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17-01-2011, 01:28 AM
Early last year I watched Bruce Liptons "Biology of Belief", an extremely factual and enlightening watch. He briefly touches on how our concious mind is only 5% of our full conciouness (95% subconcious). Then he goes into how positive thinking can sometimes only mask the true negative thought your trying to dismiss. That you have to change it in the subconcious. Accompanied by the universal cosmic law that thoughts create reality I am extremely confused as when i try and create a positive reality I dont know weather im just masking this negative thought. Would appreciate some words of wisdom on the front of thought proccessing.
Peace and Light.:hug3:

17-01-2011, 01:57 AM
Hi Cto - Welcome! :smile:
I watched part of Bruce Lipton's "Where mind & matter meet" & it had a great influence on how I saw things. It made more sense of spirituality too.

To answer your question...
I've heard that your subconscious has to believe you. In other words, when you say an affirmation with the monotone feel of a robot, "Life is good,"
-your subconscious mind thinks, "Yeah, right! Felt more like life is boring."
But if you think & especially FEEL of all the goodness in your life & enthusastically say/think, "LIFE IS GOOD!" - then your subconscious believes you.

Also, I found this quote here:
How can we change our subconscious mind so gain more control over our life? Telling yourself to change of getting mad at yourself does not change the tape. Dr. Lipton says there are many ways to change the tape and briefly describes two - “Buddhist mindfulness” and “habits.” According to mindfulness, if you are paying attention to the present moment you will not let the tape run and have control over your life. When the mind wanders, thats when the tape runs and when you are present “you are running the show.” The other way to change behaviors is creating new habits because “the subconscious mind learns habits.” In the beginning it is tough but repeating it regularly will make it easier. http://iam-bc.com/videos/new-biology-belief-changing-our-cells-thought (http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/redir.php?link=http%3A%2F%2Fiam-bc.com%2Fvideos%2Fnew-biology-belief-changing-our-cells-thought)

17-01-2011, 07:37 AM
Thankyou! for helping me remember :wink:

17-01-2011, 12:34 PM
I try to stay positive and keep my thoughts, beliefs and affirmations positive but I find myself having a lot of resentment towards my loved ones. This seems to be happening more and more as I'm growing spiritually. Then, I feel guilty for having negative thoughts feelings. Let me give you an example:

When I hear "Ego", it bothers (angers?) me. When I see and hear my loved ones doing or saying things that make them sound or seem or weak and/or powerless, it bothers (angers?) me. AND especially when I think we've made some sort of connection in belief, or when they seem to be "waking up" in some way, only to turn around and seem to forget the epiphany... THAT angers me... or maybe I should say frustrates me... any insight on this? I really hate feeling bad or "mad" at people for things they cannot "control".

17-01-2011, 08:52 PM
I struggle similarly, so I'll explore & see if it resonates with you.

In my mind: Knowledge is power & lack of knowledge may be less powerful.
But... knowledge alone isn't power. Power is wise application of knowledge.
Even those who seem less spiritually "aware" may be better applying the knowledge that they do have.

No doubt, any person out there will be more & less advanced at particular things, than me. Comparison seems to be ingrained - survival of the fittest.
Yet, for sanity & compassionate purposes, we need to overcome comparing in shameful ways, at least.
It's good to aknowledge our talents & progress & that of others...
but in the big picture... not only have we come a long way, but we've also got a long way to go & each journey is unique.

Beliefs take a lot to change... either time or great emotion & repitition.
I've explained the same things over & over & have gotten frustrated & probably not very compassionate nor patient with my husband.
I just want him to see things how I see them, but he's not ready.
Like a stereogram - those designs that after you stare at them for a while, suddenly you can see a 3-d picture within.
We see things (especially spiritual perspectives) only when we're ready - mind, emotion & experience.

17-01-2011, 10:00 PM
Thank you Perspective,

I think you summed up my thoughts and I completely agree that we see things when we're ready...

My dilemma, or question is more so about my reaction to people's understanding. Or, I should say, my guilt, resentment or hostility towards their understanding or lack of, OR their unintentional ignorance.

18-01-2011, 12:42 AM
Hi Weezieseeking, :smile:
Sorry, I think sometimes I expect people to read my mind.
By explaining how we each are ignorant in certain subjects & we each are more knowledgable in certain subjects, I was also trying to explain how we can always find reasons to respect & honor others.

Also - they say that when it's easy to point out faults in another, it's because we either have, had or fear having that same fault. Nobody's perfect! And we're all eternally learning!
Wasn't it Einstein who admited he didn't know much in comparison to all there was to know?
So, if we consider all of this, hopefully, we'll react more compassionately with others, as well as with ourselves.