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chi chi
16-08-2006, 07:59 PM
today my grandchild came round he is only 5 we was looking at foto's when he pointed to a foto n sed he is my friend we play in my room but he has gone back to blackpool now. that was all he said the foto was my father who diedin the 70's but there is no way he could have known that he was from blackpool my dad moved here when he married mum the question is does my grandchild realise what he is seeing and hearing cos he just tells us a little then goes right off n wont say another word no matter how hard we try we have tried talking to him and ignoring him letting him tell us if he wants but he tends to just clam up n goes off the subject anyone any ideas on how to reassure him its ok to talk as he just doesnt listen to us
love chi xxxxxx