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Ordnael 01-03-2019 08:26 PM

A magic deal with a gecko
Yesterday I dreamt that I had to defend myself against a plastic crocodile, filled with air, he seemed alive and came in my direction. I wasn't lucid, didn't realize it was a toy, so I used magic to paralyze him.

He stopped, but after 3 seconds was walking towards me. I paralyzed him again, and once more he charged against me after a while. Then I thought about conjuring up a sword to attack him.

So I did, I used that magic trick in which I pull something I need from behind my head, hoping to defend myself against the 'beast'. But it didn't work, nothing appeared in my hand, instead, I found a dagger on the floor among other objects.

Quickly I picked up the dagger, but when I went after the inflated crocodile, he had vanished in the waters.

The dream didn't end there, many other things happened that I can't recall. Afterwards I woke up and had a normal day, but at some point I stubbed my toe hard on the furniture, it hurt a lot. I didn't realize how serious it was, just put on some socks and continued with my activities.

Much later when I removed the socks, the toe was purple and slightly swollen, I was concerned that I may have broken it, though it isn't causing pain.

But what does this have to do with magic? Except for the dream, having hurt myself wasn't cool. I imagine I might have failed protecting myself somehow... or not. Perhaps the toe isn't broken, just injured.

The magic happens now. I had promised myself I wouldn't let geckos inside the house, there are too many outside already, and because of that I blocked windows expecting not to see them on the walls in here anymore. However, when I was going to turn on the computer I found a small one on the floor underneath the cables.

Should I capture it? I was going to catch it with the vacuum cleaner. But then I thought, I'm worried about my well-being, whether my toe is broken or not, if I capture the gecko I will be selfish, it would show I don't care about her well-being, only mine.

I made a magic deal, and told the gecko and the invisible beings that I trade her freedom for the healing of my toe. I let her flee.

I just came back from the hospital, had to make sure it was nothing serious, took a couple of X-rays and the doctor said it isn't broken. Since I'm not in pain either, I don't want to worry about this.

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