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10-01-2011, 01:28 PM
I would really like to discuss why healing other patients is so very dangerous. I feel extremely few people knowthe truth today and ruin themselves when they help others.

Li Hongzhi has explained the principle to everyone in the book Zhuan Falun. One can heal others but the prize to pay for the healer is very high.

I quote from Zhuan Falun about healing illness:


One qigong master claims that if a person studies his practice for three or five days, this person will be able to cure diseases. That is like an advertisement, and he should be called a qigong merchant. Think about it, everyone: Being an everyday person, how can you cure another personís illness by just emitting some of your qi? An everyday personís body also has qi inside, just as you do. You have just started the practice, and it is merely that your laogong point7 is opened, so you can absorb and release qi. When you heal other peopleís illnesses, they also have qi in their bodies. Perhaps their qi will heal your diseases! How can oneís qi dominate that of another person? Qi cannot heal illness at all. In addition, when you treat a patient, you and your patient form a field through which the patientís pathogenic qi will all come to your body. You have as much of it as your patient does, though it is rooted in the patientís body. Too much pathogenic qi can cause you to become ill as well. Once you think that you can cure diseases, you will begin the practice of seeing patients. You will not turn down requests and will develop an attachment. How delightful it is being able to heal othersí diseases! Why can they be healed? Havenít you thought about it? Sham qigong masters all have spirit or animal possessionon their bodies. In order to make you believe them, they give you some of their messages which will be used up after you have healed three, five, eight, or ten patients. It consumes energy, and afterwards this bit of energy will no longer exist. You do not have your owngong, so where can you possibly get it? As qigong masters, we have practiced cultivation for several dozen years. It was very hard to practice cultivation in the past. Practicing cultivation is very difficult if one takes a deviant path or a small road instead of following a righteous way.
Although you may find that some grand qigong masters are well known, they have practiced cultivation for decades to develop that bit of gong. You have never practiced cultivation. How can you have gong after attending a qigong class? How is that possible? You will develop an attachment afterwards. Once an attachment develops, you will become anxious if you cannot cure an illness. In order to save oneís reputation, whatís on oneís mind while treating illness? "Please let me have this illness so that the patient can be healed." That is not out of compassion, as oneís attachments to fame and self-interest have not been given up at all. This person is unable to develop this compassion one bit. He is afraid of losing his reputation. He would rather have this illness himself in order to keep his reputation. What a strong attachment to fame! Once this wish is made, well, that illness will be transferred to his body at onceóit will really happen. He will go home with the illness while the patient is healed. After seeing the patient, he will suffer at home. He thinks that he has cured an illness. When others call him a qigong master, he will become delighted and very pleased. Isnít that an attachment? When he cannot cure an illness, he drops his head and feels fizzled out. Isnít it caused by his attachment to fame and personal gain? In addition, all of the pathogenic qi from his patients will come to his body. Though those sham qigong masters have taught him how to remove it from his body, I am telling you that he cannot remove it at all, not even a bit, because he himself does not have the ability to distinguish bad qi from good qi. As time passes, his body will be all dark inside, and that is karma.
When you really want to practice cultivation, it is going to be quite an ordeal. What will you do about it? How much must you suffer to transform the karma into the white substance? It is very difficult. In particular, the better oneís inborn quality, the easier to encounter this issue. Some people always seek to treat illness. If you have a pursuit, an animal will see it and come to possess you. This is the animal or spirit possession. Donít you want to treat illness? It will help you do this. But it does not help you treat illness without a reason. No loss, no gain. It is very dangerous, and you will end up inviting it. How can you continue your cultivation practice? It will all be over.
Some people with good inborn quality exchange their inborn quality with others for karma. That person is ill and has a lot of karma. If you heal a patient who has a serious illness, after the treatment you will feel very uncomfortable at home. In the past, many people felt this way after seeing a patient: The patient is recovering, but you are very ill at home. As time passes, more karma transfers to you; you give others de for karma. No loss, no gain. Though what you get is illness, karma must be paid for with de. This universe has this principle that no one will stop you as long as this is what you want, and neither will anyone say that you are good. The universe has a specific rule, namely, whoever has more karma is a bad person. You are giving away your inborn quality to another person for karma. With more karma, how could you practice cultivation? Your inborn quality will be totally ruined by that person. Isnít that scary? That personís illness is gone; he feels comfortable now, but you are suffering at home. If you heal a couple of cancer patients, you will have to take their places. Isnít this dangerous? That is just the way it is, and many people do not know the truth.
Do not be taken in by how reputable some sham qigong masters are. A well-known person does not necessarily know things well. What do everyday people know? Once things are hyped up, they accept them. Though you find them doing those things now, they are not only harming others, but also themselves. In one or two years you will see what happens to them. Cultivation practice cannot be undermined in this way. Cultivation practice can treat illness, but it is not to be used for the purpose of healing illness. It is something supernormal instead of an everyday personís technique. Your casually ruining it is absolutely forbidden. Nowadays some sham qigong masters have made things chaotic, and use qigong as a means of securing fame or fortune. They are cults expanding their evil influence, and they outnumber those genuine qigong masters many times. Everyday people all say things and do things this way, and you just believe them? You may think qigong is just like that, but it is not. What I am saying is the genuine principle.
When different social interactions unfold among everyday people, one will commit wrongdoing for personal gain and owe others. One must undergo suffering to repay debts. Suppose that you treat an illness at will. How can you be allowed to really cure an illness? Buddhas are everywhere. With so many of them, why donít they do such a thing? How wonderful it would be if a Buddha made all of humankind comfortable! Why doesnít he? One must repay oneís own karma, and no one dares to violate this principle. During the course of cultivation practice, a practitioner may occasionally help another person out of compassion; however, that will only postpone the illness. If you do not suffer now, you will suffer later. Also, one might transform it so that you will lose money or have a tribulation instead of becoming ill. It might be like this. Truly eliminating a personís karma all at once can only be done for practitioners, and not for everyday people. I am not teaching the principles of my practice alone here. I am addressing the principles of the entire universe, and I am discussing the actual facts in the community of cultivators.