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17-11-2010, 09:58 PM
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The state of consciousness that exists beyond this physical realm is our natural state of consciousness. We only enter this physical realm very, very, briefly and we do so more than once by the way. I'm going to degrees now...OMG I hear you say and I have only just started but hey that’s me guys!!........Did you know that it is just as easy for a soul to be born twice into this world, three times, four times, five times, as it is for a soul to be born just once? You know what, you don't go to school for just one day, and you don't go to school for just one school year.....Well it's the same thing with this world.

The reason why we forget the natural state of consciousness of which our souls reside when we enter the physical world, the reason we don't carry that memory with us is because if we did none of what we experienced in this physical realm would feel real.. it would not feel real. It would feel like we were all just acting and our experiences would not be genuine.... Because you have forgotten the true state of consciousness of which you really reside beyond this life.... Your true natural state...because you forget this when you enter this world everything that you perceived around you feels genuinely real, whether it is or not...It feels real and thus your experiences are genuine. After you leave this life it's like waking up from a dream and then remembering...this was a dream and here I am again...this is my natural state...it's very similar. We do this on purpose, we do this because our natural state is a higher state of unity, beauty, bliss, perfection, and if we resided continuously in that state we would not be able to appreciate it, we would not be able to understand the wonders of unity unless we subjected ourselves to the illusion of separation.

Love is the power...I don't really want to say it's really an energy or a power, but it is the essence that binds everything back together. It's what brings the separate parts of 'god'...like you and me and the rest of the world, the rest of the universe, back together and to unity. It's what draws everything back into its natural state. For example if you have ever loved a person, genuinely loved another soul, you can easily see yourself as giving that soul everything that you are someday, every experience that you have ever had...imagine giving it to another soul, then perceive your experiences as its experiences...and then what if that soul did the same thing with another, and then that soul did the same with another, everything then begins to emerge back into a state of oneness and unity...That’s what we are heading for, and that's what Love is. Without love you would not want to give yourself, your experiences, everything you are to another part of god. It's the joining of everything back into oneness, that is what Love is.

Forgiveness is also very important. The reason why is because when people or life hurts you deeply and you feel anger or sadness or negativity over it, you then imagine yourself giving all of your soul to that person who has hurt you... You probably don't want to and thus the part of 'god' that are then unaware of their unity remain in that state, and remaining in that state of separation is what religions call...' being damned' ..I guess...because you cannot return back into the state of unity. You cannot do that without forgiving the other parts of 'god' who have wronged you in this world. The reality is that they were ignorant too, and just like you have forgotten your natural state of unity, they have too. They were so deeply steeped in illusion that they saw you as so separate from themselves, that they then could wrong you or hurt you. Now you have done the same things to others and that’s the reason why it is so important for us to forgive an that’s why the masters teach us to forgive. Forgiveness is a form of Love and Love is what brings us all back into a conscious state of unity which is our natural state.

Beyond this life there are many states that are above the physical where unity is greater, and greater and greater, until finally it reaches the pinnacle of consciousness where all things are one thing again. In the astral realm beyond this life, immediately above the physical realm, you and I still see ourselves as slightly separate, but there is more unity there than there is here.

I want to tell you about people who are ignorant in this world, truly ignorant. They see illusion as the ultimate reality, they see separation as the ultimate reality. People who are along the path of unity, who have begun to travel the mystical path, begin to see other people as a part of themselves. And these people are often what we call altruistic or philanthropists...people who are trying to create this physical realm as a mirror image of the subconscious memory that they have of the higher realms...they want to create this world as a beautiful, blissful place too...This may be hard for some of you to understand but this world is not designed to be that way. I’m sorry but it's not...nor will it ever be....I'm not saying quit trying to make it a better place but I am saying understand that it's not going to be, that's not what this world is designed to be. It is designed to be a place that will allow you to experience the opposite of what your true natural state is...that is what this world is designed to be. That's why there is always 'badness' in the world, there will always be some kind of 'evil'. The state of being that we experience in physicality is not designed to be a reflection of what we experience beyond this life. If it was then we would have no need to come here, and that's what the masters teach and that's why the masters teach the ultimate lesson in physicality is just mere acceptance.. acceptance of the good and the bad, equally.

