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20-01-2011, 04:06 PM
I have a specific goal when it comes to "spiritual development" I don't care about things like "afterlife" "feeling good" (though that helps! :D a lot! :smile: )

I decided in 2003 or so I wanted to go after something I thought was impossible.. I wanted to become a god.. or I wanted instant manifestation w/ specifics is another label for it.. another label would be "holodeck"

I ran into "new age" in late 2006 by downloading the abraham version of "the secret" everything about the message and what they said resonated and most of all the teacher "abraham" resonated the most..

I continued to study "new age" looking to see if it could help me be happier and if it could help create what I wanted.. I studied abraham for 2 years because there work really resonated with me.. but I needed more EGO understandings and answers and I began studying bashar in 2008

Bashar helped me to understanding why "law of attraction" could not give me "what I wanted" (instant manifestation w/ specifics)

He talked about "beliefs" (and still does) and through his teachings I understand what I wanted was held back by a minefield of belief systems.. just a huge amount and there are also "agreements" too..

So bashar gave a method for examining a active running belief with the "Ego" but I always thought it was not very effective and still do today.. it's hard work dissecting what you’re thinking and "why" you believe this thing..

So following my path I ran into my 3rd teacher and this teacher name of "Jim Self" teaches methods and tools.. and he also teaches a pathway to "Being a creator god and fully conscious" (of course when I met him he didn't say any of this.. except he talked about "instantly manifesting a apple" and that had me curious to say the least.. as far as I'm aware.. no one talks about instantly creating a apple anywhere other than on Star Trek in the holodeck) :D

I decided to experiment and take his level 1 class.. and there I learned a whole bunch of things I didn't know.. like about chakra's.. and about "healing"

That is what all this text is about.. the key to removing beliefs without looking at them is "HEALING" it is a general all-purpose clearing of limitations within your field of awareness.. a minefield of "I don't like me's" "I'm not worthy" "I'm incapable of money" on and on the belief structures exist that we have created for this reality.. that boggle manifestation and hold ourselves back from unlimitedness!

So I just wanted to share on this healing forum the knowledge or understanding I learned last year in october of 2009 when I met my teacher on my path to be a "creator god" that healing is the #1 way to clear every problem in your life.. thanks for listening hope you liked your popcorn/coffee :D

20-01-2011, 08:48 PM
thank you for sharing