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22-11-2010, 08:01 PM
This post is one I decided to write to answer a lot of questions that I get asked about how to find your Goddess and your God to align with.

The big thing to understand is that you don't have to have one, but from my experience I felt the need to align with a God and a Goddess to enhance my magick and to strengthen my practice.

One way that I would recommend you do this is just a simple meditation. Very simple, you can use a candle, you can use a stone/crystal...If you have a special stone that you like to hold or whatever you prefer in your meditation. You can sit outside in the daytime, you can sit in the moon light, in your lounge or bedroom, wherever you feel most comfortable. Close your eyes, meditate, and just ask the universe to tell you the name of your God, and the name of your Goddess that is meant for you to align with......and a name will pop in your head...If it doesn't that is ok. Then after you do the meditation and it doesn't happen..which is fine... Google a particular aspect about a God and a Goddess. Lets say you are an artist and you want to find a Goddess and a God that have to deal with art.. type in Goddess of art or God of art and I guarantee you will get a list of Goddess's and Gods to have to do with art, or say you are a police officer and you want a God or Goddess in regards to police...do the same thing.

You will know when you find a God name or a Goddess name that rings true for you, you will know, you will get a sense of peace about it and it's that simple. If you don't get one it's ok it will come to you in time....You don't have to align with a particular God or Goddess...You don't have to. Everyones practice is different and everyones purpose in this life time is different. I personally don't just use Egyptian Gods and Goddess's I tend to pick from all different ones..I just like that and it's my way of doing it.

My Gods are:

Anubis: God of the dead

Mercury: God Of Knowledge

My Goddess's are:

Isis: Goddess of healing, mothering and of all magick

Hera: The Supreme goddess of protection, childbirth and marriage.

In a lot of my posts I often say and talk about having things 'ring true' to you. What I am talking about there is trusting your 'inner bell'...trusting your intuition...trusting your Gut. That's what you already know, your collective universal soul knows from all your previous life times, from all the universal knowledge that you have built up...you know...your intuition, your gut and your inner bell know. If you listen to it you will know if something rings true. What I mean is if you ring a bell and it is in tune and is a very well kept bell it will have the most beautiful ring to it...But if a bell has been damaged and not treated very well, it will have a pretty harsh ring and a very harsh tone to it...and that's the same thing with your gut, it's like if you are in a situation and you just don't feel that it's right or something just doesn't seem right...Listen to your bell, listen to your inner bell and say ' that doesn't seem right and I am not going to let that happen'.

When something is true and right for you, and your path, you will know it and it will ring true to you...and whatever it is will ping your bell and it's the most beautiful sound and the most peaceful feeling when you get that sense of ' ok ' I got it and this is good...That's it and so when anything in your spiritual path seems wrong and it doesn't ring true, don't do it because you are giving your power away....and you know you have so much power, everybody out there has so much power that the universal life force has out there for people to tap into..you just have to be willing to say ' ok ' I'm going to trust my inner bell, I am going to trust my gut feeling and I am going to do what is right for me in my path...whatever that is...If it rings true for you , that's what you need to do.

Here is a list of Gods and Goddess's to help you:

Pagans believe in equality therefor there is a Goddess as well as a God. The God and Goddess are equal as well because neither one is greater than the other. They are also reffered to as different names, as the God and Goddess have many different aspects in many different Pantheons.


Venus - Goddess of love (Mother)
Mars - God of war
Diana - Goddess of the Moon and the hunt (Maiden)
Panacea - Goddess of Healing
Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom
Mercury - God Of Knowledge
Ceres - Goddess of Earth and crops
Juno - Queen of the Gods, protector of women, childbirth and marriage
Vesta - Goddess of the Home and Hearth
Bellona - Goddess of War
Jupiter - God of the Gods
Saturn - God of Agriculture
Proserpina - Goddess of transformation and Spring (maiden).
Pluto - God of the Underworld
Neptune - God of the Sea
Tellus Mater - Earth Mother
Sol - The Sun God (He was regarded as the sun)


Aphrodite - Goddess of Love
Artemis - Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt
Apollo - God of the Sun
Helios - The Sun God (He was regarded as the sun)
Selene - The Moon Goddess (She was regarded as the Moon)
Persephone - Goddess of transformation
Pan - The trickster god (Horned God)
Dionysus - God of Fertility , ecstasy and wildness. (Horned God)
Zeus - God of Gods
Hades - God of the Underworld
Hephaestus - God of fire and metalwork
Aesculapius - God of healing
Demeter - The Greek corn goddess
Hera - The Supreme goddess of protection, childbirth and marriage.
Hestia - Goddess of hearth and home.
Hermes - Messenger god and God of knowledge
Athena - Goddess of peace


Isis - Goddess of healing, mothering and of all magick
Osiris - Judge of the Underworld and God of vegatation and rebirth
Sekhmet - Solar and lion Goddess
Bast - Goddess of wisdom
Horus - God of the sky (His eyes are the sun and moon)
Re - The Sun God
Hathor - Goddess of Truth, Wisdom, Love, Beauty and Joy
Ma'at - Goddess of Truth and Justice
Thoth - God of the Moon and of Wisdom
Anubis - God of the dead
Nuit - Sky Goddess
Geb - The Earth God


