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12-01-2011, 03:55 PM
We should all keep a spiritual diary. A lot of you probably do, but maybe some of you haven't even thought of it.

It is important to keep a journal of spiritual events and activities because often we receive things that don't mean anything at the time, but as we go through life things happen that show us what they meant. If we haven't recorded them in the first place we forget them.

When you are awakening on the spiritual pathway of evolution there are many changes, which, if recorded, help to build pictures.

So what is a spiritual diary? It is a journal - a notebook - any form of book that you can write in. In this book you can write down your dreams, any paranormal activity that you witness, any spiritual work that you do, together with results, any healing that you give and receive and the details and results. Any synchronicities or odd things that occur. any 'sightings' and 'feelings', any impressions.

You can write down meditations and what you receive from them. You can study writings, tarot cards or pictures and record your feelings and impressions. You can record things that you are impressed to write - poems, channellings. You can record pictures.

In fact you can and should record anything and everything. That way, you can look back over things periodically and receive answers and see the pictures built up. Sense and understanding is made of things, reasons are understood.

So go get yourself some form of note-book and get writing - Everything!

Carry a small notebook and pencil around with you in case you suddenly get the impulse to write - in case something out of the ordinary happens - in case you suddenly get thoughts come into your mind.

These things are all important and should be noted down and entered into your spiritual diary when able to do so. These records are your help and your guide on your spiritual pathway. They help you to understand and learn.

You can also enter into your diary things of a spiritual nature that you may discover - meanings of things like crystals, colours etc. - past life memories - bits of philosophy - anything in fact, that is to do with you, the Creator, creation, the Universe. It is all important.


grazier :hug3:

12-01-2011, 03:59 PM
I took my site down about my experiences...but I kept the words and pictures saved on my laptop. I had started editing it to a large degree by taking out stuff that I couldn't relate with anymore and I think that I will just keep it as a 'logbook' rather than a 'journal'.

I have two things I really need to add...but haven't gotten around to doing so...just got other priorities...

12-01-2011, 05:10 PM
Im not sure everyone will find writing a diary useful to them. But I used to do this...and as you say, it helped me see the nature of visions and messages that I didnt instantly relate to anything....and in time that helped me to read them with more accuracy. So you get my vote for a most practical idea.

12-01-2011, 06:22 PM
Hi Grazier

I definitely agree with the benefits of keeping a spiritual diary although I don't think it would necessarily be right for everyone. I keep a blog on this site and also a personal written diary, and I find them both invaluable. The act of writing down thoughts, feelings and experiences allows me to make connections that otherwise I woudn't have made. I often record dreams as well that help me piece together my conscious waking life with my unconscious mind and the messages from my Higher self. Diaries/blogs are places of beauty and self expression. The act of writing helps us to get to know who we are.

13-01-2011, 07:03 AM
I have kind of neglected my journal... and i've been filling my laptop with things, but on Microsoft word, things get really unorganized. I have thousands of documents, all mixed together. I need to start journalling efficiently. I've always been a fan of journals, especially spiritual journalling, my habit of using the computer is annoying.
Problem is, journalling becomes untidy for me. There are so many aspects of spiritual growth to be journalized, that not all of it seems to fit in a journal in an organized fashion.

I want to come up with the ultimate organized spiritual journal.
I would want to have sections for all of these things:
- dreams (has to be a huge section because when i wake up in the middle of the night my writing is huge and messy)
- recording conversations with spirit guides
- spiritual goals
- spiritual goals already completed (good to look at when feeling stuck)
- spiritual notes and epiphanies
- revelations, realizations
- spiritual and positive affirmations
- homework from oracle card answers
- spiritual poetry
- prayers
- letting go (always have to let go of stuff that comes up)
- Earthly Things To Do (have a hard time finding balance so writing schedules and lists helps)
- probably a lot more sections.

But, how on earth am i supposed to have sections for all of these? Perhaps i should have multiple journals for all these things, and then i could attempt to be organized - until i misplace those many journals.

I just invested in a dream journal (for dreams only) because, those jottings just get messy.
But for me, when i journal, i write a lot, and it gets unorganized. I don't like having to flip through the journal to find something that seems misplaced amongst another thing. Maybe i'll just write randomly like usual.

14-01-2011, 04:02 PM
hi i go to two circles
ones a chakra one to draw my doorkeeper close the other is a circle group ,both are run by the same teachers who ive known for a long time .i keep a journal as sometimes i mite have a spirit draw close to me and not know who they are ect.Then few weeks later realise i have a new guide and realise wen i read back find out id met them in a previous meditating .
i think also it helps us to develop more a we can see where we started and how far me advanced xx

14-01-2011, 04:27 PM
Very good advice. I hadn't actually been writing about my spiritual experiences in my life journal, which I have kept on and off for 20 years.

Tracking and documenting my spiritual development, now that I have started, is proving very helpful. Questions, images, visions, coincidences, meditative ideas, etc. I'm very glad to have a place to jot these down as they happen now. Not to mention, that themes I may have otherwise overlooked are emerging.