View Full Version : Numbing Others Physical Pain

04-12-2010, 05:30 AM
I've noticed my skill of blocking or removing other peoples physical pain has been becoming more pronounced or developed and far more easily used and controlled.

My most recent outing where I used this skill was when my mother had about 20 large sutures removed from her skull. This involved the doctor cleaning and partially opening the wound, cutting small marks around the stitches and then individually unpicking and pulling the threads out. Now, if this isn't painful enough, most of the stitches were deeply embedded.

Of course, I insisted on coming along for moral support, but somehow ended up giving more support than I intended.

After the first two stitches leaving her weeping, something seemed to click in my mind and I extended my awareness toward her.

I felt her pain first as a sharp sting, but overlooked it so I didn't become consumed by it, then I noticed I could physically see a red haze where her physical pain was and within my mind I could see it spreading like red dye in water through her skull and to her temples. I could also feel each stitch with my mind...it's difficult to describe, but I could count how many were left to go, which were shallow or deep, how many knots were binding each stitch and the direction those knots should be pulled through or cut.

This all happened as the doctor was turning to put the section of thread he'd just removed on a side table.

After that I got flashes in my mind of what the doctor was seeing. (I do this often, but it startled me this time because it was so defined and clear.) I was sitting about 3 or 4 feet behind the doctor, he was blocking my view, so it seems natural that my subconscious would want to give me a view of what was happening.

I saw that he was going for one of the deeper stitches so I focused on "lifting" the red colour I saw (which indicated the areas of pain) and held it above my mothers mind, so that she would be separated from that pain.

The doctor asked her whether she was ok and she said she didn't feel anything. After 3 more stitches (there were 22 in total, not counting the 15 knotted sutures underneath) and her constant assurances that it was fine, she was good and she really didn't feel any pain at all, he became suspicious and leaned down to nick her skull with his scalpel.

Now, as much as I hate to admit it, I let her feel the pain of that so he didn't think the nerves in her skull were dead and ask to get specialists in when there were none needed. I feel a little guilty for that, but it was necessary.

Unfortunately, my concentration slipped when a man knocked at the door and delivered a message to the doctor working on my mother, and she got hit by the pain and had to have a 5 minute break because she was weeping and feeling faint.

To "prove" further to myself that this was not some ridiculous delusion, I tried to ease her emotions by lifting the rest of her mind (below the red haze of pain, but well above her skull and the confines of her distressed body) and without prompting, she said she felt like she was "all floaty" and smiled.

I also told the doctor as he was finishing that he'd missed two sutures that were both embedded with her hair and dried blood near the back half of her skull (I took the liberty to let him know they were double tied so he would need to cut the left side and pull diagonally)...and he was understandably very sceptical of me telling him, but he checked anyway and found the two stitches, then said that I was a very interesting young lady and maybe I should become a doctor.

I just shrugged and told him that he might want to re-apply alcohol to that area and that I was going to be late to go to a friends house (which I was.)

There have been other situations where I have used this skill on animals and people. But this one is the most recent and was surprisingly easy to do.

I want to let everyone here know that I would be willing to do all I can for anyone with any immediate or ongoing pain issues.

Also, has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I'd really like to learn more about this, but I'm not sure of where to start with it all because so far this skill has been driven by my instincts.