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06-08-2006, 12:19 PM
Amarananda Bhairavan, author of acclaimed book "Kali's Odiyya" is coming to London, September 2006 for a three day practical workshop on Tantric Mysticism.
In brief, the workshop will include a general introduction to Tantric Mysticism, followed by a course on the 10 Maha Vidyas (Wisdom Goddesses) plus the cosmology peculiar to Kaula Tantra. A practical workshop on Ganesha puja (ritual) followed by Saraswati puja workshop. Last but not least, a full puja to Saraswati- Goddess of knowledge, art and music. This workshop will be highly interactive with everyone participating.
Detailed handouts for each topic will be given.

Mysticism and Practices of Dasa Mahavidya Upaasana
Introduction to Tantric Mysticism with emphasis on Praakrita Shakta Kaula Sampradaayam, a pre-Vedic goddess mysticism which was once prevalent throughout prehistoric India, but is currently isolated and diminished into obscure practices kept alive among only a few women of matriarchal clans.
DAY ONE: Hinduism. Aacharas, pre-historic goddesses, Odiyyas-Magic priestesses and priests. Arrival of Draavidaas, the first cultural interfusion. Arrival of Aaryas the second cultural interfusion. Vedas, Aryan gods, introduction to the Sruti and Smriti, Brahmanaas, Samhitas, Aaranyakas, and Puranas. Origin of Tantras, Praakrita Shakta Kaula Sampradaayam. Tantric mysticism, the 10 Wisdom Goddesses and Goddess cosmology.
DAY TWO: Ganesha puja workshop
DAY THREE: Saraswati puja

September 8th, 9th and 10th, 2006
The Light Centre
9 Eccleston St. SW1
Belgravia, London
Shoes must be left in reception area. Seating is on the floor, some cushions will be provided, but bring a blanket or mat just in case (a few chairs will be provided for those in need)