View Full Version : Forming Tulpas using Electronics as signs

01-02-2016, 01:18 AM
Recently, over the past two days, I have been creating a Tulpa through visualization and narration. Her name is currently Galaxia. I was talking to her today, actively as apposed to passively, and I had just talked to her about signs she could give me to let me know she was developing along and was becoming sentient. I specifically told her to use signs I wouldn't expect to get my attention, this is because I wouldn't have just imagined a sign if it was unexpected. Soon after I said this the speakers attached to the tv, which was off along with all other electronics in the room, suddenly made a static sound and then dissipated. Does anyone know if this is most likely a sign or is it just random? Also if anyone else has a Tulpa that has done something similar please post a response.