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15-01-2011, 02:34 PM
OK, the hardest part is where to start. I'm still reeling a bit from my energy download on Thursday but I want to share it while its still fresh. This might seem a little random at times...

Thursday was business as usual. I had a powow with my wife and her friend about a spiritual meetup we are trying to get started, had a lunch date with a networking buddy of mine and then went home around 2pm.

As some of you may know, I joined this forum on Tuesday on a whim. I just typed 'spiritual forum' into my search engine and this came up. I registered immediately and jumped right in. I really felt like I was being led so I just went with it. I mention this because several of the subjects I wrote on seemed to come through Thur.

I was pacing around my bedroom, talking with my wife...a fairly normal thing for us. What was not normal was that even talking about very mundane things I could feel massive emotions welling up inside me.

At this point I zoned out for a minute, stopped listening to my wife and received a message. I mentioned my shield briefly in another post but for those who didn't read it I'll touch on it again. Since I was about 19, I have employed a shield to keep me hidden on an energy level. It was a time in my life when my talent was greater than my wisdom and I (and the Universal Consciousness) felt that it would be better not to offer myself up to whatever dark powers might want to use me. I was given the knowledge to construct this shield. The nature of the shield was to bend energy around me, making me mostly invisible on an energy level.

Later I read about another technique for invisibility, which I dismissed at the time, but I always remembered it.

Anyway, back to the message. I became very conscious of my shield, its form and energy; the 'idea' of it if you will. Now I'm not very visual in my energy work but this was one of the clearest images I have ever received. My thought process at the time was centered on being a light in the darkness and the fact that my shield in its current form limited that. I felt I needed to become a beacon of flame, to radiate light, to blaze against the darkness. All impossible while you are invisible.

I saw my shield very clearly in that moment and as I watched it was as though a giant hand took mine and together we turned the whole thing 90 degrees, into a different alignment. I remember thinking 'I could have done that at any time', but the thought came through that that would not have been good and that now was the time for this to happen. I was a bit surprised to find that the new configuration was exactly like what I had read. I guess I wasn't ready before.

I went back to talking with my wife, having missed about a minute of whatever she was saying. I could feel all that emotional energy getting stronger as we talked until she finally stopped and asked me what was going on. I had been trying to focus on what she was saying and when she brought my awareness back to my own process it hit me like a wave. Massive amounts of energy that really wanted to move.

I started some breathing and had to remind myself to ground. I felt like I might be swept away by it at any moment. I was not surprised, I have been expecting something to happen for a while, there have been signs. I was a bit caught off guard though and had to struggle to gain control. I concentrated on breathing and opening and allowing the energy to flow through me, which helped. Then I had my first negative thought and I knew instantly that if I held on to it that my whole experience would become that. While that might have been a great opportunity to explore the issue and maybe let it go for good, I felt that that was not the purpose of this experience so I quickly pushed all the negativite energy down my grounding cord.

I spent about 15 minutes maybe pacing the room, breathing and dealing with several more negative images, one of which almost overwhelmed me. I had to reach deep into my bag of tricks to move that one out but I found a breathing/visualization technique that did the trick. I mentioned to my wife that I felt like I was on fire and she wanted to feel it. At first I just took hold of her feet but after a few minutes she positioned me (I assume the energy told her where it wanted to go). We ended up with my throat chakra aligned with her root chakra and I started some deep belly breathing to really get the energy pumping through my hands (up til now it had been just running down my spine to my grounding cord, but I wanted to work with it while I could). I don't know yet what my wife's side of the experience was at that point, we haven't talked it over yet. At one point she became aware of her hands on her forehead (like she was covering her third eye). I felt that this was important and I asked her why she was doing that. I told her that she needed to let this energy flow, that it just wanted to flow. I could feel her surrender to it and as she did I began to push from more deeply in my belly than ever before.

That could have gone on for 5 minutes or an hour, I'm really not sure but I think it was quite a while. Over that time my wife dealt with some very heavy stuff. At one point I was focusing on her and I got lost in my own stuff, I thought it was hers at the time. It turns out she was focusing on the daughter I had always wanted and she was telling me that it was not going to happen, which was interesting because at one point later on I could feel a being nearby that was waiting to manifest. I could have had a daughter that night, I'm sure of it.

We separated but the energy continued to come. I had to make contact with her periodically to ground out some of the energy. Then my thoughts turned to my Father and what he might make of all this. As soon as he came into my mind I felt a crushing sadness in my third chakra, I wanted to call him immediately because it felt like he was dying but I was charged that I couldn't work my electronic phone. I did finally work through that but it took a while to get the courage to face it. Once I saw it for what it was (just another issue, if a particularly potent one), it was easier to work through and let go.

I feel like I have tuned into a new frequency, the feeling has lessened but is still with me two days later. I am only beginning to explore what this means and get used to my new shield but I'm very excited. Undoubtedly I am in for a big life change and I welcome it. The Light wants to work through me and I am willing. We were both healed that night and our home as well. The energy here has been very positive since then. There is actually a lot more to this experience but I guess I have to stop typing sometime, I'll have to get the rest out later

With Love,