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31-03-2014, 03:20 PM
I have an idea. And that is can everyone share the best locations where they did EVP sessions? For me I had best luck in Merkel Texas I-20 ext 270 and in Bessemer AL a part of Birmingham AL. I found a lot of spirits in this location from the Civil war era mostly women and children which I found was strange. Then later I found there was a lot of women and children slaughtered in their homes by the Union Army as the spirits called them when they was sleeping. Then in Merkel there are many hits I got from spirits from the Mexican American war who died in a battle in that area in 1847. Most of my connections was Mexican soldiers. And to be honest I was amazed how formal they was when they spoke to me. Then I got WW2 spirits from the 65th bomber wing who was based about 100 miles west of that location ate Rattle Snake Airfield. They trained crews for B-17's and B-29's. Them men I made contact with said they was shot down over Europe. It seems the military spirits are the best to speak with as they seem to want to get their stories out more then others. Some was even wanting me to try to make contact with their families to tell them they are doing well where they are at. But the only problem with that is their family in most cases has passed on also. It really gives you a good feeling to know if you could help at least one out. I know for sure I helped two in one day go into the light. That was after trying to locate their family to find they have passed on then thats when the men chose to finally enter the light.