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forgive me i am extremely hung over and half there in the head so this may seem kind if lousy, but extremely important..

first off, one of the most recent** major prophecies that the natives of turtle island and south america held and knew was the arrival of columbus and the rest of europe. which is funny because many people believe that columbus found this new world and conquered it and what not and oh how amazing it is that he sailed the ocean blue and found land. funny thing is is that the natives were well aware that around that time ships or w/e would be coming.

it was either going to be a spiritual blessing for the world or it would be termed world war 1. every prophecy is either or. one of the many reasons they knew europe would be coming is that the white man was given guardianship of the knowledge of fire. there was the white race, yellow, black, and red. check out native wheel or circle to see the image of the cross with the 4 races and the circle of great spirit around the cross. all were given guardianship of a different element to master. the whites were given fire and to see our fire u see it in the light bulb, or the spark in an engine or what have you. the natives knew that it was up to the whites to reunite the world with our guardianship of fire. unfortunately, we had forgotten our cosmic responsibility. the spiritual hierarchies had warned the natives that they would be bringing darkness, and the king of darkness would prevail for five hundred years (until right now) when the eagle of the north flew with the condor of the south once again. so they hid as much stuff as they could before the arrival and even though they (they as in some natives of south america) had great great warriors, if they wanted their culture to survive they had to keep the fighting to a minimum or else the spanish would destroy everything. when the spanish did come instead of bringing the original cross with the four races and the circle of great spirit around it, they brought a cross that extended one way (down) and they knew that the white brother had lost his ways because the circle of great spirit was broken. not to mention there was suppose to be a secret hand shake and also they were suppose to bring there piece of a broken stone tablet. neither occurred.

basically it took little time to kill off 50,000,000 plus natives of turtle island and south america to claim the land.

so there is one prophecy of theres that came true, in which they were rather prepared for the coming of europe, contrary to popular belief, even though i know about how the europeans would take babies and smash there faces off of rocks and take thirteen natives, hang them by there neck by just enough so there tippy toes are off of the ground and then burn them alive.

so the darkness had came, let's fast forward to the past century and look at some other native prophecies that came true. for the hopi, they knew world war 1 was going to happen because (i forget the wording of the prophecy) but that when roads of ribbon were going to be laid down and the car was being built and driven (henry fords car) that world war one or the first great shaking was to begin. they knew it to be so violent that the car(referred to as a bug i believe) would be shaken off of the road and then fly into the air (airplanes) they also knew there would be an attempt to make peace after the war but knew that if the original 4 races were not involved, then there would be a second great shaking of the earth. long story short, the red (natives) were not involved with the making of peace. **what the natives wanted to do while they were trying to make the peace treaty was tell them back in 1914 or w/e year it was, that if peace was not made, the worst misuse of the guardianship of fire, called the gourd of ashes, would be used in the second great shaking. the gourd of ashes is the atomic bomb, they knew if it was used it would blank up so much blank, and the atomic bomb was apparently AMERICA"S BEST KEPT SECRET, i guess not buddy!

they also wanted to state that whoever dropped the gourd of ashes would have the gourd of ashes dropped on them...

well the red man was not involved in the peace treaty and so they knew we were in for a hard time. so, many prophecies materialized but what were the two big signs for ww2, or the second great shaking to happen? the two signs that they've had on a rock for thousands of years is the nazi symbol with the rising sun on it (japan). the nazi symbol is actually the sign of life!.. almost.. most cultures have had the swastika used to show the sign of life. well the prophecy was when the sign of life came, but tilted to show misuse, and the rising sun came, they knew ww2 was to begin, low and behold, they weren't wrong, and the gourd of ashes was used against japan.

they knew there would be another attempt to make peace in a house of mica, which is like a mirage in a desert, which was the united nations building. they knew if the red man was not allowed to join in to make peace, we would be in for a harder time, and a third great shaking, to get us humanity to realize we are brothers and sisters, family.

the first and second great shaking, god had used one hand to shake the earth and make us realize we are one family, for the third great shaking, he will use both hands, and no one will be safe, and those who dropped the gourd of ashes, will have it dropped upon them.

america vetoed the red man out

the red man knew we were in for a hard time

the red man then declared just after ww2 that we would find the blueprint of life (DNA) and we would blank with it, making genetically modified **. they knew back then that a man would come and would say, i know better then the creator, i'm not a man, i'm a woman! and would become a woman (sex change) and back then, let me tell ya, they were really curious as to what that actually meant. and that we would be releasing blank into the environment (genetically M this and that) that may seem to help us, but would greatly affect the future generations) and many other weird things we see today

so then the red man knew we were going to be had for the purification of all things, which they knew the christians called the apocalypse, but to them it's just the purification of all things.

what was the signal for the purification to begin? it was when one of the 16 great ones spoke on the west coast of the land.

mt st helens ended up speaking in 1986 i believe? and did she ever speak. the natives knew the purification of all things had begun. but we did have a grace period to make things right before she spoke again. and i forget if it was 3 or 4 years later but she spoke again, and major progress had not been made, and they knew we were in for the great purification.

and the only thing left to do now is to cushion the blow.

what was the sign right before the major purification really picked up speed? that we would build a house in the sky (ISS - to be finally completed construction IN 2011) and we would have ppl living there on a permanent basis) they knew that shortly after that, the great purification would speed up tremendously, and to start making spots to stay in the mountains, because when the gourd of ashes is dropped, it will be very hard to breathe the hot air and everyone will be running to the mountains.

anyway, that was hard to write with such a huge hangover, sorry for being extremely sloppy, i left out a load of details and this and that so feel free to ask anything.

my favourite thing is they knew about the atom bomb probably before the 1900's even began.

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Curious to know where this posting was heading.... Could you summarise it please?

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yep sure will later on when i get some rest lol, sorry, till then

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yep sure will later on when i get some rest lol, sorry, till then

OK - I'm in no hurry sitting in the Arizona sunshine...

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i don't quite understand all of what you wrote, hung over eh? :)
my question is, how can anyone as outsiders to the cultural background the ideas come from, understand the traditional prophecies, and know what they mean and what happened, people can pick them apart and all, and hear or read of many things, but what it comes down to is our native prophecies are traditional, sacred, and passed down orally, and the things you hear about that do not come from a real medicine elder, aren't the actual gist of it. And our history, is only known by us, documents are censured and false. In this society, information becomes watered down and twisted, even if it has a spark of truth to it.