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55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:23 AM

Tarotscopes for 26th Sept -2nd Oct
Still testing these out :smile:

Let me know next week how these reflected this week for you.

For Divine guidance I used Oracle of Visions, for the 3 card week ahead I used Legacy of the Divine.

Your Divine guidance offers a message from the universe.
Your main theme should reflect the general energy of the week
Assisting energy is the energy that assists the main theme, not you..
Thwarting energy is what is trying to work against the main energy, therefore, you may find the thwarting energy is more positive than the assisting energy.

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:34 AM


Divine guidance - 3 Dreams
Dreams can hold messages, this week asks you to ensure you are interpreting them correctly. Are they imporant messages or flights if fancy? It's up to you to discover what is meaningful and what is not.

Main theme - VI The Lovers.
There are choices to be made this week, and you could find yourself being pulled between what is morally right and what feels good. The choice is yours but asking for guidance can help with your decision.

Assisting energy - Page of Swords
Truth and integrity will assist you this week. Being honest with yourself and others about your choices, and acting in alignment to your words.

Thwarting energy - 6 of Cups.
Take of the rose coloured glasses, you may be tempted to allow past experiences to sway your decisions, but in the past was the outcome as positive as your memory paints it?

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:35 AM


Divine guidance - 51 Anticipation.
What is it you're waiting for this week, a message, a sign? Don't sit around, putting your life on hold, until you receive what it is you await, or you may miss out on something wonderful.

Main theme - 2 of Wands
What action to take? Maybe your decision lies in the message you await, however there is no wrong or right choice. Whichever action you decide to take opens something new to you, stick with it and watch it grow.

Assisting energy - Knight of Cups
Following your heart, tuning into yourself and ask what vision do you hold that would fill your heart.

Thwarting energy - Knight of Coins
Your cautious side steps up this week, trying to prevent you from making any choice at all but standing still gets you nowhere. Don't let yourself get stuck.

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:36 AM


Divine guidance - 41 Identity.
This week asks you to 'Know thyself'. We all wear personas, it is sometimes needed to function out in the world, however the masks we wear need to be removed to see the true face in the mirror. Touch base with your authentic self this week, don't become a caricature, drop the act, be true to yourself

Main theme - 6 of Cups.
Reflecting back on the past and childhood memories feature strongly this week, involving family members or friends. In this lies a key, remembering who you were at age 6,7,8 etc...... who you were then and who you are now, what changed?

Assisting energy - 3 of Coins
The card of mastery! Knowing that all you have been has led to this moment and valuing it, displaying it so others can appreciate too the work that has gone into designing you.

Thwarting energy - 7 of Coins
Standing by, waiting to be noticed, what you can offer may not be fully recognised yet, but don't stand idle, until it happens

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:37 AM


Divine guidance - 9 Support.
This week asks you to be strong for others, somebody (or thing) needs you to support them fully. This may feel as though you may need to have strength and balance to bear the extra weight that is placed upon you, but your shoulders are broad and strong enough to do it.

Main theme - Queen of Coins
There is a caring, sharing energy around you this week. Offering your hand to others to join you in what you have comes from a desire to assist those who you feel would benefit.

Assisting energy - VIII Strength
A feeling of gentle patience coupled with determination. Knowing you can turn what may seem unapproachable to others just needs a gentler approach.

Thwarting energy - XVIII The Moon
Oooh a touch of paranoia, a feeling that there are ulterior motives and that you haven't been told the 'whole story'. Don't allow these feelings to squash your compassion. Regardless of reason, you are being asked for help.

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:38 AM


Divine guidance - 44 Belonging
Look around at who you are surrounding yourself with, this week. Are you with people who share your ideas, your dreams, your goals? If they do not, it may ge time to find those who do and accept your place with your tribe.

Main theme - XIII Death
Moving forward through change may be painful but it is necessary this week. In order to become another aspect of yourself, you need to let go of what is no longer viable.

Assisting energy - III Empress.
The readiness to grow from new endeavours, beliefs or pursuits. The changes you may face this week bode well if you are prepared to embrace them and nurture them.

Thwarting energy - 3 of Cups
Examining just what your connection to others in life bring to you. Is it because you have been through so much with them or that they bring joy to your life. Don't keep those connections that no longer serve.

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:39 AM


Divine guidance - 21 Lady Luck
Taking risks is something most people do, the outcome however, depends on your vision of what would be a successful result. This week sees you taking a gamble on something, but to feel content with the outcome you may need to release any expectation of the result.

Main theme - 9 of Swords
Anxiety, worry and stress seem to plague you this week. Waking up in a cold sweat while worst case scenarios play through your mind. This week is not an easy one for you, but most of your fears are imagined, they aren't real.

Assisting energy - 10 of Swords
Your fatalistic view of this week really doesn't help you, Virgo are know for their perfectionist charasser, loosen up. There's a feeling of 'all is lost' when in reality you will find something new instead. Don't believe it's game over, it's merely a change of game.

Thwarting energy - 2 of Coins.
Virgo.....you can do this, look at how you manage everything in your life but still remain grounded, you need to channel this groundedness this week and keep moving. It's no good curling up in a ball.

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:40 AM


Divine guidance - 4 Perspective.
This week asks you to look at an issue from different perspectives. Is it best to look at it through the eyes of innocence and hope or from the perspective of maturity and wisdom? It may be something you are reflecting on, a past dream or ideal. At some point those two perspectives will meet, and there lies what you are seeking.

Main theme - 8 of Cups.
You know you cannot continue feeling the way you do. It's time time move forward and allow yourself to seek something more, to be open to what you will find. This is the shift you've been seeking.

Assisting energy - 2 of Cups.
You can feel yourself making connections, be it with others or aspects of yourself. These connections are what drives your shift, it is as if you are being pulled by an unseen force yet everything clicks, everything starts to make sense.

Thwarting energy - XXI The World
The feeling that this is what 'it' is all about, that you have gone as far as you can go and can travel no further, but dear Libra, this is only a refreshment stop 9n your journey, you have so much more to see.

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:40 AM


Divine guidance - 12 Destiny.
The question that comes up for you this week is just what in your life has been down to free will and what has be pre-destined? Sometimes it may be easier to put bad choices down to 'fate' or 'destiny'. Somethings may be out of your control, however how you handle them is your free choice, your guides never give you what you can not handle.

Main theme - XIV Temperance.
This week sees you finding the right balance between what you can change or challenge and what you can't. Through pressure we become stronger, by examining what can be changed, we can gain a better result.

Assisting energy - 2 of Coins
Your ability to cope with many demands whilst keeping focus on their level of importance helps to keep things real. However could it be your own choices that create so much to do?

Thwarting energy - X Wheel of Fortune
The feeling that fate is dealing you a bad hand, that nothing is in your control and that it doesn't seem to stop.

55Degrees 26-09-2016 10:44 AM


Divine guidance - 27 Attraction.
Something or somebody catches your attention this week and as tempting as it first appears, something tells you that it's probably not in your best interests to pursue it. Oh but you are so drawn to it, just watch you don't get burned.

Main theme - Knight of Cups.
There's a flirtatious energy at play this week, and it could lead you off track. What you envision to be 'the real deal' may in fact turn out to be just a flight of fancy. Be sure to approach any new opportunity with care and caution.

Assisting energy - 10 of Wands.
It feels like you're weighed down with responsibility and the urge to cut loose may be strong. Shirking off those things that, at one time, you thrived on and now feel like chores.

Thwarting energy - 4 of Swords.
Taking care of yourself and taking some rest from the constant mental buzz. If you're looking for distractions from your usual routine, don't look outside of yourself for it.

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