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sea-dove 04-12-2019 11:34 AM

Lost post
I often lose posts when I do a long one and forget to cut and paste and save it first as those never post when I've spent a while doing one.

Is there any way this site can be changed to give people a bit more time to get their posts done so we don't loose them?

Lynn 04-12-2019 04:30 PM


There is a time limit set I have been informed by the Host Company so that we are better protected from "Spam Bots" trolling for a way to link to the site.

It is best to cut and paste threads over in this your sure your information is protected.

SF Admin

sea-dove 04-12-2019 04:55 PM

ah thanks. Yes I always try to remember to do that but as I have a disability which causes memory issues I'm often forgetting to and then loose them. (I've lost two of the posts I've written today due to that).

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