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25-02-2014, 08:22 PM
The title is a contradiction in itself, as there is no doctrine or dogma of the soul. The quality of the soul and the knowledge which the soul contains within itself is, by its nature, opposed to all rigid doctrine of any kind.

The experience of the soul is entirely fluid and flexible. It is not subjected to the concretion of human thought, and it is the energy of improvisation and grace. This means that the qualities existing in the soul of a human are used wherever they happen to fit in. The life which the soul has chosen to live expresses this flexibility, even though there are always inner goals which are aimed to be met in this life; these goals being set according to the temperament of the personality.

The personality of a human being is the consciousness which directs their emotional and mental matrix. Your personality is the result of an integrated fusion between your physical body, your etheric body, your emotional body, and your mental body. You are the inner consciousness which has the power to direct your energy, your desires and your mind according to your will. However, because we are still like little children, it is often our desires and thoughts which dominate us, instead of us (the inner consciousness) dominating our desires and thoughts, and using them with deliberation.

The soul of a human being is the consciousness which directs their abstract-mental and buddhic-intuitive matrix. There aren’t suitable words to express the activity of the soul, except that it is divine. The personality belongs to the soul. The inner consciousness of the personality comes from the soul and that inner consciousness is the soul. You are self-aware because of your soul, not because of your personality. After a certain amount of personality perfection has been attained through human incarnation on Earth, a special and unique process begins to take place.

Throughout thousands of incarnations, the human soul has reaped the rewards of experience and wisdom. During these many life cycles, the soul sets up a connecting link with the personality. The nature of this connecting link varies hugely, and it is a personal and private link. Every person is linked to their soul, but there is often no conscious awareness of this link. A few people are dimly conscious of it, while very many are unconscious of it, and only an effort towards the light and love of the soul will allow them to be conscious of it.

Humans are ardent creatures, and we are capable of intense effort towards the light. In time this link will expand to such a degree that the soul is able to bathe the personality in light and bliss, and eventually lift it up completely. The two points of consciousness are slowly drawn closer, eventually meeting and blending. It is clear that enlightened Beings such as Gautama and Christ (and many others) have achieved this blending of the human nature with the divine nature. This “lifting up” cannot happen until the personality vibration is close enough to the soul vibration. Since the soul vibration itself is ecstasy and compassion, it is clear that the personality must learn how to build in these qualities.

This is achieved through conscious endeavor. This is achieved through the joy of success and the pain of failure, with the learning of lessons from both.

This is the journey which you are here to enjoy and suffer.

The mass of humanity are slowly achieving soul-infusion on an unconscious level. This takes much too long. For the mass of people, it is right for them, but for those who are awake and hungry, it is a different story. We do not want to wait. We have already spent countless lives within the maze of suffering. You are attracted towards the spiritual life for a deep inner reason. You know, deep inside, that there are more profound experiences to be had. And though you may still be attached to many worldly interests, there’s something else within you that is entirely different.

Anyone who has studied the subject understands that every human being is in possession of an internal and personal inner subjective mentality and framework. Soul-contact serves to make this subjectivity “come out” into the waking consciousness. Since the soul is subjective, we can infer that the true nature of reality is subjective. It must stand to reason, therefore, that Divinity reveals Itself in a subjective and personal manner. When you hear stories of religious people “touching God” it is because their own ardent devotion has enabled them to experience a brief moment of soul-contact. That type of person is naturally inclined towards devotion—their temperament is such that devotion comes easily and naturally to them, whether it is devotion to a person or an ideal. Yet, because their devotion was directed towards Divinity (through the idea of an all-loving God) it served as the avenue of approach towards the soul. Likewise, the truth seeker may experience the soul through the realization of a profound idea. The social worker may experience it through union with others. The artist may experience it through the creative act and the appreciation of beauty.

And yet, inside of every person, in varying degrees, there is a devotee, a thinker, a helper, a creator. You may be one single person, but you are composed of many qualities, and you share these qualities with your fellow persons. Although we all share the same basic humanity, the only authority a human should ever respond to is the authority of their own free soul and of their own reason. No one should ever respond to the ideas of another on the basis of authority. It does not matter how learned that person is; it is your own reason, your own common sense and your own heart that guides you.

Soul-love is brought into manifestation during many ordinary activities. Anything which you love doing and have a passion for is an expression of soul-love. The activity does not always matter. It could be philosophy, music, meditation, dancing, rapping, socializing, etc. The major quality of soul-love is enjoyment. You will find that people who are very good at what they do often end up sharing what they know, or otherwise use their art to benefit the world at large. This is another natural quality of the soul which is the principle of service. It is clear, therefore, how the mass of humanity are achieving soul-infusion on an unconscious level.

Dancing is particularly potent in aligning the soul with the body. When confronted with His Presence, David the psalmist of Israel danced before the Lord in pure bliss. One can see this working out through the present emphasis on partying and dancing. The soul penetrates to all levels, and it’s inevitable that soul-energy must first be misused before we may learn how to properly use it. Failure must first be experienced before the path leading to success will dawn. All failure and defeat contributes towards the momentum of victory.

On whatever level, the ecstasy of the soul is caused through identification with selflessness. Altruism is a Divine quality. It gives to others, simply because it enjoys giving. This is the reason why you are a conscious being at all, and this is the reason why there even exists anything at all! At some unimaginably high level, there was a Great Consciousness Who decided to sacrifice Himself and give life to lesser beings. We don’t know why He has decided to do so, and we don’t know whether there is a higher purpose in Him having done so.

All we know is that we are eternally grateful to be blessed with this divine heritage.

Isn't it utterly beautiful? I'm dying to hear your thoughts. :D

25-02-2014, 10:07 PM
Hear your inner voice and it will be heard.....

"I am the voice of understanding even though no sound is heard.
I speak volumes of tranquility, peace and silence of your own inner space.
Where time and distance fade into a sweet sense of wonder.
All that is left, a purity of unconditional love " Heart

Thank you profoundly for allowing I to express this