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blueheart 14-08-2018 05:59 PM

Advice for an illness needed!
Hello everyone!

A friend of mine, a 25 year old woman has 5 year old child, a girl. Her mental and physical development is very slow, not as fast as it is supposed to be for a 5 year old.

Low IQ for the age she is, cannot talk, but can sing properly with no difficulties.Can walk.Doctors cannot diagnose, no official diagnosis is given. tHey don't know what has happened to her.

I believe that there is a problem in the spirit. My first intention is to try to influence positevely her CHAKRAS. I have no much knowledge of chakras by the way. Since the kid cannot meditate, are there herbs or any other way to influence them, to heal?

Classic music improves IQ and general health , so we will include it.

Of course, I'll appreciate your opinian and experience of the matter?


I will post exactly the same thread in another section of the forums, because I have the impression that this one is not visited often...

Hope you can help! Peace & Love, blueheart.

thread 3 - last one.

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