Abarta - The God of feats (Irish)
Abellio - The God of apple Trees (Gaellic)
Abhean - The god of Harpers (Irish)
Adsullata - The River Goddess (Continental)
Aed - The God of the Underworld (Irish)
Aengus - The God of Love and Youth (Irish)
Agrona - The Goddess of Strife and Slaughter (Welsh)
Ai - The God of poetry
Aibell - The Air-fairy Goddess (Irish)
Aimend - The Sun Goddess (Irish)
Aine - The Goddess of Love, fertility, fire, cattle and the sun (Irish)
Amaethon - The God of Agriculture
Andarta - The Goddess of Fertility (Celtic French)
Andraste - The War Goddess
Arawn - God of Death, agriculture and of Annwn
Arduinna - Goddess of the forests and hunting (Gaulish)
Arianrhod - Goddess of the moon and the Earth (Welsh)
Arnemetia - The Water Goddess (British)
Artio - Goddess of Bears (Bern region of Switzerland)
Aveta - The Goddess of Birth and Midwifery
Badb - The Goddess of War (Irish)
Balor - The God of Death (Irish)
Banba - The Goddess of War and Fertlity (Irish) (Crone)
Beag - The Goddess of Wishes (Irish)
Bean Sidhe (Banshee) - Goddess/Fairy of Death
Becuma - The Goddess of Banishment
Belatucadros - The God of War (Welsh)
Belenus (Bel) - The God of Fire
Belisama - The God of the River Ribble (British)
Bile - The god of death (Irish)
Boann (Boyne) - The Goddess of the River Boyne (Irish)
Borvo - The God of healing (Celtic french)
Bran (the blessed) - The God of the Underworld (British)
Branwen - The Goddess of Love (Welsh)
Brigantia - The Goddess of Birth, Midwifery and rivers.(British)
Bres - The God of fertility and Agriculture.(British)
Brigindo - The Goddess of Flocks, Cattle, the Rivers Brent and Briant and the Brigantes in Yorkshire.
Brighid/Brigit - The Goddess of Light, healing, fertility and she is the patroness of Smiths
Britannia - The Goddess of Protection. (Romano-Celtic)
Cerridwen - The Goddess of Wisdom (Crone)
Dagda - The Father God
Rhiannon/Epona - The Goddess of Horses (Mother)
Lugh - The God of Light
Madron - God of grain


Freya - Goddess of Fertility and war
Puck - The trickster God.
Iduna - Goddess of Immortality
Thor - God of Thunder
Odin/Woden - God of Vikings, magick and Runes
Ostara/Eostra - The Goddess of Fertlity and Spring. Festival of Oestara named after her.
Frigg - Mother Goddess

Who are your Gods and Goddess's?

Storm xxxxxxx

22-11-2010, 10:23 PM
Thankyou for this when I'm feeling better I want to read this more thoroughly at the names of the gods/goddesses.

23-11-2010, 04:32 PM
Hi Storm,

Sorry if this is going off topic slighlty but you did mention in your post your 'gut' feelings. I used to be really good at know my gut feeling and following my instincts but earlier this year I went through a bad patch and didn't trust anything. I then got better but was desperately trying to 'listen' to what I was being told, or find out what my gut said to me. I kept getting the same reply but was never sure if it was me putting that message there or if it was my gut, anyway, a few weeks later I had a very strange few experiences and after realising that i wasn't mad I realised that i had finally got the messages I had been looking for.

Now, about 2 months later I am still trying to get that back and no matter what I do or how I relax/ meditate / ask for answers I get nothing... any ideas?

I listened to the link you posted on one of my postings, it was lovely thank you, but no more messages!

Thank you, and love your posts!

23-11-2010, 08:32 PM
wishescometrue peace dear friend.

In my humble opinion I would say you were going through a transition stage on your spiritual path. Often when we have a new guide comming in or we are growing and moving forward in understanding we have a transition period of almost a silence. I went through this too when my last guide moved back and my new guide lillup moved in. Dont be worried, just know that you are in the hands of the universe and the love of mother earth and things will happen and come to you when it is right.

If you stress about it you will just put barriers up..so I would suggest you just stay in the moment, project love to all and know that things are going to come to you in love through the path that you are following as your own life path..If that makes sence...we spend so long worrying and wanting things so fast..just take a step back and take a deep breath and smile.

Think of yourself as an onion, you have all these layers upon layers ...And it is what other people have told you should be, what other people have told you are, what you tell yourself you should be, what you tell yourself you are, what you perceive society telling yourself you are and should be ...and you have all these layers...and in the middle is the true self. Now for the average person who just wants to be themselves ..Which layer do they want to be or what combination of layers do they want to be. You need to strip away those layers and get down to that true self, to become that true self, and to break away from all these expectations and demands and misconceptions put up on you sense the day you were born ..It's a hard path to follow because sense the day you were born you have begun to internalize all these conceptions of self. So you have to analyze each and every idea to find out where it came from and if it is the true you or if it has been tampered with. Once you do this things will start to flow for you.

I hope this makes some sense?

Peace and Hugs

Storm xxx