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Astra 30-07-2017 06:26 PM

Any remote viewer here?
I really need your help, please

SierraNevadaStar 10-08-2017 01:18 PM

I happen to be one, but I don't know if I can connect to you or to whatever it is you wish to see or know. For the most part, I have only tried it with people whom -- and places which -- I have a connection to but my efforts have often proven successful and accurate. I suppose I could try it with someone outside of the 'familiarity' bracket. If you are comfortable with doing so, you can PM me and let me know some of the details of 'the sitch' perhaps? I don't bite! ;-)

Lynn 10-08-2017 02:41 PM


This is something I can readily do as I came into this life with it all there just had to learn what it all was and meant.

What is it about remote viewing you would like to know.

So that other members have an idea on what we are discussing I have added some of my notes on the topic. This is something I have done workshops on and spoke on in groups.

Remote Viewing –
- Seeing remote or hidden objects with the inner eye
- Out of body travel to an event or death
- Using all the 5 senses in the out of body state
- Also called “travelling clairvoyance”


SierraNevadaStar 10-08-2017 03:45 PM

Awesome post, Lynn! That's a great, to-the-point, breakdown of remote viewing!

CrystalSong 10-08-2017 04:12 PM

What Lynn said.

Another way of saying it also is Consciousness is Non-Local.
Meaning it is not pinned to the Body/Mind. Instead the Body acts as a hotel for the 3rd dimension and the mind is the Hotel Management. Consciousness has paid it's hotel fee for a lifetime and comes and goes as it desires.

Remote Viewing targets (google these words for lots of sites with available targets) leads with practice to OBE's or Out of Body Travel. This is consciousness moving in non physical realms by Intention as it's navigation.

This can be done as an individual or in Group Field settings where several people or more all go as Consciousness to the same location and travel around it seeing it together, each from their own perspective and location of consciousness.

Of late I've been really getting into Group Field OBE's as a personal research form, and tonight will be leading a group of 5 people into the Greater Consciousness construct (Ethers)
After spending about an hour (hopefully) at and exploring our target we will all sketch up what we saw, write it up and compare writings and drawings. It's pretty spectacular, we can even see where each other is at!
Some people can hear and taste, some see, some feel and some are good at telepathy, with practice and enough 'jumps' ( I sometimes call it 'Jumping' because we use wormholes to get to targets in the local solar system, our outer galaxy or even outside of the Milky Way proper.)Having various people with a wide range of abilities helps us to recover more information about sites we travel too. So the more Claire's a person develops, the more rewarding and fascinating OBE travel is.

Ability to move out of mind/body and into pure Observer state is a prerequisite for this sort of travel - be it solo or group. Remote Viewing will get a person into this ability quicker than anything I know, but No Mind meditation is effective also, along with any Spiritual practice which involves slowing the mind and shifting into pure Awareness.

I'd love to post pictures of places we've traveled to but don't have the groups permission to do so. Suffice it to say the Universe is your Oyster!

Lynn 18-08-2017 03:25 AM


The best story I have was one where someone so challenged me that it could not be done that I was a "Fake" and I asked to prove I could.

So with permissions I entered his room on the other side of the World from where I live. I described the room and what was on the walls and floor. He was OK you know where I live country wise so some of that you could "guess". I was like OK test me. So he went to his closet and got out a shirt and said OK without it on me what does it look like. As he felt maybe I could read his energy. I described what looked like a rainbow to him with the colors that were on it as well. It was Tie Dye. Then I went if you still do not believe me your underwear ( and that is all you have on ) is green with a hole in the butt of them.....He ran and got a robe LOL.

Was like OMG your for real and you were really here....I was like yes we can all do this just that I "ask permissions" is all.

It is something that is not a game, like readings permission are needed.


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