One of my greatest challenges in this life, and the reason why I sunk to the depth of depression and despair....did not begin to happen until I began to see the ultimate reality of unity and as I in my immature state of understanding this, beginning on the path of understanding this reality...I began then to see the other parts of the world, other people who have rejected me, other people that I have loved deeply that did not love me back as other parts of 'god' or other parts of myself, my higher self that rejected me, and that even hurt worse and I think that was because I was very immature in this understanding, and it caused me to feel rejected by my own self, not my ego self but my higher self...which is you...each of you in the world. I understand the state of unity and because I began to understand that, I began to see the world as myself and I began to see all the pain and rejection and things that I had experiences in my life as a part of 'god' that had rejected me, a part of my greater self.......I am over coming that now......I am over coming it.

You know that’s why the masters like Jesus, he was a master...Jesus in the midst of his greatest pain forgave the people that were hurting him...he said...'Forgive them for they know not what they do'....Now I am not biblical and I am definitely not a Contemporary modern Christian, but see the profound wisdom in what he was saying. At the moment of his greatest pain when he was crying out he was also reminding himself that these people don't know what they are doing, and he was forgiving them, so that when he returns to a higher state of unity he will carry that forgiveness with them and once again experience the unity of what he is, which includes them.

Love is the essence of unity that draws us back into the pinnacle of oneness. Forgiveness is a part of that essence...I could never, ever, ever hurt another person at least physically. There have been sometimes when I have forgotten who I am, I have forgotten about unity and I have hurt other people...I think we have all experienced that when we have done something mean, something we have later regretted, but I could never physically hurt another person again because I see that other person as myself.

Ok this is me...starting my forum and site 2 years ago..... ( with my best mate opera )......and me who is very withdrawn if you know my life I am very withdrawn in some ways, I stay in the house studying most days and have in many ways totally withdrawn myself from the world. This wasn't because I didn't like the world it was because a few years ago several things happened and I felt extremely rejected by people that I loved, and I decided that I didn't want to live in this world anymore, and it wasn't out of spite or self hatred, it was out of a true belief that there was a place that I remembered somewhere in the deepest parts of my consciousness that was a natural state of unity and Love, and I desperately wanted to return there. I think about that when I hear the song ' somewhere'....I felt like I was just rejected by the world and I didn't want to be here anymore. I was an incredibly out going person before this happened, I really was. I guess people would say I was very charismatic ....but here I was this outgoing charismatic person, who was basically happy most of the time, and I felt rejected, and I totally withdrew, and I am still basically in that withdrawn state...I guess it's a state of healing, a state where I am trying to make sense of things, and forgive people, even if I never see the people again, try to forgive them so that when I die I want to once again return to a state of unity instead of being angry and staying in a state of separation.

I'm going to digress, there are many souls that die and feel angry, they have felt angry all their lives. They were unable to forgive, angry or they were deeply sad or they felt deeply rejected. These are the souls that don't return to the light, these are the earth bound souls. They are the ones that we see around us sometimes, they haunt certain places...They're the ones that don't want to return to the state of unity for one reason or another, but it is basically because of anger, sadness, feeling rejected, something like that. I guess eventually they do, but I didn't want to end up that way after this life.... so....I totally withdrew and I still am in that state and I probably will be for sometime...who cares...I won't be after I die though, the reason why is because I am doing it now...lol...I know that might not sound good to some people but it's true.

I created my forum and site because even though I felt sad, even though I felt rejected by the world...and I did....I still wanted to give everything that I have ever had inside of me to everybody out there. So I created all my posts on here, on witchcraft, my mystical path, spirituality etc and all the parts of me that are really what I am inside , and I gave them to the world and I hope that what I carry on giving will help you all grow on your own mystical path and in the end reach oneness.

I just wanted to open my heart to you all. don’t ask me why...and tell you all that I love you and thank you for allowing me to give everything I have to you all.
Your Sister In Love

Storm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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