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21-09-2006, 11:19 PM
Oxygen Depletion
Facts - Stunning
From Environmental Scientist Jim Starry
9-1-6 * 10,000 Gallons of Oxygen are burned for EVERY GALLON OF FUEL used in an engine...a plane or a car, etc. _____ * 3 Million Gallons of jet fuel are used every DAY at O'hare. Multiply that by 10,000 Gallons of Oxygen Burned PER GALLON of fuel. The result: 3 BILLION Gallons of OXYGEN are burned per DAY at O'Hare International Airport. The net result: 3 Billion Gallons of Oxygen-Depleted Air are created loaded with at least 147 types of toxins and pollutants. _____ * One single large airliner uses more Oxygen per HOUR than all of the Earth's Six Billion people breathe during that entire hour. There are approximately 2,700 Air Busses in flight today - more are on order - bringing the total soon to 4,300 Also see: Boeing, Airbus Plan to Invest in India - Worldnews.com http://article.wn.com/view/2006/08/31/Boeing_Airbus_Plan_to_Invest_in_India/ (http://article.wn.com/view/2006/08/31/Boeing_Airbus_Plan_to_Invest_in_India/) _____ * How Can A Single Gallon Of Gasoline Produce 20 Pounds Of Carbon Dioxide? It seems impossible that a gallon of gasoline, which weighs about 6.3 pounds, could produce 20 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned. However, most of the weight of the CO2 doesn't come from the gasoline itself, but the oxygen in the air. When gasoline burns, the carbon and hydrogen separate. The hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water (H2O), and carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide (CO2). http://www.rense.com/general73/co2.gif A carbon atom has a weight of 12, and each oxygen atom has a weight of 16, giving each single molecule of CO2 an atomic weight of 44 (12 from carbon and 32 from oxygen). Therefore, to calculate the amount of CO2 produced from a gallon of gasoline, the weight of the carbon in the gasoline is multiplied by 44/12 or 3.7. Since gasoline is about 87% carbon and 13% hydrogen by weight, the carbon in a gallon of gasoline weighs 5.5 pounds (6.3 lbs. x .87). We can then multiply the weight of the carbon (5.5 pounds) by 3.7, which equals 20 pounds of CO2! http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/co2.shtml (http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/co2.shtml)
The Mind Of Jim Starry
The Child's Environment By Jim Starry
9-1-6 My father had a straight 4.0 out of Drake University...incredible capability in mathematics, he was a teacher. Yet, somehow, he deciphered that the educational system based on memory wasn't working. So, I remember starting around five years old, taking things apart for him. At 55, sitting across from him, I finally recognized he never questioned my capability of accomplishing anything. By this time we had a huge machine shop, invention lab, in the basement of an old mansion, which was the creation space for anything. I recognized at 55, while working on an invention, that most probably he always knew the answers but quietly walked me through the jungle of my own mind to make me feel as if I'd discovered it on my own. All the listed solutions for a better planet are ultimately my father's creations. 1. Airport would save $80 billion a year in US fuel. 2. Mass transit using your personal automobile as a module, so when you get there you still have your car. Attains a 20:1 efficiency over the current systems. 3. Home construction at 1/3 of the cost per square foot, demonstrating heating and cooling retention to dramatically increase comfort, both economically and environmentally. 4. Uniform Building Code currently has design dysfunction of the planet. 5. Waste treatment facilities that regenerate the purest water on the planet. 6. Changes for existing structures demonstrating heating and cooling efficiency to dramatically reduce utility costs. 7. Community design to begin to reduce the time in your automobile, to increase time with family. 8. Septic designs for rural communities that eliminate any toxic interchange with groundwater. 9. Feedlot system for large communities that creates organic meats without use of steroids, antibiotics, etc. (bringing back the free range). 10. Shopping mall design where people work, live, are educated, motel services, child care, etc. so that driving becomes a non-necessity. 11. Environmental university, the first in the world, where people are taught the problem and the solution; are trained in building home structures which don't pollute; are trained in distribution, communication with their own community, the state, and the world, so on graduation they have numerous job offers. 12. Auto emissions control device which uses Boyles and Charles Law (rate of expanding gasses) to so dramatically reduce auto emissions that you can literally drive your car to clean the air. If the auto is under mass use, it is powerful enough to function in the environment, with proper engineering it can be driven to clean the environment. 13. Water purification using a very simple design that is touted to remove 1/103 micron viruses at 40,000 gallons/month. A gift of this system has been made to the King of Thailand as it uses no electricity and can be used in third world countries. 14. Demonstration of a wind generator which collects energy convectively, conductively, and with radiation collection to attain an approximate 42% efficiency. 15. A vertical armature electric motor with field density of 10:1 which allows one device to be a motor, a brake, a clutch, a transmission so that your vehicle is powered with an efficiency with rapid acceleration of 3:1 over the conventional automobile. The next four chapters are #1 - how to get you involved; #2 - how to get your government involved, #3 - how to cause your involvement to cause the involvement of others, and #4- - an earth doll where the legs are the trees, supporting the body, which is the globe, the arms are porpoises for the spiritual information, and the head is the sun, the energy of the process. Inside the earth doll, which may be worn as a backpack is a videotape with solutions, an audiotape with music to teach the child to sing to his parents the lyrics of possibility, and with this a book that the parent will read to the child, that reinforces that solutions are easy, and that the new children of the future can be allowed to dream again.