' daily when in meditation mode eg 'fully resting mind clear', searching for anything unusual... At the very least rather than doing nothing, it would make you feel better doing something positive.

I expect we might get some science professionals drifting on here and say what... So we'll wait for further information on a cure for it, until then this is possibly the best advice you'll get...

Again on here I remind people just how powerful the mind is.


one-light 21-02-2020 01:54 PM

its also important not to fear this or any other virus - stay strong and focused, and get about your daily life, keep busy without overdoing it - stay strong in mind - forget about the virus when you're busy, as in 'this is no go area'... And don't forget to do your bit here on earth and to help people daily - and think about kind things you've done 'late evening/early morning first thing' - this is important for mental strength, and well being, 'good thoughts' first thing in the morning and last thing at night....

Good luck everyone, stay strong...

SikuX 21-02-2020 02:34 PM

I have a suggestion I'd like to add to this thread please :)

Which I personally don't see any harm in, which are rife frequencies and pink healing noises (unless you have tinnitus which there are specific ones for that as well).

I have a stern belief that vibrations of healing of vast kind do exist. Even without a consciousness and is simply just sounds created from devices. No different than running water. However, sadly, the opposite applies as well. EMF, Radiation, etc. For example, say a spiritual person who believes in vibrations, is to think that sound and science can't play a healing/damaging role either is rather redundant and contradicting to one's views. We must adapt with the times. That's my stance. :P

Rife frequencies for many ailments and diseases (an old proven science that has been withheld to the public due to it's free and utopian influence if known) :

Healing Pink Noises (even has vitamins) :

And of course, naturally, detoxing yourself goes without saying :

And, I'm also going to mirror the OP and say that mental well-being and health goes a LONG way in itself. The mind can do wonders on your health and imbalances telling the organs what's needed and what needs to be discharged. Also, aside from junk; trust your cravings. Your body needs them and is telling you it needs them to counter balance something wrong. One can say that even junk food is needed in order to bring your mind back to a functioning state by releasing dopamine or serotonin during your enjoyment. Think of it as a natural anti-depressant; because that's essentially what it is. Don't be quick to judge or feel shameful. Just keep an open mind and listen to yourself. :)

Last but not least, ancient remedies still exist today only because they more times than not, actually do work. So, adapting the "my body is my temple" and eating organic should only breed even further help in nearly any problem. Or boost yourself in other areas. No harm done is the positive way to look at it. Only growth. Don't let modern day science overstep common proven sense over time. Not studies conducted by the easily corruptible with dollar signs and fear on the mind. We have to try our best to sacrifice convenience in exchange for better health. I think just a tad of cynicism towards how the world revolves around money and putting us in unhealthy-traps should be adapted in a 'healthy' amount so we don't lose focus on what truly helps us.

And to add to the original focus of this thread - I have type 2 diabetes and it's very much under control now. Just losing weight, moderate changes in diet, and drinking 'unsweetened' herbal tea regularly has helped significantly. I was already active so that wasn't the problem. Taking prescription drugs such as Metformin, and artificial sweeteners did not help. Only enabled the behavior of bad eating habits and caused other health problems in it's use. They are designed to keep you in that vicious cycle. Sometimes letting yourself take control of it yourself might be better suit in order to force change on your eating and lifestyle habits. Disclaimer : Not to be confused with type 1 diabetes of course. You need your sugar and insulin, always. :P

If you find yourself wanting that high carb/sugar meal; make sure you workout more than usual directly afterwords to burn it out. It doesn't have to be that dampening on your mental health unless you let it.

one-light 21-02-2020 06:52 PM

Thanks for your input SikuX - people will appreciate that...

I would like to add a comment on health in general to all here. When feeling down/drained a little, and this can be advice for lowering tinnitus during the day as well.

Once rested.... Say to yourself ok lets get on with it, system rebooted, keep busy with little satisfying jobs... Focus your mind, breathe, open eyes slightly and raise eyebrows for a few moments and open your mind/concentrate - again remember to breathe, keep busy with satisfying jobs, don't overdo it - and get a pack of your favorite biscuits, and just one with a drink after completing jobs... So then 15 mins off 'your time' to relax, enjoy your drink - your reward, take your time enjoy 'no mental chatter' as in keep your mind clear and enjoy your reward, and appreciate the jobs you've completed.

Ok system still rebooted, but take it steady, and rest when rests needed. And no touching the 'special biscuits' lol, one or two a day at first while you practice system reboot. So anyone interested in trying this, all you have to do is go buy a pack of amazing tasting biscuits or similar.

Any tinnitus sufferers here, keep an eye on tiredness and adrenaline..

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