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23-10-2015, 03:45 AM
Hi people just seeing if you used isochronic tones and what was your thoughts on it as it is basically a updated version of binaural beats
Thanks to everyone who shares there thoughts and there experience on this:biggrin:

27-10-2015, 09:56 PM
After you posted this, I googled it.
Found some on Amazon and tried to listen to them. The ones on there were not pleasant sounding to me. Tried youtube and the same.

Light Seeker
27-10-2015, 10:37 PM
Trying to think of the name and then it came to me.. I doser... They are supposed to emulate all kinds of things and produce physiological responses. I am led to understand that , unlike binaural beats , they do not necessarily require head phones.

Anyway.. I have tried a good few and they make me fall to sleep... With the exception of the Sleep Angel I dose , which is designed to exactly that (hence I have had 100% success with that one) The others have not done a deal for me.. Though the big hitters...Hand of God and Gates of Hades left me feeling a bit sick y.

But that is just me... Given the success in the marketing , I guess they must surely work for some..

I myself remain very much , headphones not withstanding, more enamoured with the results I obtain from, Meta Music , The Monroe Institute, Solfeggio Frequencies and the works of Doctor Jeffrey Thompson.

This is a personal preference/experience though. If Isochronic tones work for you go with that..

If Dr Jeffrey Thompson's work may be appealing, here is a pack to pick from .